Who Wants Another Depression?

Who Wants Another Depression?

I keep tryna welcome back by the way I
could try to go back over to the new york times to read this piece by Paul
Krugman who want oppression I had I keep getting busy during the
breaks and I have not an option you read it but I can tell you once a depression and
all you have to do is look at their behavior the republicans they would love it if there was a 1929
kinda love and and they’re doing everything they can to make it happen killing demand in our economy to try
maybe County release ACH because they would love it if a democrat went down in history as
the Herbert Hoover I love the 21st century herbert hoover
famously was the you know had the misfortune in 1929 have
been just a few months into his presidency you know what eight months nine months
into his presidency back then they swore people into office in March and in October so in Muncie IN October
though stock market meltdown and here’s this new president on World
War I do this and for the next three years he
basically said he tried a few things you know but the didn’t do much in it didn’t help in so
FDR came in an eight is launch and reformed America I mean really is a
genuine revolution and up until the reagan revolution we
had been living under the 0 roosevelt revolution which brought
peace and prosperity across the land and then lyndon johnson
took the red the bros about revolution an expanded with the great society and then rain
came along its ok enough for that we’re going over solar stuff and
systematically began you know Roosevelt and John Cena been
strengthening our schools Street near public institutions strength in social
safety net helping people their bootstraps to pull them up by the
bootstraps only a helping people move out of poverty into the into the middle class and reagan sarin
and do the opposite of all that we’re going
to take all these be trillions all is well all this money we’re gonna give it to
the billionaires the people who put me in office for him in a so anyway I think the my rhetorical answer to park with my
Crimmins rhetorical question once depression is the republicans and
they would love it if it happens in the next year or two so that and then and then they will be able to
prevent President Obama from doing anything about it because he would have to have congress to go along with
it they’re not gonna pass on the stimulus and I can do anything to get a
center for depression and that Obama would go down in history
as as as Herbert Hoover and the republicans will when everything in
the election 2016 2014 I 2016 season and the you know they would have their way with

4 thoughts on “Who Wants Another Depression?

  1. More to the point, Republicans want to force more of their own constituents into poverty in order to "capture the presidency" again. Those folks ALWAYS vote against their own interests out of pride and ignorance, so it should be a rout. No matter what, a new American Depression has hit everybody but the rich already. Deal done.

  2. i think the republicans want a new theocratic monarchy where they tell you how to live what kind of education you gonna have too you stupid so you ll vote for them for a lifetime

  3. Egotistical Reagan was so desperate for another 15 minutes in the spotlight he was willing to trade the country's well being for it. So ironic that his family actually benefited from FDR's work program. What a shmuck.

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