Why The Tory Immigration Plan Doesn’t Add Up

Why The Tory Immigration Plan Doesn’t Add Up

There is a sort of calibration on this because I think there are get-out clauses in two directions. One is the already indicated: if you’re in a sort of priority sector then actually here’s another load of bonus points, and what do points mean? Prizes. that you get to come in if your particular group of businesses has lobbied the government sufficiently or the government just decides they’re going to do it. So there’s a big get-out clause there on one side. The other one is is what the government spokesman told The Sun earlier today which is of course if it doesn’t work, we’ll just reintroduce the cap. So they’ve kind of left themselves, after actually making quite a big change in equalising the system between EU and non-EU migrants, they’ve left themselves with an awful lot of lee-way to tweak the thing somewhere down the line and to change it. This is entirely deliberate, right? They want lee-way. This is the sort of peculiarity of it. It’s always been the peculiar thing with immigration. You have governments successively that say: ‘Absolutely no way can we plan the economy. This is ridiculous, this is a ludicrous idea. The free-market should determine everything except on this one very very particular thing which is called the labour market about which we’re going to pretend we can plan completely and utterly and the worst part of it is that we’re going to pretend to plan because it involves a degree of cruelty and unpleasantness and arbitrary decision-making.’ But also isn’t it interesting the way in which the discourse around immigration completely undermines the story that we’re being told about immigration. So the idea that Britain is a land of opportunity, that you can come here with nothing in your pocket, you pull yourself up by your bootstraps and you too can have a child who is deporting people who look like you – and that’s the British dream And then the minute you start introducing things like income thresholds what you’re implicitly saying is that social class and income levels are essentially static. So if you come here at a certain income level that’s where you will stay, undercutting the labour market. That’s a really good point. Social mobility is really shit in Britain so if you want to come here and be wealthy you better be wealthy already

13 thoughts on “Why The Tory Immigration Plan Doesn’t Add Up

  1. It's not strict enough, immigration will still be far too high.
    I would be very interested in a figure that would make open border supporters think we now have enough people.

    100 million, 200 million or is there no limit.

  2. The arrogance of this government is immense! They really think that people from other countries, with skills and good salaries, will leave their country that needs them and they'll come here to serve the English racists and be treated like shit. I don't think so.

  3. Has anyone else noticed that this Michael Walker guy strikes a remarkable resemblance to the cartoon character " Student Grant" from VIZ magazine back in the day. Talk's as much crap as he does as well!!

  4. I can see arguments for this for and against i dont think its a black and white issue and i dont think many people come to England just to get rich. I know the Weathers pretty shit here but we do have lots of great things we as English people take for granted that people many people around the world would like to come and enjoy for themselves to. New Zealand and Canada have an immigration points based system which is interesting because there two countries held up around the world which are known to thrive and be beautiful and be safe countries to live in. I think one problem which is totally unrelated to this video so sorry but would be cool if people could enlighten me is why dont England have any laws protecting land and development to only English people or residents? I look into doing this in New Zealand and you can only buy a house or land if your a New Zealand resident or have a visa to stay. Im pretty sure other countries around the world do this as well. I live in Margate the houses round here have gone up 77% according to the local Kentonline website. I think everyone is being taken for a ride here.

  5. Truth is lads this is a right wing government and they will only please the people in disadvantaged areas and background. These people are easily brought and don’t wanna know.

  6. Another reason why African nations shouldn't trade with UK. They want to take your best and bright talent to make their country great leave African nation with no talent to build up their nation. The UK and the US wouldn't be where they are now if wasn't immigrants from African and Caribbean countries. They are the two biggest uppity countries on the planet.

  7. Utter drivel. The system is designed to ensure that what we NEED comes into the UK, not just who wants to come. Its designed to be flexible as Labour market demands change and therefore needs change. Its no wonder you lot keep losing elections, you really don't understand politics at all.

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