Why Michio Kaku wants to avoid alien contact at all costs

Why Michio Kaku wants to avoid alien contact at all costs

We have this mental image that a flying saucer
will circle the White House lawn, land on the White House lawn and give us a bounty
of all sorts of technological goodies to initiate an age of Aquarius on the planet earth. Personally, I don’t think that’s going
to happen. For example, if you’re in the forest do
you go out and talk to the squirrels and the deer? Maybe you do for a while, but after a while,
you get bored because they don’t talk back to you because they have nothing interesting
to tell you because they can’t relate to our values and our ideas. If you go down to an anthill do you go down
to the ants and say I bring you trinkets; I bring you bees; take me to your aunt queen;
I give you nuclear energy. So I think for the most part the aliens are
probably not going to be interested in us because we’re so arrogant to believe that
we have something to offer them. Realize that they could be thousands, maybe
millions of years ahead of us in technology and they may have no interest in interacting
with us in the same way that we don’t necessarily want to deal with the squirrels and the deer
in the forest. Now some people say that we should not try
to make contact with them because they could be potentially dangerous. For the most part, I think they’re going
to be peaceful because they’ll be thousands of years ahead of us, but we cannot take the
chance. So I personally believe that we should not
try to advertise our existence to alien life in outer space because of the fact that we
don’t know their intentions. Then the other question is what happens if
they’re evil? Well, I think the question of evil is actually
a relative question because the real danger to a deer in the forest is not the hunter
with a gigantic rifle; he’s not the main danger to a deer in the forest. The main danger to a deer in the forest is
the developer; the guy with blueprints; the guy in a three-piece suit; the guy with a
slide rule and calculator; the guy that’s going to pave the forest and perhaps destroy
whole ecosystems. In other words, the aliens don’t have to
be evil in order to be dangerous to us, they might not care, they just might not care about
us and in the process pave us over. In fact, if you read the novel War of the
Worlds the Martians in HG Wells seminal novel were not evil in the sense they wanted to
torture us and they wanted to do all sorts of barbaric things to humanity. No, we were just in the way. And so I think that is a potential problem. We could be in the way of a very advanced
civilization that simply is not evil but simply views us as we would view squirrels and deer
in the forest. So personally I think that we should not advertise
our existence when we go into outer space. For the most part, however, I do think they
are going to be peaceful, they’re not going to want to plunder the earth because there
are plenty of planets out there that have nobody on them that they can plunder at will
without having to worry about restive natives called humanity. And so I think they’re not going to come
to visit the earth to plunder us, to do all sorts of mischief. For the most part, I think they’ll just
leave us alone.

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  1. That's so werry wrong. The aliens are the angels from the bible. They were living hear on earth long before us. They created Adam and Eve. There DNA created the human race. They know everything about us. An advanced sivilisation that has already known us ever since the day of the beginning of creation. So no werry smart, on your part. Yea they comunicate in telecanises, so yea they whether you are smart or dumb as a stork.

  2. I have made this point before and will reiterate again, any alien race capable of establishing contact with us is most probably a type 3 civilization (I.e more technologically advanced) than us. I have a simple really equation to find out how many there can be around us. 1. How many habitable planet candidates in a 100 light year radius. 2.of these planets how many have a star that is significantly older than ours? 3. How many have a potential Dyson sphere?

  3. We, humans, are the problem. Not the alien. Even though our technology is infancy, we would invade, exploit, rape any natural resources or interfere other cultures without giving any thoughts or regards to others. It would be a very long, long time before we get to the point not do any of these stupid things.

  4. If their technology is as advanced as we assume it must be then they, a) ALREADY know we're here, b) could defeat us easily militarily and c) we wouldn't have any tech they would want. So that really only leaves the moral, societal or scientific curiosity aspect open as to why they would want to interact with us. I am curious enough and intelligent enough to know that there is something to be learned from ants, squirrels and deer in the forest…and the forest itself. So hopefully they are advanced AND curious. Unless they are Klingons…

  5. Extrapolating from the fact that the universe is inhabited by billions of beings that are not only thousands maybe millions of years ahead of us then one can surmise
    1 )they not only survived but conquered the tribal warfare differences and ensue the best interest of their species
    2 )it follows to say that they have better sense than to mingle with species that are sometimes genocidal at best
    3 )they must be closer to the creator if it not were that they are in fact the creators themselves
    4 )they must have transcended materialism
    5 )they must have reached a level of development that requires no instrumentation
    6 )they must have developed a truly perfect organism free of ignorance and disease
    7 )they must have truly attained the capacity to travel to the stars
    8 )hence they are a type 3 civilization and we are a type 0 as you Dr Kanu defined
    9 )it will take us anywhere from a 100 to 300 years to attain type 1 status providing we don't anahilate ourselves in the process
    10 )they are the all sapient all understanding species in the universe and thus must be benevolent in nature
    11 ) In the Reagan presidential debriefing it was pointed out that there is one HEBE ( Hostile Extraterrestrial Biolgical Entity ) that is the Terrans and has been on Earth long before mankind
    12 )There is a quadrant in our universe ( there are multiverses ) that harbors HEBEs as per debriefing that is approaching extinction
    13 )There is an intergalactic body that acts as a police action entity of which EBENs from Zeta Reticuli star system are part of.
    14 )There are Zeta Reticuli, Andromedans, Arcturians, Lyrans ( Nordics ), Vegans, Pleadians and Alpha Centurians
    15 )The Draco bio engineered the Reptilians and they in turn engineered the Greys. They originated in the Orion cluster. The Reptilians are the true Terrans and comprise the malevolent ETs on Earth along with whatever humans of reptilian decent.

  6. Believe me the military is doing everything it can to avoid making contact with these extraterrestrials, some of the incidents look as though they're trying to communicate with us and asking us permission to land Edwards Air Force Base in 1968 is a good example

  7. I think the military does not want to communicate with the aliens because it feels that they will have to make concessions and the aliens will give them demands and you're not trying to hear anybody command them except the president

  8. Those search for extraterrestrial life people, better stop broadcasting a positioning information about us, cuz it looks like that we are starting to have an invasion here,

  9. Now we're seeing UFOs not as a flash or just remote incidents, we're seeing them consistently over daily. Weekly periods flying in formations this may be an increase in the numbers of our visitors

  10. Too Late dude !! You don’t watch the News Smart Ass?? Because the Government is doing soft disclosure.. Life on this planet is enough for them to come visit simple as that!!

  11. Michio Kaku Sir , I have a question for you which i think is pretty cool..
    Question :- Do you believe in those people who claim themselves as time travellers , if yes then why ?

  12. Come on, deer and squirrels don't talk to us because they can't talk! Not because they don't have anything interesting to say to us. A better analogy would be to compare us to primitive indigenous people. Our response to them ranges from leaving them alone, to hanging out with them or taking their land or making a dam on their river, cutting them off from their water supply. The analogy doesn't exactly fit anyway, because a lot of indigenous tribes want to stick with their traditions, while I'd say most modern humans would want to upgrade our technology. So some ETs may want to share tech with us. Who knows?

    I still think we should contact ETs. If they're way more advanced than us, they'll know we're here anyway. We may as well present ourselves as peaceful and willing to cooperate.

  13. They dont want anything to do with us we are two hostile too ignorant to be open-minded they know that matter fact I think they made us

  14. Sorry but that's such a stupid analogy. Squirrels are not the same as humans, squirrels have nothing to offer to us and they're not sentient. Humans have so much to offer to aliens and we're all fully sentient.

  15. Ultraterrestrial aliens completely wipe our entire dimension, and universe's existence, to make more room for development land across millions of dimensions, that we are completely indigenous to, so they can build a strip mall with an interdimensional liquor store and laundry machine room

  16. They might have a real vicious urge to stimp on our anthill. We have no guarantee they will be dispassionate or benevolent.

  17. It's not that all humans should avoid aliens. I'd say white people should not try to contact aliens. They have no good records with other races on the earth. How could anybody expect them to do any better with aliens?

  18. The aliens evolved in the same sort of universe as us. Most likely they would be fascinated by our existence being that high order life such as us would be relatively rare in the universe. Simple life like bacteria, virus, fungi, and even basic worms would be dime a dozen occurences. Aliens would see us and our earth as a rare cosmic smoke ring worthy of their curiosity and interest. We made it into space afterall.

  19. You're not even aware. Of the truth. The aliens are already here. They comunicate in telecanises. So they know everything you think. They communicate in telecanises.

  20. He is so full of crap. What is his intention for saying all this. I have a bad gut feeling. I see a demon in his eyes

  21. Conversely when we see a beautiful butterfly or a Peacock,
    we invite ours friends and lovers to watch those beauty of the Nature.
    Similarly when Aliens find ourselves they will enjoy to study the very Characters of Humans.
    If necessary they will make us their travel companions to their Planet.
    Only by Advertising ourselves it might be possible.

  22. Saucers are already here, they've been reported for thousands an thousands of yrs! I saw one very clearly 25 yrs ago.

  23. Doctor perhaps you have not read the Cuneiform tablets.

    Perhaps you have not seen the evidence in ancient Summrria of the Garden of Eden where these Aliens infused the RH negative blood of our forefathers and more importantly Alien Mother

    Perhaps the good Doctor hasn’t seen the parallel in the Cuneiform to our Bible

    No they are not just interested they are among us and we are their children.

    Perhaps the Doctor would look at the evidence and tell us what he thinks about the return of Planet Nibiru and our Lord Jesus Christ

  24. At least Alien knows where did they came from, how did they exist, where will they go after, and who ceated them.

  25. Michio Kaku, bingo! You are brilliant. I do no pretend to reflect your thoughts, over all as I don't have your qualifications. I think we should keep a low profile, develope and if we are visited, be more capable than as perceived. You know (sand bag)😂

  26. I disagree that we would not offer aliens anything that we could offer them. They have been observing us for as long as life begun here, and probably even before. So if they did not want anything to do with us, why do they still come around. I know why, but that's another story.

  27. If you read HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy they demolish Earth to put through a bypass…just as Proffesor Kaku says here.  They just don't care about us at all.

  28. I agree with his development theory, but I don't agree with his peaceful alien theory as much. The Spaniards were more advanced than the Mayans, the Pilgrims were more advanced than the Native Americans, and they were more or less evil to them. So, the potential for aliens to be cruel and oppressive to human kind is defiantly there.

    Also, some races may he peaceful, but others not so much. They could even been a different group of the same race and be completely different.

  29. I believe that aliens have known of our existence for a long time ..they observe us the same way we observe wildlife but they are advanced enough to know that we could not collectively handle contact with them and also .. regardless of how grand we THINK we are ..we are simply not that interesting to them

  30. we already blow up so many Atomic bombs and use gas and dieses and put animals i koncentrationscamps and we do kill and use humans for tests …and they say it's the grey, just Point someone out that is human thing more often than others…

  31. I really am what or which thing you all learning or trying to learn or had learnt or really…
    Everything is nothing

    & i dont get bored 😉
    I m solving T=?
    T is terminal
    Like this…i can change perceptions of millions😶
    C without kaku no one is believing…

    Pop pop phop 🙄sound
    No not for that but also there is evil but there isnt
    Reply this…
    It willl be a history not only for the species but also for us
    Yea we two

  32. This is all lies Aliens aren't all hostile so quit being pussies and contact them the fuck. They exist and people have a right to know and PEOPLE ARE MORE EVIL THEN ALIENS WTF THEY'RE HIDING ALIENS FROM US BECAUSE THEY DON'T WANT HUMANS TO KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT ALIENS

  33. Thus guy sent me a YouTube video that aliens shouldn't work with aliens, human should work with aliens . Yes we all should work together.

  34. "In the way?" 7 billion people here and aliens wouldn't figure that 2's a crowd? Like nowhere else to go in the universe where the real estate is all theirs?

  35. Umm.. I talk to the squirrels and deer all the time and trust me they have a lot of "interesting" things to say, but sadly they can't. No I'm not weird, I just live in the mountains lol..

  36. In a recent video with Lex Fridman he said "we will make contact with aliens in the next 100 years" make up your mind Michio

  37. This can't be entirely true I personally think and in theory that what if the aliens see into there own future and see that they are going to have a huge war with some other aliens. Then they decide "hey why waste our men? when we can stop by Earth and use the humans instead? so they will train the humans for many years in the arts of war by suppling with new technology and teaching them more things in preparation for fighting there wars for them. What if this is there intensions altogether?

  38. I am an alien and we consider you all primitives. Reason we avoid you because you are so far behind us that you are no use to us

  39. But a squrriel isn't trying to do sign language or popping out a cell phone to try and find a way to communicate with me. It's checking to see if I have food. Huge difference

  40. Being advanced and intelligent does not always equal peace. Germany during WW2 for instance, they were somewhat ahead of the rest of the world when it came to technology at the time. Yet they used that technology to destroy others. In a sense waging wars almost as a sport.

  41. I disagree with his analogy comparing the relationship between humans and animals to that between (potentially) humans and aliens. We are a self-aware and technological species. Even if we were less advanced than the aliens we would be much more likely to take part in successful commutation between ourselves and aliens than dogs would be with us. He also said that we don’t share our technology with animals, but WE DO. My dog sleeps on a bed, humans produce food for her so that she no longer has to hunt, and she is also the recipient of many medications developed by humans for her. I think that aliens would likely treat us in the same manner.

  42. They have been coming here for thousands of years and personally we already pose a threat to them so Im thinking we should give a chance…Thats your argument that they want to build an intergalactic byway and thats the reason why its not a good thing for contact….well Dr. Im just a dude and Im sick and tired of being afraid of the future!So for the sake of the future generations I say we take a chance,we are not wrong.Religion has always been a part of my life and Faith is part of that a big part…………..

  43. Scary, but true. Stephen Hawking has a similar point of view. The day is approaching when we very likely will make contact with aliens that are likely cyborgs that have developed beyond a biological life form. We will probably seem extremely primitive and uninteresting to them. They may consider us nonentities.

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