100 thoughts on “Why Goldman Sachs Went From Investing For The Rich To Targeting Everyone

  1. The real reason to search for low income people: the big money is increasingly bundled into fewer and fewer people.

  2. wait. It is not against the law for a financial institution to both advise a buy and short that same position?That's basic regulation. C'mon America

  3. The Federal Reserve and Goldman Sachs should pay each and every individual in the united states a large lump sum of money. After all. they are making money off of money that's been created out of thin air and lending it to the middle class at ridiculous interest rates and all their Upper and Mid-Level managers are making 10's of millions in bonuses off of it. It all defies reason and I think it's insulting to call basic crooks " the smartest guys in the room".

  4. If they had invested in the potential of their fellow earth dwellers there would never have been concentration camps, gulags, pogroms or kulaks.

    Let that sink in.

  5. Okay I hate to be "that guy" but could y'all maybe shoot the Roy Smith segments with a bigger phone maybe even a nearly bezel-less phone!?

  6. Poor old GS.

    Innocent victims of wrong thinking from a peasant led witch hunt.

    Thanks to CNBC we now know the real true facts rather than the fake facts.

  7. Marcus Goldman was born Mark Goldmann ] His family was Ashkenazi Jewish. His paternal grandfather was called Jonathan Marx

  8. Samuel Sachs was born on July 28, 1851 in Maryland, the son of Sophie (née Baer) and Joseph Sachs, both Jewish

  9. Your a bunch a folks that steal names, sit in your fancy offices. spilt your personalities after making insider investments, then steal from tax payers. Don’t even realize it because your psychotic. Then sit on your made up high horse and it’s over give it up. Enjoy your cells you sold your souls for that money. The devil is attempting. I have been Satan and the devil I would know. You gotta pay it up if you want it back. You take interest loans on you checks when you do this.

  10. Why would it be a bad thing to make profit from their "fines," (fines that were purely political, not criminal, anyway). By buying troubled mortgage assets, they provided capital to Fannie at a time NO one was buying mortgages assets. That was the whole point. Provide captial in a time of liquidity hell.

  11. funny how i'm reading mein kampf while listening to this. lmao "god's work" for people who wouldn't know what a soul was if it haunted them.

  12. "They were making business with Millionaires, Billionaires and now they want to do business with you – The consumers" OOPS

  13. Thieves in Plain Clothes, that smile and shake yuh hands which can do wat dem want with the American Population. It’s truly sad and this is why I Hate the Jews!!!! Dem ain’t Smart, dem worst than John Dillinger and dem won’t even help the people who struggling in the country!!! 🇬🇾🇬🇾🇬🇾

  14. This company has become the ultimately "moral hazard". All their former employees, acolites and lobbysts: Rubin, Paulson, Summers, Draghi, Lagarde, Geithner and others, have perpetuated the influence of this cancer through the world of finance…

  15. GS isnt like silicon valley. GS knows how to interept the law funny and has people in power to give them a break. More like legal gangsters.

  16. they are corrupt more than anyone will ever know. The Wolf of Wall Street is real and is behind bars but we got a new wolf on the hunt. I would never work for Goldman i’d rather go to J.P. morgan or BofA. you can just smell the frat coming off of Goldman.

  17. This is Revisionist history and SHODDY journalism to say that GS was profiting from '08 crisis; GS had capital and liquidity issues just like most financial firms. Buffet didn't "invest" into GS, GS begged for the money to prevent a collapse. And the covenants attached to the investment was extraordinarily costly for GS but worth it to survive. Also, Buffett was more or less pressured into investing equity into GS to restore confidence into the market. Buffett is a cultural icon and had the public perception of only making sound (and/or the best investments though this hasn't been true for awhile) so it worked. Without Buffett having such a strong cultural perception and the pressures market and US government, there would be questions as to whether GS would've have survived.

    And the most notable firm and the ONLY one to truly profit from '08 crisis is Bridgewater

  18. Harry Markopolos and his team SHOULD investigate Goldman Sachs. As they are worlds biggest Banks. And Banks are SCAM in today's market. Lot of Billionaires are share holders of the bank. Lot of SCAM will be exposed….. Probably billions of dollars will come back to America .

  19. The guy said for 150 years they served millionaire and billionaire and now you the consumer “poor people” that’s what he is trying to say because does millionaire and billionaire are consumers too 🤦🏽‍♂️ stupid guy

  20. You are about to do an interview with a former partner of Goldman Sachs you can't charge your iPhone for the facetime interview, CNBC? 5:17

  21. Ok I usually like these videos but a Wells Fargo banker telling me how Goldman Sachs is great? And NO! The smartest people are not in government, it is the greediest!!

  22. Now their targeting the really ignorant suckers since maybe they'll be out of business due to criminal charges pending in Malaysia.

  23. I rather leave it to the professional portfolio managers. Mine (Lucas Anders) is doing a great doing job, making around $5k ROI twice a month for a 30% commission.

  24. All the "CEO's" and banker prodigies earning hundreds of millions of dollars but at the end american tax payer has to bailout a whole fking industry?

  25. The poor Will have a chance to become Rich instead of only the Rich become more Rich. Now giv me the money so I Can buy our Mac donalds Downtown. You Will definitely have your money back 👌

  26. Henry Paulson is still hated to this day, but economists who studied that financial crisis hail him as a hero nowadays. The guy who saved not just the American economy but the whole world as well from significantly collapsing. His policy back then might be unpopular but it proved to be the difference maker, allowing the US to bounce back faster than expected and avoid what could've been a crippling depression that would've lasted for decades.

  27. Now the firm is trying to screw the common people rather than millionaires and billionaires. Lmao. Common people do not have the legal funds to check schemes of the firm. Puahahah.

  28. @12:10 "They have a lot of smart people and smart people end up in positions of power" Really? that's nonsense. 2/3 of Government is filled up with Lawyers and Bankers if not more. The amount of people with Science or Engineering degrees is minuscule. Theres plenty of higher IQs and really intelligent people begging for funding and research grants. They're struggling in crap situations while most of these people in the Government and these Institutions are legacies. They inherited their wealth and position. The last 40 years of this country has been owned by the same Institutions( Banks, Interest Groups and Corporations) and the same Names. You really think GW belonged in the White House more than Ron Paul?

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