Whose Welfare Benefits Will Be Cut? – The Last Leg

Whose Welfare Benefits Will Be Cut? – The Last Leg

Adam: It appears that some of the figures being used by Tory Think-tanks to justify Welfare cuts, don’t necessarily add up. For example, the Office for National Statistics this week announced that 51.5% of all British people claim more in benefits, than they pay in Tax. Now, that makes it sound like the majority of British people are scrounging off the state, until you realise the 51.5% includes retired people who claim the pension, as well as children, and further investigation shows that the benefits these people are taking include using the NHS, School meals, Rail travel I mean my God, not only do these blood suckers want to learn, they want to eat and be healthy and travel safely! And look in case next week’s budget uses these figures to justify massive cuts to Welfare, we’d like to present a parade of all the bottom feeders who’s benefit’s will finally be cut, cause they’re just sucking society dry like parasites. Bring out the first one! This is Lucy, Lucy is 10 years old, A lazy, leeching vessel of the future! (Audience Laughs) Who rather than cleaning out chimneys, chooses to wile away her hours learning at school! (Audience Laughs) HOW MUCH TAX HAVE YOU PAID LUCY?! NONE! SCUM! (Audience) SCUM! This is Albert, Albert is 87, He’s spent his life working hard, paying his taxes and will probably pay more tax when he dies. Johnny: YOU MAKE ME SICK! (Audience Laughs) Adam: And by the look of Albert, Johnny: GET SICKER! (Audience Laughs) Adam: Is Albert out working hard, contributing to society? Is he bollocks! He’s sitting at home watching Bargain Hunt and generally slacking off, WHAT IS HE? (Audience) SCUM! Thank you! This is Karen, Karen’s a nurse, who also happens to be a single Mum of three children. She earns £21,000 a year, pays £4,000 in tax, and according to our survey receives £12,000 in basic health care and education benefits. Do you work full-time Karen? Karen: Yes. Adam: WELL WORK MORE FULL-TIME! WHAT IS SHE? (Audience) SCUM! Thank you Karen, and this is a 19 year old Alex Brooker. (Audience Laughs) He’s not always been a successful TV host you see before you! Alex: I hope I lose my virginity soon. (Audience Laughs) Adam: I got bad news for you! (Audience Laughs) Johnny: I’m an MP! (Audience Laughs And Claps) Adam: Back when he was 19, Alex was studying to be a journalist He claimed disability benefits and he had no idea what he wanted to do with his future. There is no way this man will ever contribute to society, and no amounts of handouts will help him! Sorry about the term ‘handouts’… (Audience Laughs) It’s time you weed yourself of the states, go on with your own two feet and grew a pair! OF FETT! ALL TOGETHER NOW! (Audience) SCUM!

34 thoughts on “Whose Welfare Benefits Will Be Cut? – The Last Leg

  1. These blood suckers leeching off poor David Cameron and his bum chums… Only last week David's daughter wanted 6 ponies but could only afford 5… the 6th pony money went to help NHS with the Elderly and finding help for the homeless, sicking to be honest! JUST SICKENING! HOW DARE THEY STEAL MONEY FROM THOSE POOR RICH PEOPLE!

  2. While their benefits will be cut the idea is they will have more of their own money in their own pockets to spend on what they will need. So for example if you have children you pay for them through your own higher individual earning potential not through tax's bother people have to pay on your behalf. You can't rely on the state for hand-outs as the money isn't there to spend you must instead have a higher personal aspiration, you scum.

  3. As an American can I get some context when Vegas said "And I'm an MP"? I know an MP is a Member of Parliament but why is that funny? lol

  4. Nice video clip. Just remember this is on right wing media…Channel four is not your friend it's helping distracting you from what's going on around you.

  5. the real welfare queens – politicians. paid by our taxes, then complain that the most vulnerable in society don't pay enough in taxes.

  6. would be nice to finally find that double-selfie-stick clip that keeps getting teased as part of the old style annotation system

  7. whats sad is that the government officials are using taxpayers money to go on holidays, use helicopters to go to functions and so forth then complain about unemployed people stealing money from the government who only get $500 a fortnight when a helicopter ride alone cost $1600. wtf… (this happened in Australia)

  8. "the problem of socialism is you eventually run out of other people's money." Margaret Thatcher

    I may not fully see to the conservators of closing down mines, I do see the tragedy of the welfare state. yes it would help the unfortunately at first, thou in the long run, not only it will make everyone poor but also collapse the NHS itself.

    How so this is a straw man fallacy. using the people on benefits as a moral shield for defending welfare is beyond daft, as in reality, it cost everyone. I find it quite ironic, the single mother who is like a NHS nurse, pays taxes to full the welfare cost, yet given back to her, as that seems counterproductive.

  9. They pretend to be interested in disabled benefits. They had Anna Soubry on the show last week and quizzed her about it. She gave a feeble answer about 'I may talk to someone about it'. They thanked her for her brave stance for the people. Pathetic.

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