Why Weather Dependent Electricity Fails Civilization | Dr. Steven J. Allen

Why Weather Dependent Electricity Fails Civilization | Dr. Steven J. Allen

For years, environmentalists have been pushing
for solar and wind to replace oil, gas, and coal. But there’s one question that hasn’t come
up nearly enough: what happens when the sun sets and the wind stops? That might sound like an obvious problem,
but it’s not one that’s near being solved. A nuclear or carbon fuel power plant can be
relied upon to operate 24/7. But wind power requires steady wind speeds. Solar power requires cloudless skies and the
sun to be high in the sky. Even in one of the best areas in the US, Tucson
Arizona, solar panels generate electricity at 60% capacity only about 4 to 5 hours a
day, depending on the season. So if you’re dead set on using solar and
wind, what can you do when it’s not generating? Unfortunately, there’s no good answer. The problem of electricity storage has vexed
electrical utilities for over one hundred years. The only proven system is pumped-hydro storage,
which stores energy in the gravitational power of water, but the necessary reservoirs can
only be built in certain areas and the system is bitterly opposed by many environmental
organizations. There are batteries, but the amount that can
be stored is tiny compared to the cost. In 2016, wind and solar energy consumption
accounted for only 2.7% of total US energy. Unless these problems are solved, it’s hard
to see how they can ever become a dominant force in our energy generation. Constant electricity is critical for modern
civilization. Manufacturing, medical facilities, traffic
lights, water purification, sanitary sewer disposal, communications, telephones, internet
and almost all lighting, heating, cooling, and ventilation. Without electricity, civilization stops. This has become a real problem for areas that
have decided to rely on electricity dependent on the weather. For example, the government of South Australia
decided to promote wind power and neglect reliable coal. One day in September 2016, due to a line of
thunderstorms, wind farms needed to shut down. Some urban areas were without power for a
few hours, some rural areas were without power for weeks. Since that first blackout, there have been
two more partial blackouts. One of the hardest hit facilities was an aluminum
smelter. When it lost power, the molten aluminum solidified,
resulting is a stoppage of production lasting many months. Unfortunately, too many politicians and environmentalists
do not understand the limitations of solar and wind. It’s not a solution to environmental problems
to command humanity to live without reliable energy. To learn more, read the full article on our
website. I’m Dr. Steven J. Allen, thanks for watching.

29 thoughts on “Why Weather Dependent Electricity Fails Civilization | Dr. Steven J. Allen

  1. Nikola Tesla invented away for every person on this beautiful planet to pull electricity out of the planet and/or atmosphere for free and forever and JP Morgan didn't see the profit in that so they suppressed it and labeled him a quack. So in my opinion global warming and climate change are all bullshit lies, being used to try to get everyone to agree with depopulation. Once they get everyone to give up their weapons what will stop them?

  2. Why are against cycling water to generate power? It's clean, and yet Leftists are against it… Or because it's the middle ground, and they hate things that would help both sides, they only want things that only benefit them… The selfish jerks.

  3. Video is very accurate in explaining the problems with weather dependent electricity, and how our current grid storage systems aren't adequate enough. It also correct in saying that too many politicians and environmentalist do not understand these problems and limitations.

    Although the video does omits talking about R&D into better grid storage systems and how better grid storage could fix or reduce these problems significantly. But this is to be expected, the goal of the video wasn't to convince environmentalist that they need to focus on R&D for better grid storage in order to make weather dependent electricity viable in the future, but to point out that it isn't viable right now despite many people thinking and claiming it is.

    Also I wouldn't expect the maker of the video to talk about making weather dependent electricity viable in the future, just like how I wouldn't expect Vox to talk about R&D into better coal fired powerplants in America.

  4. Ok smartass what happens when we run out of coal and oil since there's a finite supply, and have no backup plan because people like you lobbied against doing it in the first place? Riddle me that, Batman. We can improve wind turbines and solar panels to make them more efficient and reliable, plus the sun and wind aren't going anywhere. We can burn a lump of coal once then it's gone. Which one seems like a better resource to develop and invest in?

  5. First of all, it sounds like you said the wind stops when the sun goes down.
    It does not.

    Secondly, your right that wind and solar power are slower and less efficient than coal and oil, but that doesn't mean they can't be improved to be a hundred times better.

    Lastly, please stop lobbying for coal and oil companies. Just stop. They corrupt our government and our society. Plus eventually coal and oil are going to run out in North America and coal and oil lobbyists are going to convince politicians to fuck with other countries to get their coal and oil.

    This shouldn't be our future. It sucks.

  6. Oil companies have known about fossil fuel impacted climate change for almost four decades, yet, covered it up because it would hurt business….. but now lets blame the Renewable sector for being decades behind on infrastructure for a capitalist society that already has a consumerist problem.


  7. First off, there's this magical thing called battery storage which we can use to contain energy built up through the day. Second, Europe receives far less sunlight than America, and has shown record after record of producing large amounts of solar energy. Third, this entire video is lying about how solar power works. You do not need necessarily sunny days. Just as you can use a solar-powered calculator outside on a cloudy day, you can use normal solar panels as well. Also, tell me, when was the last time you ever heard of a land that wasn't receiving enough sun or wind? Especially with all the droughts and wildfires spread by wind that America has been having. I'll wait

  8. Capital Research Center Cherry picks its data and does literally no research. Pretty fucking ironic

  9. The simple solution is nuclear energy. That's it. It's really that simple. If you don't believe me look it up. There are tons of videos on how modern nuclear power plants are the best solution to any energy problem that we would have with using "green" alternative energies.

  10. Since you clearly didn’t do any research while making this video, let me clear up a few things for you. First off, it doesn’t need to be a sunny day with cloudless skies to produce electricity, in fact, solar panels work better on rainy days than on clear ones!. Secondly, we have these things called batteries, we don’t need pumped hydro storage, and the cost frankly just isn’t too high to be beneficial, though they are quite expensive, running at around 5000-8000 dollars for some of the better models. Third, the reason it is so low in our economy is because of people like you who spout out these misconceptions.

    If you’d like to learn more about any of this this website can clear up common misconceptions people have about solar energy and the benefits of having them

  11. yeah completely ignore the fact that the english have actually been able to switch entirely to renewable energy for the first time in recorded history.

  12. Okay but really, would you mind telling me what company or corporation pays for this channel, Learn Liberty, and PragerU?

    Dont BOTHER telling me they're not all run by the same people. I mean for god sake you're all even using the same god damn animator! I love it when big corporations think they're smart by making it seem like more people agree with their opinions. Nice try though! I dare you to reply to this… Im actually curious!

  13. Yeah well at least leftist propaganda doesn’t bother telling us why we freaking need electricity… I mean seriously 😂😂 WOW WE NEED ELECTRICITY TO RUN MEDICAL FACILITIES? SHIT I THOUGHT THAT WAS JUST MAGIC! THE MORE YOU KNOW…

    10/10 confidence in their targeted audience for having basic mental capacity.

  14. You essentially answered your own question: better batteries. This video is correct in that wind and solar can't be controlled to meet demand, but this video seems to conclude that sources like fossil fuel or nuclear are therefore necessary. This is patently false. Better technology and infrastructure for electricity storage (such as batteries and flywheels) will effectively solve this issue. This video is also ignoring other renewable energy sources like wave energy and geothermal. Beyond the environmental issues, the big problem with fossil fuels are that they are finite and their costs will go up as sources deplete. The push for renewable energy is not just an environmental issue, it's also an economic issue.

  15. First off, take a look at Scandinavia's energy supply, mostly wind and solar. Look how well they are doing, beating that Right-Wing talking point down. You call yourselves a Research Center, oh wait, you have capital in your name, way to hide your true identity.

    Secondly, everything can be improved. Just because you made this video, it doesn't mean that it won't be better in the future.

    Solar can theoretically charge while there are gray skies, not as much when it's clear, obviously. So you're not wrong but lack a valid argument.

    I don't believe the wind is going anywhere anytime soon, you might. But, until I hear scientific proof of the wind disappearing forever in a year or so, I think we can rely on wind power. I really tried, but I couldn't find an article that said, "Doomsday, wind disappears forever." But nice try, big guy.

    Oil, Coal, and Gas ain't a reliable source for eternity, a moron knows that. Limited Oil, Coal, and Gas mean limited power. The sun is going to stay with us for about a billion or so years, and the wind isn't magically vanishing until this plant is destroyed. If you would kindly get your head out of the sand, and help us develop better ways to absorb power from the sun and wind, it may turn out more reliable that you believe it to be. The theory that the sun is going to stop shining, and the wind will stop blowing for more than half a week or less is the stupidest Right-Wing propaganda bullshit I have ever heard. It is estimated that fossil fuels, will be almost no more, around 2088 and that's a fact, not an assumption. It may be a long time form now, but it is better to find alternatives now than right at the crises. That is something Fossil Fuel industries need to accept, for the better of humanity and themselves.

    We also got water power, see there you will have an argument, there are limited places where you can make a dam. But that's about it.

    The whole video is unfactual, propaganda, and has little to do with research. You have no idea what you are talking about, and you have no evidence to back up your claim. You have to take account that the U.S isn't the center of the planet, it may seem hard to believe to simple-minded folks like you. There are other states, and countries that have well developed solar and wind technology to power more than 75% of the population's usage.

  16. I installed solar, without subsides and im saving money, btw i live north of the sun belt, i built my own energy storage that can last 2 weeks.

  17. A question I have never gotten an answer from environmentalists: why would you recommend a power source that requires vast destruction of the environment? Solar and wind "farms" take perfectly good habitat and utterly destroy it. Nevermind the ridiculous number of birds ABD bats slaughtered by them during migration.

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