Why I Left the Amish | Connecting Point | Web Premiere

Why I Left the Amish | Connecting Point | Web Premiere

several years ago salawah for long from
Sunderland Massachusetts left the Amish and wrote a book about it shows even
featured in American experience documentary last year called the Amish well a
follow-up documentary follows the lives of those that have
left the Amish community and have been shunned by their church family analyte they once knew that’ll
air Tuesday February 4th on American experience well she is here with us today and she’s
joined by a writer for the Republic and Corey urban has written extensively about this
and thank you ladies both for joining me so much today so I’m a poster with you
talk about this film about making the film and everything
that went into it well the the first film that I was at the
Amish that I was filmed for was the beginning at and actually some
%uh that interview is included in the second
film so basically and the connection was Kelly wiser who was the producer for the first film
asked if I would big consider being in the second one as
well and then she asked me in an email do you know any
young people who have left the Amish and on unsure about whether they want to go
back to stay out and I said no I don’t know anybody like that I forgot about her request and a couple
with a over months later I get this phone call from somebody who wanted to help out a
friend of a friend who had taken in this young woman in hartford connecticut from a short
center around this community and the short stature is a test at that
those consumers conservative groups have all the Amish and and I’m he said to me a would you help us understand the culture once I got to
know and I felt like I need help understanding the culture
because it was so different from the 1i the community I came from and so I made plans to meet with her and then I said oh wait a minute Kelly
might wanna know about this and so I told her about it and she was
right there she wanted to go with us too hard for to
me Anna and that’s when Anna decided not to be not to have be filmed with her face
showing she didn’t want her identity in there and then I went back to my emails from
before and I went wait a minute Kelly gets what Kelly what but see basically had asked for this and
there it was and said that %uh and I came into the
story so this new documentary or this
follow-up documentary should say is following the lives of seven different amish on p members you acknowledge you
have left the Amish community are dealing with the aftereffects %uh that you’re in your interest in this
documentary Caroline cheese because you’re the first
one the year you take a place in this documentary n/a though is introduced and as the
young girl you’re talking about that left her community comes to live with you and your husband
and yes Sunderland yes and this is where Corey now comes into place had a quarry
play a role in all this well what happened was that and not at first did not want to be known she
did not want her story told she didn’t want to be in the paper
and then why don’t you Corey told the story up
how you discovered an A I had met Salaam a earlier for when her first book came out i den
story for the republican on that book and I also do some reading features for
the sunday Republican and had gone to the Sunderland library
to do some %uh those features and when I came down the street I saw a
sign that said Amish bakery so I stopped in a young
woman came out and sold me a loaf of bread and I thought could
probably be a story for the republican so I contacted solo homer and asked her
if she knew anything about this Amish bakery in
Sunderland and she said you were at my house so she talked to
Anna and Anna agreed to that she would be
featured in the republican and this is a pretty big deal because
like you’re mentioning amish people don’t allow themselves to be
photographed or on camera and and I had she just left the Amish
community and so this was a pretty big well and had left in July and this was a
a sorta October I think so when you when you
have all interviewed her but also tell the story
of the basket remember the basket starry over she was
also selling baskets from the porch along with the baked
goods and the baskets caught my eye because I happen to have a couple a very similar baskets that I
had purchased when I took my daughter on a college visit to upstate New York side prod it to Anna another day and she recognized who had
made the baskets that I have the person in
the community we had made that basket Wow and the and get that goes back to
show how tight this community is and it’s very yet your culture your family you have
the religion everything is so tightly on Inc yes drove in just like a basket
would be and this film really shows that turmoil especially the younger kids case when you leave you leave everything you
know and I too was struck by a the stories I it is not something that you can even explain to someone who hasn’t gone through it it is so amazing an experience for me when I stepped onto the night train the
first time I left with my head uncovered for the first
time in in public in my whole life I felt like I was
partly naked I had a address that came to the knees and I just was a I it was our it was exciting it was exhilarating but
it was also really really scary is terrifying and so that’s what all of us have to go
through for those of us who leaves and it was really the article that Corey
urban wrote that that really made an A want to step out and have her story told you know with
the camera on her and before that she really didn’t want
that very much and it’s because of the Republican story that she was then ready
to cutting yeah speaking at that soloman
obviously comes from the X-rated having been in the Amish community Corey
you’re not amish how what was it like for you to write
about this community not having been a part of it but kinda
getting a glimpse into it there is a part of me that really admired it and maybe even longed for it
because I’ve the the community because if the simple way
of life I found that very intriguing and very
beautiful but I also know that their are
difficulties as there are in any community and so I could kinda step back from that and see that in many ways it was very
different but in many ways it was not very different I was in Burlington at
the same time Salo had left cuz I was in college there and I’ve often thought that I had come
from western Massachusetts from high school going to college slow
had come from the Amish and we’re both in Burlington
at the same time and how different our lives were but how the kind of came together in
that Burlington experience and I think that’s the one thing out
when I watch this film I I know the audiences can be able to see
it on Feb inventor on February 3rd that Russia had a time and that was the the emotional impact a bit other this
community being so knit together so tight so close it’s almost like a good thing and a bad
thing anything that’s what these kids struggle with the younger generation it’s their whole life that’s
all it now and your family is I think they have a stronger sands up
what family truly is then probably week even rely well that you know among the Amish that the the definition of a good person is
how well you fit into the group it’s not about personal
recognition that is so underplayed so I think that
was one of the things that was really striking about it is that she actually really liked when that article came out the next time
she was open for business more than a hundred people came walking
through the door and a lot of them would stand there and
go he saw you in the paper and then not know what to say to her and
so she liked that attention but it still
was not be enough compared to the pool from the community and and annus was AV wanna the younger she was the second to
the youngest in her family of eleven children and she
had forty nieces and nephews back there who are missing her a great
deal she was missing them that’s a great Paul tip and eventually
ap poll: one over when she decided to go back to
damage community yet what was that like has she been a
part of your life or how many months previously I that was so hard i’d I don’t think I
could do it again I am we offered to take her back because it was an it was really hard to think about putting
her on the bus plus she had she loves
shopping and when she came into this culture she started
accumulating stuff we went back with a car full list up all
she had when she left was the clothes on their back with a
with a prayer book an oppressed people can pocket so you know really that was that was pretty amazing when we actually drove her to her parents house and day 18 date immediately separated
her from us and I had to ask whether we may say
goodbye to her and she motioned no harkes see how to say goodbye without yeah n
you end demeanor her demeanor changed from being happy to go back to having her eyes downcast and not even looking at us it was excruciating she awesome that she
was going to be shined at that point right he knew that she
wasn’t going back to living the way she was living when she left yes but however an unheard been away from it long enough that she
had she had fantasies about being accepted
back without those ramifications and it was it was literally two weeks before
she was going back then I suddenly realized in a when you go back you don’t have to
shut me and she said I didn’t even think of that and now she’s not allowed to write to me
since they have you had any communication with her since she she which she wrote one letter back when I
was I wrote her every week for a while and I
was not getting anything in return for a while then she wrote to say I and no longer allowed to write worship this the way
she put it is I’m being asked I’ve promised the that the ministers
that’s how she put it I promise to ministers that I A want to forget everything about
the outside world and if I write to you I’m not forgetting
outside world and but I have heard that she is no
longer living with her parents and she’s teaching school she’s teaching 8 our students i think is what I heard so thats that’s fairly good news I’m and I think only claim almost someone that it’s like to cop a tween
two worlds it’s like a man without a country it’s like they don’t they don’t belong and either or at that
is exactly what my second book bonnet strings an Amish woman’s ties to two
world is about I was in that place where Anna is now I was there for two years any months
before I left again and I don’t know whether Anna will ever leave again or not it its it very well could be but I and thinking that she was more amish
then I miss I longed for and more than education I wanted the freedom to choose my own a spiritual journey my own Rome and romance I wanted all of these things to choose from myself and I had a really
hard time making choices she wanted us to do it and II was always
very uncomfortable doing that maybe she just wanted the clamps I’ll
that independent in that freedom and when she caught that glimpse maybe
she then longed for like she had before eat because so many
things were determined for her its unbelievable they were not even
allowed to have syncs with trains and I’m dry sink says what they had two years
and a you know they can’t they can’t finish
their wood floors as it they have to finish my certain what
when can varnish a min you know that’s pretty picky on about
what you can and cannot do this week on in more extreme
conservative yes sex at that Amish community the adventure and in like I said I have often said
this and it’s not an exaggeration the difference between anna’s community
in my community is probably is great is between my
community in the outside world it’s that different so that’s one of the
things that people don’t spend a lot of people don’t seem to know from looking in from the outside is the is the
diversity among the Amish from very very
conservative to a lot more liberal well I strongly
suggest people watch this documentary when it airs on American experience
because it’s just so powerful and so moving and eek I know exactly what you mean
when you say you look at me long for that sent to secure your clothes statements
but then you also see the other side is the Queen where it maybe even teams
almost suffocating she say or I don’t know which seems like
they’re so much that they built the rules and the pressure on them that
I can imagine that I would cut suffocating
cuz I’ve never experienced it but it certainly does seem to be more
restrictive and less I’m your allowed less choice choices would be made for UN Anna made the choice to to come to the
outside world to the English world but she also was then able to make the
choice to go back and now it’s your choice talk about your
going to be cancer screenings about this event as well yet their second book
coming out the first but why I left the Amish in now you have your second but
coming out yes so talk about that okay and Obama
strings an Amish woman’s ties to two worlds is going to and two actually get I the launch date for two separate there’d
and then on february second today two days before the film airs on American experience I’m gonna have a
pre-screening at the Sunderland Public Library Sunday at every second at 2 p.m. a week later I’m going to be doing a
book talk also at the Sunderland Public Library
also on a Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clock that on every night great thank you so much trauma for lying
in korea urban thank you thank you

19 thoughts on “Why I Left the Amish | Connecting Point | Web Premiere

  1. We see the Amish as being apart from society. But they seem like an integral part of the continuum of Man's diverse range of reactions to change and stability. In that way they reflect elements of the rest of society.

  2. How so sad that Anna returned and was treated that way. This is very definitely abuse at many levels.

  3. These womens took decisions that are ment to be good according to them only also like five fingers each of our human hands all people in a family and community won't be same with all this we cant question amish life style according to me amish are god fearing hardworking simple living peace loving kind hearted Christians

  4. I was so disappointed with Saloma Furlong's book. It was all "I was great and everybody else was awful". Also, Amish life played a small role in the whole book. It was more a story of how she left her family – which was dysfunctional. She also chose to write about strange details – you have a lot of questions, but she writes about having sex on the day of her dad's funeral. It was plain weird.

    Ira Wagler's book was a lot better and much more objective.

  5. I don't know a lot about the Amish.I am a Mennonite but only the last 30 years of my life. they took me in and changed my life forever and I thank God Almighty I love listening to stories about how they grew up we are more modern now ..they are amazing cooks and they make beautiful quilts.they truly are the sweetest kindest people ever.they are my family now

  6. That's so sad Anna wasnt allowed to write her. I'm pretty sure the elders were using community to peer pressure to keep people in the community.

  7. Arent we also bound by a lot of rules, society is really hard on lots of people. Look at the problems children have in school if they are not socially correct or poorer than some of the rest.

  8. I've never been almish but I have a desire to live like they do. I don't know if they accept someone who has not been born into it. But I could not shun my family. So I can't go in
    But sometimes I feel like this world is too fast! And I love color so might not work out plus I'm 58 and would not be able to climb up in a biggie cause of my wieght. I'd love the contrey but would not want to live in a big from house alone at night. I never been married and never had children. I choose to be stright incase I find someone. I messed up once with sex and decided never to do that again and stay loyol to Jesus. I love the barn raising that they do for another. And framing but don't think I could ever shun any one.

  9. I think it's sad that today's society is pulling the Amish community apart. Today's society is full of sin and you can clearly see that Satan & sin are pulling people away from living for the Lord. If America ever falls the Amish community is the only people who will be left standing because they have continued to live from the old way of life. They are not living for the world, they are living for God. They have kept themselves away from technology. Honestly, think about today's society and how they will go into shock if America ever falls due to sin. They won't know how to get by. But the Amish will because they are self-supporters who have lived for God.

  10. I seen where this one family was leaving the Amish, or actually was in the process of leaving. They said that the suspenders the men and boys wear to hold their pants up, had to be a certain way, or they could be shoved out and shunned by the Amish. WTH? The little boy was telling his
    Father that he hated the suspenders, wishes he could have a belt instead. The Amish always have intrigued me, and I respect them to the very fullest. I just think some of these rules are too overbearing. Would God shun us if we didn’t wear suspenders a certain way? I doubt it.

  11. Sadly some use mind control as a form of religion. Jesus did not live that way, nor would he support those that did. Amish life can be so connected to family, but at a cost of losing your self identity. Catholics and Amish are alike in many ways. You are not allowed to read God word for yourself in English. Heven forbid if yiu ask a question abiut scripture. If you do, your shunned in the Amish and ignored and black balled if Catholic. The same in evil spirt actions. Jesus said to love one another even are enemys. Not shun or turn your back on them.

  12. There is an interesting story in Marlette, Michigan;s Amish community. An Amish couple makes a request to adopt a child and when the child arrives it turns out to be a black girl baby. So now this young black girl is grown and has lived as Amish. I have not heard what is happening with this girl for a few years. It seems like a very intriguing story.

  13. so many hidden secerts of the amish .how they abuse as in puppy mills as a vet tech I;VE never seen such abuse filling there pockets $$$.people of god my ass.

  14. church its always the church .they do nothing but couse problems .all over the world ./i dont agree with these people /whe the hell are these people to tell you what you should or shouldn't do .i think these girls are very brave .good luck to every girl who has the courage to leave this monstrosity .life

  15. 1) This woman could be NON AMISH actress giving bad name to a Disciplined People

    2) If not, then she chose to get out of the surroundings of a FRESH GARDEN and fall into the SEWER of FILTH.

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