43 thoughts on “Why Company Culture is Vital to the Success of Your Business

  1. I love this so much Neil!! The heart & soul of a company is definitely in the shared values and vision and culture… love so much!!! 💕💕💕

  2. Dear Neil Patel Brother i have a question for you please give me correct answer i am working on Google AdWords of 4 year's i think "Google Reading All Humanity Mind Think" I am Right or Worng? 🤔

  3. I totally agree with you Neil! Sharing these same values you talk about in your video is far more important than money. 👍🏻 I believe money is just a consequence of a great teamwork. Also, the market is so competitive and it's vital to be part of a strong team. Thank you for sharing! 😏

  4. Company culture is big. It's why even though I have a better job now, I still want to go back to my old company.

  5. This is superb Neil!!! Just shared it on my LinkedIn account. This is the standard ALL company owners should follow!!

  6. I watch every single video of yours! – Do you have any suggestions to how to make hype around a webshop, that isnt the normal pr or getting a big email list?

  7. Can you make a detailed video on what are some of the best practices to carry on to build a good company culture please

  8. Neil i hope you read this! i want you to know that i love your content !! , im building a following on instagram and just started on youtube about forex and day trading ( its what i do ) but should i run ads to grow my following and then offer my products or should i invest that money directly on funnels for like courses services etc … would love some help thanks

  9. I think that the culture is the most necessary thing above the all factors. And most of all is that you should take care of people you work with.
    It costs not much to think for everyone and support them in their different aspects and take care of every people you work with. In return you end up of making an strong team which does all the wonders. 🙂

  10. Hi Neal, did you get this knowledge of experience or from books? what kinds of bussines experience do u have?

  11. I have followed quite a few people in the past but none have been as down to earth as you are in your videos. Thank you

  12. Hey Neil , great content , your channel can grow exponentially if you are able to target the right audience… When they will find you , your channel is gonna explode! ALL THE BEST!

  13. I know that this entry sounded pretty and pleasant, but when deconstructing the language, you might want to rethink the message about Meredith.

    The right answer to Meredith coming back to work in 1 week is "Hey Meredith, we are here for you and now we want to support you in bonding with your baby. We want you to know that we have your back at work and there is nothing to worry about, we'll take care of your role." The great companies with real cultures want their employees to take 3 months, and it's because these are the most important bonding time in the mother and babies lives.

    In enabling Meredith to come back after 1 week, you let Meredith know that work is #1 at your company, and that the company is the family; but Neil, Family is Family. And Family is the most important.

    On the gift, Neil people who are the most busy make time to do what is really important, and you demonstrated that Meredith is not important to you. As a person, her baby, her personal life. You flipped her your credit card to shop for herself, and let her know that you are rich enough for her to get anything she wants, "within reason." What is within reason? To her or to you? But if Meredith was really important to you as a person, you would take time from your busy schedule and shop for her, even if it was online. Your HR has her home address and you can ship the gift to her home. Meredith was not even important enough to you to delegate gift shopping to an intern Neil.

    Your content is generally fantastic and impressive. Maybe stay in your core competency.

  14. Hi Neil, Are you on Instagram? I want to follow you there too 🙂 However, I could not find any verified Neil Patel.

  15. Hey Neil can you please let me know where can I get clients for my web developing agency that I want to grow big? Like what is the best platform for it?

  16. Greetings Neil,
    My question is that can i make a website for free just to start up and will it work for affiliate marketing? Neil i love you and i learn so much from you, and thankyou for helping us out and giving somuch info for free.

  17. Hi Neil, your are such a wonderful person. There are not many companies that would have done what you done to help an employee. Great Hero!!!

  18. You have got to be one of the most amazing bosses ever. This is so inspiring and motivating. Your words are truly what makes a business run. I agree with this 100%. Keep up the great work.

  19. Company culture is the life of a business. Take the time to build a strong culture that makes your brand a force to be reckoned with. The long-term benefits are irreplaceable.

  20. I intend to agree with several of his opinions especially about the one where you need to have people who share the same goals values ethics and visions they you have in obtaining or achieving your goals.

  21. Neil, I loved your video and wish more companies and leaders shared the same concept of values, vision, and culture. When we work, that is another family, sometimes more time is spent with our 'work families' than the one we go to work to support. In my experience, I am still searching for the company to grow with.
    Thumbs up and much respect for helping your coworker with stroller! Not many people care to help others, hen we need help, we are looked at like a plague. I sat by the side of an exit on 95 for 4 hours because I ran out of gas going to help someone. In that 4 hours, 1 person stopped, thank you Jesus, they actually came back with gas in a gas can and a few bucks to get something to eat.

  22. I enjoyed watching the video very much and it is true to listen to other people they might have a good idea

  23. I found video to be very helpful and I do agree with your video culture is very important and that your employees do become apart of a family and should be showed the respect and gratitude for their services. I might need your help once I start my own business, I would like to show your videos as a training program .

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