Who’s Actually Attacking Who Here? – Civilization 6 Gathering Storm Deity Part 9

Who’s Actually Attacking Who Here? – Civilization 6 Gathering Storm Deity Part 9

Hey everyone, and welcome back to some more Civilization 6. So, we just started an emergency… against us, apparently But I’m not sure who’s in danger – me or Norway, because I will be taking Stavanger without any major problems unless he literally builds city walls here on the next turn – but even then, I will still take that city Anyway, before we end our turn I can actually still move a few units We should probably send one more crossbowman here I am about to finish one, but that’s probably not going to be enough. Let’s send this guy and maybe another unit a spearman I will get professional army on the next turn, when we finish exploration So that’s a thing that will be happening. I could also upgrade the battering ram to a siege tower I will probably do that And this should be fine All right. Let’s see what they are going to throw at us. We are at war with both Norway and Russia The encampment down here is going to help a lot And there’s merchants republic – let’s switch to merchant republic, and we’ll change some of our policies That’s also +2 era score. I do not need land surveyors anymore I will need professional army. We can also pick up a feudal contract. That’s not a bad idea because I will be getting a few more units and for the last slot, I’ll just pick up medina quarter because we can definitely use that extra housing. So that’s it and now I can actually upgrade my spearmen and this also gives us castle boost Speaking of boosts, one thing I can do with my legions is build forts Which might come in handy here Okay, let’s do that – that might actually be helpful and back to Stavanger. They did not build a fort, which means they are pretty much screwed Yep, I can put the city under siege which probably won’t even be needed to be honest yeah, this city will fall pretty quickly and other than that, I’m mostly going to defend… and get some more experience We still got some crossbowmen without expert marksmen, but some of them are pretty close I think this guy in particular is the closest. Yeah, he is 19 experience away from getting that Yep, here’s the Russian catapult. I will likely need more than one crossbowmen. I assume they will throw more than just one catapult at me and now since we have feudal contract, we can get a few more units. I wouldn’t mind getting a knight We got 64 horses and it’s not a bad unit, certainly. oh wait, no, knights use iron, but we got 70 iron Let’s grab a knight. I could use some fast units I don’t really have one at the moment. All the units I have are either ranged or regular melee units, but no fast mounted unit so one more build I still need quite a few farms. We could also remove another jungle near Rome, to speed up the knight and civil service research is next. Can we get 10 population to boost that? might be a little bit hard but Might be doable. I would probably have to delay the research Yeah… Hold on, no. Maybe I won’t have to – we go to 9 population 5 turns to get 10 population. That’s fine. I can still delay civil service slightly, 5 turns is reasonable What else can we actually research? I don’t necessarily need naval tradition Yeah, that’s the only other thing that I can possibly research which is not particularly useful to be honest but if I want to use it the boost this is the only option I got… it will give me another envoy it’s not entirely useless, and it’s not like I will ever boost it Okay, sure, we can do that Alright So I’m just going to chill near Bergen, and get more experience. We can also grab a lumber mill And let’s get the promotions 120 gold There. And I technically got one more spearman down here I don’t have enough money right now but I don’t think he needs a promotion all that much. It would be nice to speed up the walls but I’m not quite sure if I can actually do that… might be a little bit tough Yeah, I probably cannot So never mind Alright then, can I shoot anything else? Not really, no And yeah, I assume he will send some ships to attack my other cities, but that shouldn’t be a major problem Especially with the crossbowman stationed in Mediolanum Did some city state just declare war on me? Oh, I think that was Kabul, because Kabul had no suzerain for a moment Anyway, there’s gunpowder, and we will unlock bombard in 5 turns yeah, we are at war with Kabul now and that’s quite a few catapults. Well, we are definitely going to need that crossbowman, like I said We can already take a shot Yeah, this encampment might actually go down I might need more units down here. Let’s send the pikeman at least, I can certainly do that and get another unit Inside this city… some ranged unit wouldn’t hurt Let’s just get another crossbowman Can’t go wrong with that. We’ll need them for corps sooner or later anyway And remove the jungle… here – to speed up the knight, at least by one turn Alright, what else can we do here? Kill the chariot Technically I could try to take Kabul Once I unlock bombards Now that’s an interesting idea – something to consider We are already at war with them It might be worth considering. Oh hey, promotion for the catapult alright, now the city is under siege and we can plunder the trade route That’s 100 gold. That’s not bad at all. And this is actually a pretty nice city I have to say Yes indeed. Alright, two more builds, let’s grab a mine and it looks like it that’s that. Promotion… that’s going to be amphibious Oh yeah, and in order to upgrade a Legion to a musketeer… or rather musketman, we need 135 gold and 20 niter. I’m currently getting 4 niter per turn which is the most experienced one? I think… one of these. Yeah, this guy is actually the most experienced legion I got He’s at 72 out of 90 experience towards level 4 Okay, let’s just upgrade him then. Here, that’s our first musketman Sounds good Russia has a swordsman down here but even without city walls he will not be able to capture the city – not to mention they are at war with Auckland, because I’m Auckland’s suzerain Where did the catapults go? That’s a little bit weird That’s actually kind of weird, but alright So kill that catapult, and we can plunder the trade route. Sure, that’s 110 gold I’m actually really tempted to try taking Kabul It’s not a bad a city, certainly It doesn’t seem to have any important resources, but it’s a decent enough city with decent production It would be helpful Anyway, Stavanger. I might even be able to take it, like, literally right now Let’s find out Yeah, if I attack with everything, I could take it – or we can wait one turn There’s no need to take excessive damage on our legions I do need more traders – one more to be precise. I could also use an industrial zone and Mausoleum of Halicarnassus is still available. I’m going to build that, because that is a pretty damn nice wonder, it would give us additional charges on great admirals and great engineers. This wonder is getting changed in the next update by the way. It’s going to be even better But anyway, let’s build it right here. Sounds good. It’s 18 turns, which is quite a while, but the fact it’s still available means there’s basically no real competition for it Someone would have built it by now So, kill that chariot as for Bergen, I can build Terracotta Army in Bergen Let’s just do that then. That’s going to be much easier and probably faster as well So… sounds good to me Okay There’s a promotion Let’s take a shot and we can get the promotion on the next turn I mean, this guy already has expert marksman, so he’s not in a huge rush I might just pillage that pasture Because why not? Even if I capture Kabul, we’ll get some resources for pillaging the pasture Also, this emergency will take a while because I have to defend Bergen for 26 turns – but hey, that’s okay World Congress, what’s happening here? The chosen player generates 100% more grievances and other players generate 100% percent more grievances towards this player okay, let’s vote for Norway I’m willing to spend some diplomatic favor for this or we can vote for ourselves to generate fewer That’s also a possibility I think I’d rather vote for Norway actually Anyway, luxury policy duplicates of the chosen luxury grant amenities Right, which one should we actually vote for? We should check the list of reports Right, so it looks like I own 2 sugar inside my territory, and I remember those. Let’s vote for sugar That makes sense. It’s probably not going to pass. But hey, who knows maybe it will? I’m still having some doubts about this first one I probably won’t get it my way regardless though But I will be capturing cities from Norway, so I think this makes sense Ok. Yeah, this makes sense Let’s see the outcome yeah, this actually succeeded and that is quite a few votes Who also voted for Harald? Let’s see… wait, nobody? Oh yeah, because I used three votes so I actually passed it all by myself and and jade got targeted. I mean… wait, no – the chosen luxury resource grants no amenities, and that’s jade – and I do control jade. That’s slightly annoying but okay, whatever I can deal with that. So, let’s take Stavanger, shall we? Maybe kill that warrior? Nce warrior, bro here Okay, let’s just take Stavanger. Done Obviously keep the city and… I don’t even have to repair anything let’s build walls and then monument – and then granary, then water mill Okay, sounds good. All of that will take a while, but that’s fine I suppose Especially since the city is occupied – and it will be occupied for a while Next up… probably university Especially since we are getting +2 science to every university, it makes sense to take advantage of that Pillage… we will get 103 faith That’s not particularly useful, but okay The catapults are coming back, and the garrison on the encampment is gone Okay, that’s fine Doesn’t really matter all that much Right, I won’t be attacking Kabul until we get bombards in the area – let’s just back up slightly outside of its bombardment range We will finish metal casting in 3 turns, so we will have bombards soon enough I might get one more bombard in Rome. Once we are done with the knight Yep, probably I don’t remember the exact cost of upgrading a catapult to a bombard, but it wasn’t cheap if I remember right Yeah, it definitely wasn’t cheap Even with professional army… one more mine Okay, 7 turns to finish walls. That’s not too bad He wants to buy iron. I might actually accept that to be honest but how much will he even pay? at least 70 gold, that’s not bad… 80 gold? Yeah, this is actually a pretty nice deal, almost 100 gold I’ll take it Sure, I’ll take it. Enjoy We can always use the gold My income is a little bit low at the moment But that’s okay. Oh hey, we got a great person. Triggers eureka moment for 3 random technologies from the renaissance or industrial era That is really nice. I definitely want that let’s see what we’ll get… military science, steam power and economics, that’s not bad Alright, next up, we should probably get that trader Yup And let’s do some damage here kill that swordsman first perhaps Russia is trying to go through Kabul okay, whatever floats their boat I do need more money Oh yeah, this guy is actually not inside friendly territory at the moment So, more experience Can we kill that swordsman? Yeah, we can – and then I can pick up the promotion. I think garrison might be a little bit better No, let’s get suppression – and then in Rome, I can get started on the catapult I think that makes sense Okay, catapult So, there’s the knight. I was going to send it to Arpinum if it needed help but it doesn’t look like Arpinum needs any kind of help whatsoever Let’s just send him west then Alright, and we might as well start moving south with the catapults to prepare to attack Kabul, because I think it’s best if we attack Kabul next – I could also go for like, Oslo or something That’s also a possibility Something to consider Also, too many notifications, I’m just going to remove those Here, done Okay, next Oh hey, there’s a promotion – and we got naval tradition So now, I kind of have to research civil service, but that’s fine. It will be boosted literally on the next turn and we’ll grab amphitheater Wait… Kabul is actually trying to attack my city? How cute Well then He did attack the crossbowmen, that’s sneaky Okay, sure. Hey, I got the promotion. Oh, yeah, that’s expert marksman, nice exactly what I needed so I can move in with the pikeman to maybe reveal this city Yeah, that still didn’t reveal the city. However, that also means I’m outside of its bombardment range As for the envoy, I think I might save him In case I lose control of either Auckland or Geneva. Both of them are actually pretty important So let’s save the envoy for now okay and then Let’s reveal some terrain around here Okay… so, metal casting on the next turn – I hope I’ll have enough money Do we want to change any policies? I will obviously need professional army, still. I still need feudal contract Yeah, I need everything here We are keeping all of that Okay, let’s keep moving. Not promoting the legions yet, because I want bombards first. These are the priority Where do you think you’re going? How far away is this guy from expert marksman? Literally 5 experience, that’s going to be like, what? Our fourth expert marksman That’s actually kind of amazing. It’s still only turn one 151 +1 era score, and there’s the civil service boost. And we unlocked bombards, and also pike and shot So how expensive is it? Let’s find out 165 gold and 20 niter Well, that’s fine. I can afford both Just barely I will spend literally all of my money Almost. And that gives us siege tactics boost as well So that’s a lot more firepower 55 bombard strength and now we can try to attack Kabul That should be doable. It does have a 58 combat strength but it will make it much easier to attack Russia in the future. And again, it’s not a bad city, certainly We can give it a shot I’ll probably have to wait a bit before I can promote my legions, however I mean, especially when I’m making a grand total of 1.5 gold per turn Speaking of which, maybe we should research banking in this situation What else can we research? Let’s look at the entire tree Industrialization will definitely be important, so I’ll need… yeah, all of this Okay, mass production would be useful Oh yeah, Venetian Arsenal is a really nice wonder. I wouldn’t mind building that but let’s get banking first Okay, banking makes sense, especially since it’s already boosted and I can build at least one bank fairly quickly Yep, in Rome, because Rome does have commercial hub, right? Yes, it does and it’s either my top production city or second top. Pretty sure it’s the first But that’s going to be the end of this episode, so thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed it – leave like if you did, or a dislike if you didn’t and subscribe for more videos just like this one. I’ll see you next time. Bye bye

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  1. I accidentally played this over my speakers and now a big, bass-boosted wave of HEY EVERYONE has blasted through the entire house

  2. You should have saved the GS to ensure you only get the later boosts from the industrial era / harder to get boosts / boosts for the most expensive techs. You would have gotten more bang for your proverbial buck.

  3. Hope you haven't forgotten Monumentality allows you to buy builders and settlers with faith! Don't forget to spend it before the era ends!

  4. Yesterday I just binge-watched your full Canada civ6 game…today I started this one! ^^
    I didn't really like Civ6 when it just got released, but it seems quite fun now!
    Perhaps I should give it another go + I always learn lots of the game mechanics by watching your videos. Same with Civ5 =).

    Keep up the great content and I love your humor =)!

  5. Marbz what bout trying to get Max Production on all your cities as a challenge for the next update of the game? like, try to get 90 production and having coastal cities only.

  6. this is some good ass civ too bad the vids are so short though :p.. well im spoiled thanks to the netflix like services that give me the option to binge watch entire series :p

  7. You have faith to buy traders and builders. Don't forget that! Trader is a civilian unit that benefits from monumentality, don't waste hammers on them! M. is like the best thing about G. era. It is main reason why one should try to get enough era scores. And reason why you always need faith.

  8. Hey Marbz, loving the game play.

    Build Great Zimbabwe 3 hexes North West of Rome. It will be absurd, you have so many bonus resources in Rome. Set all your trade routes out of rome and watch your GPT go up to extremely broken levels. You can even focus on more harbors/commercial hubs to just get out of control.

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