Why I Give Back to the Toronto Humane Society

Why I Give Back to the Toronto Humane Society

Fostering through the Toronto Humane Society is important to me because I know how much good work they do and I wanted
to help give back an animal in need, an animal that often needs a little more love and
little more time and patience My name is Enid, I’ve always loved animals and when I retired I thought it would be good to spend time with cats and dogs. It’s very fulfilling, it’s lovely, I just have a good time here. I am a student so I’m not quite ready financially for the long-term commitment
of an animal but I love to support and love them for the time being and help
out as much as possible it’s pretty fun. There was a young teacher on
staff who volunteered with cats at the Humane Society and I thought that’s a neat thing to do, and being a firm believer in always giving back to society I thought, hey what’s better than hanging out with the kitty-cats? The reason why I volunteer here is that not only do I give the animals here company and make them feel happier But they also make me feel happier as well. I am diagnosed with chronic depression… This is my happy place. This is where I come for my comfort, my safe zone and just being with them makes me feel happy. It’s like a partnership, that we provide. Together, animals and myself. I foster because by giving animals a temporary home I can help them find a permanent home and I’m so glad to be helping organizations like the Toronto Humane Society, help animals.

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  1. I retired from a highly stressful job which was affecting my health. After becoming a volunteer at the Toronto Humane Society my outlook on life became fulfilling. I now look forward to
    time spent at THS and no longer frown, only good feelings. Animals truly give love.

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