Who’s Responsible for the Rise of Socialism in America? | The Daily Show

Who’s Responsible for the Rise of Socialism in America? | The Daily Show

Socialism– it’s starting
to get more popular in America. And it’s making Fox News
more afraid than Mike Pence at a screening
of Bohemian Rhapsody. The rise of socialism
has never been more clear. Now you have AOC, and you have a hundred
of these members of Congress openly embracing this. NEWSMAN: Socialism
is not only dangerous, but it is also evil. This Green New Deal,
this is sugar-coated socialism. It’s like sugar-coating poison– sweet at the front,
deadly at the end. Ooh. “Sweet at the front,
deadly at the end.” You talking about socialism or
Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory? What are you talking about? Yeah, uh,
that was deadly at the end. Do you know how many kids died?
We don’t talk about that. That’s not a children’s story. It’s a horror movie
with fun music. For more on the rise
of socialism in America, we turn to a man who
always makes me pay for dinner, my friend Neal Brennan,
everybody! (cheering, applause) Hey, buddy,
we should grab dinner soon. No, thanks. So, Neal,
um, who’s responsible for socialism’s popularity
right now? Is it Bernie Sanders?
Is it Elizabeth Warren? -Ocasio-Cortez?
-No. I’ll tell you who’s responsible. Rich people. Rich people have done more
for socialism than Bernie, AOC
and Elizabeth Warren combined. Which, by the way, would be a
very unpleasant-looking person. (laughter) Aah! Take that away.
Take that away. Uh, okay, but, Neal,
I don’t understand, how… how can rich people
be responsible for socialism if they hate it? Because they keep rubbing
their money in people’s faces with their tax-dodging
and wealth-flaunting, and financial corruption. When it comes to socialism,
I don’t blame Uncle Bernie, I blame Aunt Becky. It wasn’t enough
that she’s a TV star and married to a millionaire, she still had to scam her
daughter’s way into college. You had everything. Why cheat? It’s like if the Hulk
got caught doing steroids. For what? Hulk, no. Steroids redundant. Also, Hulk, ball shrink. Mrs. Hulk no happy. So when people see that
admission scandal, and then Bernie comes along
and says, (mimics Sanders): “We should tax
the rich and make college free,” (normal voice):
I get why Americans would think, “Yeah, college should be free. I agree with White Yoda.” So you think socialism is just a natural reaction to capitalism
that’s run amok? It’s basically like
putting up speed bumps because people
are driving too fast? Yep, because rich people
are out here Tokyo Drifting
with their dicks out. Look at Amazon,
they wanted a new home for their corporate
headquarters, so Jeff Bezos made cities
audition for him like a spoiled king. Pittsburgh, entertain me. Birmingham, my feet are sore,
rub them. Cute, but I’m going
with New York. And Amazon picked New York partly because New York
offered them $3 billion. So if more New Yorkers
are going socialist, don’t blame AOC,
blame Jeff Bezos. He’s worth $144 billion. You know how rich that is? Even if you started earning
$50 million a year, guess how long it would take for you to reach
Jeff Bezos’ level? 2,880 years. Now, imagine being that rich and still being like,
“Yeah, I’ll come to your city, but you’ve got
to give me money.” Sweet Lord, that is super rich. I know. To get that money, LeBron would
have to stay on the Lakers until the year 4899. And they probably still
won’t make the playoffs. (audience reacts) The Knicks won’t either. (Trevor laughs) By the way, having super rich
people in charge doesn’t help, either. Last week,
our billionaire president proposed cuts to Medicaid, the program that gives
health insurance to the poor. This is a guy who can afford
the best doctors in the world,
and he still wants to take health care away
from poor people. My God, the assholery. It’s not enough you’re already
in the VIP section, sipping Cristal, you also want
to walk around the club slapping Bud Lights
out of other people’s hands. And, yes, Bud Light
is the Medicaid of beers. Dilly dilly. So when people see budget cuts
like that, then hear Elizabeth Warren
pitching Medicare for all, you can’t be shocked
when 57% of them are like, “Yeah, I’m with
Senator Librarian on this.” So, if I understand you, you’re
actually warning rich people that they’re creating
the socialism -that’s gonna bring them down.
-Yeah. Or to quote the ancient
philosopher Ice Cube, “You better check yourself
before you wreck yourself.” (cheers and applause) Because the best salesmen
for socialism aren’t the lefty politicians,
it’s the ultra wealthy. Forget Che Guevara,
we should put the real heroes of socialism on T-shirts:
rich dicks. Neil Brennan, everyone.

100 thoughts on “Who’s Responsible for the Rise of Socialism in America? | The Daily Show

  1. The capitalist are responsible for the rise of socialism in America.Whomever they may be,Republican or Corporate democrat.
    It's not hard to figure out if you pay attention.

  2. Just remember, the Bolshevik Revolution was funded by wealthy American capitalists in NYC and upstate NY with cash and gold. True fact, sorry I’m not sorry. Best crack the books if you want to understand history. I’ll go you one further. From the Bolshevik Revolution all the way to the preplanned collapse, the ENTIRE Soviet Union/Communism calamity was just a means to pave the way to privatization by consolidating and amalgamating all that territory and all those resources under 1 flag. Then, after GIVING them ALL of their technological capacity for mass production of weapons and systems to make an actual military and geopolitical rival to the USA, (all those movies about spies and stealing technology was just red herring Hollywood propaganda) they got them (and us) locked into a phony arms race and used them as the scare tool to further overtake the Southern Hemisphere as our resources cash cow and cheap labor pool by making this FAKE “Cold War” (what a joke, you silly rubes) and ultimately they bankrupted the Soviet apparatus and imported their ex KGB as Russian Mafiya gangsters (KGB operation) mixed in with ACTUAL Russian Mafiya gangsters who got their claws into Donald Trump so many years ago and now they’re basically collapsing the USA to turn us into the same sort of “every man for himself” Fascist plutocracy that the former Soviet Union is today. That about sum it up for ya? It should, because it’s happening and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

  3. How is our fucking country SO dumb!? The US is not nor every will be "socialist". The economy is allowed to run on capitalist and free market principles. However, there are plenty of social, universal programs that are already run by the government as nonprofit… Public education, emergency services (except ambulence for some reason), etc. Universal health care with a single payer system through taxes would NOT make us "socialist", it would make us a healthier and more prosperous society… Unbelievable…

  4. The rich are afraid of what will happen to them if Bernie wins – if I were them I'd be more afraid of Bernie losing. This is the last chance for them before the guillotines get rolled out.

  5. The rise of socialism? What was slavery in the US if not socialism for old pale male land owners.
    Today, farmers are subsidized, socialism had always been part of the US. This newcomer to the US doesn't know his adopted history.

  6. Yep. Those assholes just got too damn greedy. If you had shared some of that wealth we wouldn’t want anything to do with socialism. Assholes kept wanting to cut taxes. We spend less than 50 cents/person on government funding for the arts. While we spend almost $2k/person on the military budget. >.<

    Where the fuck are our priorities?!

  7. Farmers who voted Trump and later got into trouble with his tariffs are not denying and sending back that $28 Billion bailout of that sweet sweet socialized government money.

  8. “People who dismiss the unemployed and dependent as ‘parasites’ fail to understand economics and parasitism. A successful parasite is one that is not recognized by its host, one that can make its host work for it without appearing as a burden. Such is the ruling class in a capitalist society.”

    ― Jason Read

  9. Bernie is winning!!!! And he's not a socialist! He's a social democrat although he calls himself a democratic socialist like American politicians before him. FDR was the most popular president and Bernie will be too!!! And yes, capitalism causes people to get sick and tired of getting nothing from the government while being abused by profit mad corporations!

  10. This is so spot on, it’s like a nose bleed on a wedding dress. First, if rich people wouldn’t want, no…DEMAND they get more of the pie, then there would be enough for regular people to feel content. Second, when people have had enough and aren’t represented, that’s when movements start. And why have people had enough? Because they know they’re beating their head up against a brick wall in order to just get by. And every time there is an opportunity to get ahead, lobbyists representing the wealthy and corporations, move the goal posts by changing the laws. For instance social security is at 63 and There are proposals to move it as high as 67. In an age when healthcare costs are out of control and life expectancy is dropping, more people will never see retirement or spend a couple short years in it.

    America needs to get its shit together and it starts with the wealthy. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate willing to run on this and that means a lot when everyone else is taking donations from PACs and special interests.

  11. Why are people so scared of socialism? Presidents only have a four year term. If the people don’t like it, they can just vote them out. It’s not like communism is going to come in and change the constitution.

  12. FINALLY, at around 2:30, someone gets to the most obvious/invisible of points in this insane debate! Socialism is a REACTION to poverty, not the CAUSE of it! I keep telling the Libertarians (they're everywhere) that their economic dreams are what created Socialism in the first place! Meanwhile we're saturated with this wacky idea that Socialists have a GOAL of bureaucracy and poverty. I think we can all see if we look this sign of brainwashing: If people's knees really jerk if you mention Socialism or anything like that, but then if you ask them about some specific aspect ("Is it OK for little kids to work in factories?" "Should women have access to education?" and so many many more) they like it, they have the Socialist attitude. This comes up again and again!

  13. Billonaires and Rich people that are part of the upper 10% are gonna have a Marie Antoinette wakeup call like the frenche people gave her during french revolution. If things dont improve for the rest 90% especially the under 60% that survive with less than $40k a year.

  14. To the rest of the developed world, what Bernie is proposing is just regular-ism….they’re probably laughing at us thinking: you guys have no idea what socialism is 🤣

  15. We need to nuke the crony aspects of our capitalist economy from orbit. That would solve most issues with our country’s economy. Couple that with a new tax code that isn’t over a thousand pages long would be cool too.

  16. America have to wake up and see what two faces these piece of shits who call their self the media's really are. We live in a socialist country right now the only thing that benefits the rich is socialism for the rich for the billionaires. But the minute we start talking about socialism for the entire country to spread the wealth. Oh the billionaires have a problem with this come on man. It's over for that shit the faster these dumbasses realize it the easier we will transition. These old fucking dinosaurs have ridden the back of hardworking Americans long enough and have stolen enough money from Americans public. This is not your generation anymore none of those bulshit tactics are going to work. This is a new generation that sees past all the bulshit these old dinosaurs try to throw at them. They're not buying any of that bulshit and they are demanding equality in wealth they're not asking for it. And the last time I checked these old ass dinosaurs who should have been checked out in life a long time ago. Do not outnumber this new generation and your money can't help you. You see that all this is about it's about these greedy ass billionaires not wanting to pay more. But they don't have a problem with the American public carrying the burden for them so they can get even wealthier. It's over for that shit and if it means fighting fire with fire and people putting their lives on the line so be it at the end the Victorious ones will be this new generation. And these old ass greedy dinosaurs will be laid out to rest in their pastures to live their last dying days like the corrupted pieces of shits they are.

  17. As funny as it is its true. If we still had unions or companies just paid much better than they do. Socialism would not be as popular as it is. When the rich keep getting richer and leave us all behind. We are going to grow more and more bitter at the wealthy and demand they share in the wealth of rhis economy.

  18. Socialism is like the immune system response to crony capitalism. I have said this for years to conservatives and liberal capitalists: Unless you want to see the rise of something more radical, you have to start giving a shit about normal people and the poor. Sooner or later people will get pissed. Shouting "let them eat cake" isn't going to cut it.

  19. Don’t forget how sports franchise owners play cities against one another to get publicly built stadiums and arenas. Research how George W. Bush turned $600,000 of borrowed money into $14 million when the taxpayers of Arlington built the Texas Rangers a new ballpark.

  20. Democrat socialist are trying to suger coat capitalism to get a perfect world, but they forget money is the dominant power there

  21. The concentration of wealth in the 1% and the concentration of poverty in the 99% will eventually cause a revolution. Of that there is no doubt. The deluded tryrannical self serving mentality of the 1% so evident in the likes of Bloomberg Gates Zuckerberg Bezoz who believe they are born to rule will inevitably result in revolution. Simply cos they are obviously far from fit to rule.

  22. If you read Marx, this is basically what he says. Socialism is the natural next step after capitalism. There is a reason why Marx is still highly regarded across many disciplines. He actually reached an understanding that changed the world forever.

  23. Amazon didn't end up doing their HQ in NYC, so NYC ended up savong tX payer money thanks to AOC. And then Amazon ended up opening some other project in NYC anyway , along with Google , FB , etc. so yeah, we dont need to give these comoanies more tax breaks than they already have..

  24. People who hate socialism should stop driving on roads. Without socialist policy and action, capitalism wouldn’t work.

    Name one company on the planet who isn’t either solely dependent on either the highway system or the internet. FOH.

  25. The greedy rich people are the ones who think socialism is bad because instead of 100 million they may have 90 billion woe

  26. Of course (?) you all had to blame Becky…. or Karen…. or….

    The enemy isn't rich people per se, nor is it poor people.

    The enemy = waste.

    Some rich people are wasteful, and some poor people are.

    I couldn't have written this without this show 😁

  27. Unchecked capitalism=socialism

    But in America we want capitalism to give us the freedom to go as far as we can and socialism we want is healthcare and education. Healthcare to carry on living without going broke and education to be to rise through the ranks using capitalism.

  28. Its true, its all true, Capitalism thats run amok, has created a hierarchy that kept only white people rich for decades and everyone else under their thumb!!
    The last straw was when THEY eliminated America's middle class and drew the line in the sand between US and THEM.
    Well, thanks to Bernie, we now have a REAL shot at puching each and every single one of them in the back of the head.

  29. Why don’t you start with trying to define what socialism means in the context of Bernie instead of opening with fear mongering.

    There’s no one to “blame” for socialism. Social democracy is a good thing, not a bad thing.

  30. America is so dumb. We already have socialist programs. Medicare, Medicaid, social security, firehouses, libraries, post offices. We just want more programs because uh it’s about damn time and we’re suffering.

  31. Every consequence has an instigator. Things just don’t happen in a vacuum. Spontaneous generation was never real, and revolutions do not spur from apathy.

  32. The great United States of America claims it can't afford to give its own people healthcare. Repossess the great please.

  33. to be clear Warren is not even a progressive let alone for socialism lol. She is NOT for Medicareforall either. She's another neo liberal pretending otherwise. sorry. its the truth though. Bernie is the only one that offers Medicareforall and he knows that the way it has to work is to cover everyone and everyone pays in.. not 'choice' WE DONT HAVE CHOICE RIGHT NOW ANYWAY. OUR EMPLOYERS CHOOSE AND OUR COMPANIES DENY US HALF THE TIME

  34. If anyone’s read the communist manifesto Marx was pretty clear socialism is just a stepping stone toward communism so while Bernie doesn’t openly advocate communism because he knows that’s a huge leap for most Americans I would be he deep down hopes communism comes out of it

  35. Socialism is the only chance average people have at having anything. Greed has taken everything. We have to take what we can get. The rich will just keep taking, so will we.

  36. so•cial•ism sō′shə-lĭz″əm


    Any of various theories or systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy.


    The stage in Marxist-Leninist theory intermediate between capitalism and communism, in which the means of production are collectively owned but a completely classless society has not yet been achieved.


    Specifically, in Germany, legislation, supported by Prince Bismarck, intended to improve the condition of the working-man. Among the measures included were the insurance of workmen against accident, sickness, and old age, and the establishment of cooperative associations under state protection.

  37. The problem is the education system. It tries to funnnel all kids into college when most aren't cut out for the degrees that will actually get them a job. Most need to be in a blue collar field that doesn't require an overpriced degree financed with debt.

  38. He’s not a socialist, but a social democrat, just like FDR, MLK, etc. America has had socialism for 80 some years. This is why we have nice programs like social security, and the minimum wage. The military is 100% socialism. This is why we’re essentially pushing for Tri-Care for all (m4a)

  39. They’re confusing communism and socialism. Communism was the ideology that got its ass kicked by Murica in the Cold War. Socialism, or social democracy rather, is why the rest of the developed world is doing so much better than the US. Seriously grandpa , socialism isn’t out to destroy the country you yell about loving so much. It’s how we ACTUALLY become great again. And as for funding social programs , that shouldn’t be an issue once we stop devoting the VAST majority of this country’s budget to the military budget.

  40. The United States invented Socialism.
    The US Military from its founding has been Socialist. So have our roads, schools, emergency services, utilities, and government.

    Every time the extremist Republicans try to privatize any of them it turns into a expensive boondoggle that costs the tax payers loads of cash.

    The only thing Capitalism does well are manufactured goods.

  41. We already have some socialism. Our country was founded with bits and pieces of other existing countries. Examples:

    -Social Security
    -Public School
    -Infrastructure Repair

    We pay taxes when we purchase things, on income we earn (different rates for different levels of income), and when we sell things. The government even tried to tax inheritance. The same dollar is taxed numerous times, every time it changes hands, depending on the amount, etc. All these taxes are funds for communities, cities, states, and country. Everyone pitching in (involuntarily of course) to pay for things we all or even just some of us benefit from is socialism. Bernie just wants to make more programs like these, which will also be socialist. He’s not introducing socialism to the US. He’s just adding on to or modifying what’s already there.

  42. How many people know what "socialism" means? "Capitalism"? Very very few, yet these terms are used all the time. They are terms of manipulation in American media, because people react to them without knowing what they actually mean. Define terms before debating them. Many people do not want their statements and views examined that closely, however, and prefer to keep things vague and emotional. That is one way we can tell if someone is manipulating, and/or is just ignorant.

  43. I hope you get the “European system” in the US. Suddenly everyone recognise that it is a shitty system! Greetings from Austria

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