Why involvement in tea culture is great? #teaceremony #teablogger

Why involvement in tea culture is great? #teaceremony #teablogger

Hello my friends! Today we’re going to talk about something very interesting, interesting for those who are new to the tea hobby, or for those who’d like to share it with their friends Why having a tea hobby is great? I would like to talk about all the benefits of tea drinking, and why drinking tea is good. I’m not going to talk about drinking tea with sugar, cookies, and cakes, but about more serious and traditional Chinese way of tea drinking when tea becomes a hobby, an important part of your life. The first and the most widespread reason why people start drinking tea as a hobby is because tea drinking is a good alternative to various unhealthy habits. Tea ceremony is a ritual that can easily substitute smoking or drinking alcohol, it is a healthy way to relax with your friends, or alone, and it is a wonderful option. Drinking tea suits any occasion. It may seem very exotic, but it actually isn’t. You get used to the ceremony, and start enjoying tea the traditional way every day. Tea is a very interesting and diverse hobby. Tea drinking has an ancient history. You can always learn and discover something new about teaware, brewing styles, and tea itself. All nuances are very interesting. You can delve deep into this hobby, it is very interesting. Tea has certain effects that are very important too, tea is good for your health, it tones you up. Tea also harmonizes you, helps you to relax, it relaxes your body, but tones up the mind, it stimulates the brain activity, and it has many other good qualities that increase your perception of the surrounding world. Tea can really bring changes in your life, good changes, of course. It makes you more sensitive, thoughtful, more attentive to details. Tea refines your taste, and by saying “taste” I mean both aesthetic taste and your ability to taste food and drink. You start feeling tastes much better. It will inspire you to stop eating fast food or other unhealthy foods, you’ll start looking for something exquisite and natural. The same thing with tea, you’ll stop drinking flavoured tea. Tea hobby can make you choosier, and more refined in all spheres of life. You can become more selective about the people around you, about your hobbies, your preferences in music and many other things. In all spheres of life that need in-depth thinking your standards can become much higher. The place where you drink tea and the process itself play an important role too. Of course, you can drink tea quickly, but to make this whole ritual very pleasant you need some time. Tea ceremony harmonises you, it focuses your attention, similar to meditation, or self-hypnosis. You relax and start being more positive. There are two possible situations, calm tea drinking, when you are alone or with a company of good friends, and active tea drinking, when you talk a lot, laugh, it can be a great experience of communication. Tea ceremonies can be really different, it depends on your mood, your temper and condition, on the brewing style you use, and on many other things. People who start drinking Chinese tea think that the ceremony has strict rules, that the ceremony requires attention, but it can be much more relaxed. In this video, it’s my beginner’s guide to tea, and in this video, I talk about common mistakes that people make when brewing tea. It’s very important to remember that tea is good for your health. Tea has positive effects if you don’t drink too much, it’s an antioxidant, and it’s good for the digestive system. It helps to prevent colds. In China, tea is said to be the oldest natural remedy. Moreover, originally tea was perceived as a medical herb, and later it turned into a beverage. Tea hobby reveals and develops different sides of human character. It often happens that tea drinkers become more creative, or discover new qualities, abilities and interests in themselves. Tea can change you, it can show you something new, or develop the qualities you already have. It changes the way you perceive the surrounding reality, it calms you down, and relaxes you, and it leads to deeper changes in your life. It is the most important quality of tea. I think that everybody needs it, and especially those people who want to become more attentive, focused, harmonious, and happy in their lives. Enjoy your tea!

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    0:57 A way out of bad habbits
    2:07 A way to discover something new
    2:33 Benefits for your health
    4:51 Tea suits any occasion
    5:50 Tea as a medicinal herb
    6:20 Tea on your journey of self-discovery

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