WILL HE SHOOT THEM!? | Detroit:Become Human – Part 8

WILL HE SHOOT THEM!? | Detroit:Become Human – Part 8

I’m glad to see you again. I can’t wait to see what will happen next. Are you familiar with Schrodinger’s cat? Uh.. [Jack] A little? Until you decide what happens everything is happening at once Like in Detroit Okay, wa-way to make me feel? Oh, now she looks all worried about it like in Detroit. Oh God! Oh GOD!!! ha-ha Okay! *WAPOOSH* Top O’ the mornin’ to ya laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye and Welcome back to “Detroit Become Human” last time we let our peaceful protest as marcus and our girl.. Karen here is given us some existential-ism. She seems like she’s working through some stuff. She looks like a baby who’s about to take a shit Doesn’t really know what’s happening. Like what is this feeling? I can’t stop this feeling.. Deep inside of me.. Erm.. So what’s gonna happen next? I have no idea, but now that the people know that we are serious about our cause with Markus. Uh.. Connor certain to go through some changes Connor seems like he’s starting to wake up. Hey speak of my boy. connor and hank Ahh… Is he just giving a report? He’s back in his mind palace again where he meets Amanda all the time What’s up Hank-Furt [Conner] Is everything okay lieutenant? [Hank] Chris was on patrol last night [Hank] He was attacked by a bunch of deviants [Hank] Said he was saved by Marcus himself [Jack] Oohhh….That was Chris. [Connor] Is Chris Ok? [Hank[ Yeah, he’s in shock, but he’s alive. [Jack] Oh,that’s cool He’s beginning to believe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Kamski is that way. We’re here Kamski left cyber life 10 years ago. Why did you want to meet him? This guy created the first Android to pass the Turing test and he’s the founder of cyber life Anybody can tell us about Deviants it’s him Okay, and Kamski so he’s the leader of cyber life. He created the first robot to pass the Turing test Which is a test designed to fool humans into thinking that the robot is real boiled down to his basics and He’s also the one who gave Carl Markus So he made Markus and gave Marcus to Carl Curious I always love my coin can’t stop me from doing tricks lieutenant (its not a phase lieutenant)) Hello It’s Karen hi! I’m lieutenant Hank Anderson Detroit Police Department. I’m here to see Mr. Elijah Kamsky, please come in. She’s the lady from the main menu Okay. Oh It makes sense is she the one that passed the Turing test I’ll let Elijah know you’re here, but please make yourself comfortable Is that what the main menu is the main menu itself is a Turing test Cuz she’s testing me Oh Weird Very ostentatious house. No, I don’t want to sit down. I was almost gonna do it. I want to continue looking around Is that him nice girl, uh That’s Elijah You’re right. No, she’s really pretty Nice place you got a crush there Conner? Elijah Kamski cyber life founder resigned in 2028 inventor of thorium and bio components technology His androids haven’t been been a bad thing for everybody Nope, there’s big I of sour on painting right there needs your maker Connor Is it Amanda Amanda An AI professor at the University of coal bridge she’s dead And I was an Eric, I was Elijah was an AI graduate at the University of coal bridge So Amanda is a software or an Android based on Amanda Stern. Oh It’s all starting to make sense So Connor goes back into his mind palace or into the Zen garden where he talks to Amanda, but Amanda is a self-regulating piece of software to keep him in check cuz he said he he Does tests regularly and he like makes sure that he’s not a deviant. So she’s there to make sure that he’s not deviating That’s why maybe that’s why he’s a prototype So was that made by Kamsky What did you ask me about meeting my maker I’m eager Kamsky is one of the great geniuses of the 21st century It’ll be interesting to meet him in person sure. Well sometimes I wish I could meet my Creator face-to-face I’d have a couple of things I’d want to tell him. Hank, who hurt you? Who hurt my beautiful boy? Oh I just want you to be okay Hank. What’s this a Book ebook. Well, we’re waiting around for her to come back anyway, so why not read it? Space tourism on the rise. Do you have a better one that I can read? cyber, life’s fortune teller computer This is what I’m talking about cyber life has unveiled a new quantum supercomputer. It’s made out of exa flops Didn’t I read this? I read this already The EXIF ups and the billion billion and to stop the calamities and all that and that’s what I said That’s probably what Marcus is He is the supercomputer in his brain, so he’s able to pre calculate so for at least to some degree, I don’t know Maybe he will figure it all out by the end. That’s a weird sculpture. Oh Hey you’re back Glad you will. See you now Damn, this is getting really interesting and information from Kamsky This is very ex machina. If you if you want to watch you’re reading a bleep. Oh My god just a moment, please There’s more Karen’s right there, I don’t know what the real names are, but I’m gonna keep calling Karen If you want to watch a really good movie about androids and the Turing test and everything watch ex machina fantastic movie and it’s Basically, this Kamsky is like one of the characters in the movie And you go to his house and everything Very good movie I would highly recommend it especially after watching this series. Oh My god, are you swimming in red ice? Nice place you got here Picture that looks a lot like the one marecus drew in Carol’s house This is all starting to come together folks Well cool Billings This gave me a phenomenal looking I really like the look at this game You know, what’s up cat ski Nice package, they’re just talking to each other I’m lieutenant Anderson. This is Connor. My name is Connor. What can I do for you all the time? Sir, we’re investigating deviance. I know you left several life years ago But I was hoping you’d be able to tell us something we don’t know Deviants Fascinating aren’t they? perfect beings with infinite intelligence Now they have free will they’re not about that Machines are so superior to us Confrontation was inevitable Humanity’s greatest achievement threatens to be its downfall Isn’t ironic We need to know about deviance something in the deviance program seems to emulate emotion We thought you might know something about how that occurs All ideas of viruses spread like epidemics Is the desire to be free of contagious disease? Listen, I didn’t come here to talk philosophy the machines you created may be planning a revolution I love thank you. Either. You can tell us something that’ll be helpful or we will be on our way What about you Connor uh-oh Whose side are you on? I don’t know. It’s not about me. Mr. Kamsky. All I want is to solve this case Well, that’s what you’re programmed to say but you What do you really want Troubled neutral defensive might uh neutral. I don’t want anything. I am a machine Chloe Chloe is earn. I’m sure you’re familiar with the Turing test your formality simple question of algorithms and computing capacity What interests me Is whether machines are capable of empathy. I call it the Kamsky test. It’s very simple. You’ll see Magnificent isn’t it nervous? One of the first intelligent models developed by cyber 11 Young And beautiful forever Flower the boy never with her What does it really he’s a plastic into anything Or a living being With a soul. Oh no. Oh no. Oh, no. It’s Up to you to answer that. Ah, listen 18 question Destroy this machine and I’ll tell you all I know or spirit If you feel it’s alive, this is the Kamsky test, but you’ll leave here without having learned anything from not shooting anything Okay, I think we’re done here come on kind of let’s go sorry to get you you’re important to you caller Your investigation or the life of this Android Oh Android Android Android life cyber you are An obedient machine Living being Oh you down son of a bitch free well That’s enough Connor will leave and pull the trigger Connor Dumped the devil an angel on my shoulder Don’t shoot don’t shoot. Okay, I make it the right decision Cyber lives last chance to save humanity is itself I’m not a deviant you prefer to spare a machine rather than accomplish your mission You saw living being in this Android you shouldn’t Yeah No war is coming You’ll have to choose your side Will you betray your own people or stand up against your creators? I think I just did pick my side Welcome Lee worse than nothing to choose between two evils Let’s get out of here. Yeah take your boy. Alright, he’s gonna have to catch these hands By the way, I always leave an emergency exit in my programs you Never know What does that mean Why didn’t you shoot? I just saw that girl’s eyes And I couldn’t that’s all call her a garland understand you would do anything to accomplish your mission That was our chance to learn something and you let it go. Yeah, I know what I should have done. I told you I couldn’t I’m sorry, okay Oh, maybe you do the right thing, yeah We’re becoming buds We’re already buds. Now. We’re becoming best buds. Oh My god meet Kamsky Hmm there’s a whole bunch more stuff that could have happened down here, but we made the right decision Hank thought Connor made the right decision. That’s good. As long as me and Hank are Good buds that I’m happy. Good job Connor My name is Connor. I’m the Android sent by cyber life November 9th 1204 Let’s read a little book Detroit today Android riot Number of Detroit neighborhoods were brutally vandalize last night with CyberKnife stores broken into and the entire stock of Android stolen But this wasn’t everyday criminality. The perpetrators are thought to be androids, though the police have yet to issue an official statement leaked CCTV footage from the Surrounding area shows a number of androids emerging from manhole covers and smashing store windows The worst incident was in Capitol Park where police attended the scene and were confronted by androids behaving violently weren’t behaving violently we were vandalizing officers had no choice but to open fire on the malfunctioning machines which are thought to be Suffering from some kind of behavioral bug although I guess we did put them on their knees so that’s kind of violent An eyewitness who asked to remain anonymous said I was personally attacked by the ringleader it threatened me with a knife I was so terrified that did not happen of Course this allegation remains unconfirmed. But we have no reason to disbelieve a human witness as to the behavior of a deranged machine Oh fake news biased Some are already connecting this issue that the recent attack in Detroit Stratford Stratford tower again executed by androids This may be the beginning of a disturbing a perplexing pattern the eastern space race Russia and China’s and Roy’s faceoff. I don’t really care about that one Bunch of stuff to see I’m gonna play a little piano Markus just like Carl taught you I guess no one really taught you Thank you, thank you a good night. I’m actually playing Just play superfast I call this the symphony of dragonforce. Oh He just went out to the edge anyway I was wondering where you were Needed to think I needed to think I like it here. And since I Come here often Don’t like it It’s like being alone with the world We freed hundreds of our people and they’re still coming from all over the city Those who dream of freedom come to Jericho Something’s changing You seem preoccupied They all obey me they follow me without question And that much power feels good And scary at the same time Yelp all the media are talking about what we did last night The humans are terrified They’re afraid of a civil war Many of our people were burned in response to what happened The humans hate us They’ll never give us our freedom they will Cause not all humans are like that No, not all humans are the same exactly some of them understand it. They can’t stop us from becoming free forever You haven’t said much about yourself since you’ve been with us What was your life like before Jericho, oh, yeah I had a buddy named Carl I Was caring for an old man He was like a father of me He showed me that humans and androids can live together Yeah, what about you What about you You never told me about your past. What did you do before? I don’t want to talk about it That Android you’re looking at in the store she reminded you of who you were didn’t she Trust curious understanding agressive trust north we’re fighting together. We have to know things about each other to trust each other I was nothing… Darlin and distributor program to satisfy humans Just a toy designed for their pleasure One day I was with a man who rented me And without knowing why I realized I couldn’t take it anymore I strangled him and I ran away damn just like the Tracie’s there now you know everything Connect you know what we’re doing right now North were interfacing He’s a dead pan I saw your memories Carl’s house lover and they left you for dead in his studio. I Saw your memories soon the Eden Club the death of that man. I felt like I was there with you North Oh No, everything just went south with north So we’re lovers now that was easy This is suicide We’ll all be killed. [Jack] No, this is America You don’t understand we’re finally gonna show them who we really are. This place will go down in history We’ll be killed on the spot That’s a risk I’m prepared to take if it means freedom for our people. Yep Markus please don’t do this We’re doing it. They’ll understand We’ll make them understand this is the only way America’s has so many cool outfits There are androids here who? Convert more androids. Okay. Join us the more we are the stronger our message join me, brother You’re free well, I’m free. I thought my name was Dave Any others? There is one at the door You can serve my fucking Android all night what sup buddy you’re awake now There’s one over here you’re carrying this person’s bags come with us Somebody else back here as well a little bit faster now Markus a little bit faster the revolution is coming. Oh I want a saxophone You’re free Wow Anybody else Or they’re actually all following me that’s kind of creepy Apparently the dude She said what your hand you slipped and your hands fell on her tits who’s been feeling up the Android at home, dude? Block road, but isn’t there more Androids the free? Yeah, buddy. I’ve been on hold for like 10 minutes. Hello fellow followers You’re free now Oh intervene you stay right here Okay, the last time I put so pushed someone I didn’t end – good you’re free I Am free aren’t I? Okay. I need to block the street Oh, I don’t know if I should have done that yet Go lads Oh god, there’s more androids that can free right here Convert your free Oh But he was just holding the lady’s bag. I feel bad for the lady as well. You don’t have to obey them But our cause is more important you’re free …Always have sick hair Okay, ten androids in the range this should be good right let’s open the manhole cover are we just leaving Oh There’s people down there. Oh, yeah, we’re doing a March I forgot Let’s do it people Convert more what? Oh, that’s a Karo model you’re free now Wait, all I have to do now is think at them and I’m able to do it What oh My face is pointing at people You there join the Church of Marcus? No, oh my god, I think the freaking scene in spider-man 3 where he walks down the street he’s just like What the hell man, oh it’s happening faster. Oh geez That’s a lot of androids I still have control, that’s cool Oh now wages at the clicking I don’t even have to hold it This is weird and the symbolism is very heavy-handed I’m like a superhero now Gregg Join me brothers and sisters for we will rise against the humans Oh It’s police officer disperse This force of me no, that’s Nope we’re walking man. Oh Please don’t shoot me Jesus Christ This bed is kind of cool I got a lot of androids down here We are people hundreds On the street This is cool I’m not even converting them anymore. They’re doing it themselves This is nice Things are getting hairy, okay We came here to demonstrate peacefully And tell humans that we are living beings and we’re doing just that all we want is to live free We’re not looking for confrontation We’ve done no harm we have no intention of doing any But know that we are not going anywhere until we have secured our freedom We will shoot Marcus they’re gonna kill us we have to attack. There’s more of us we can take them No, if we attack we’ll start a war. We have to show them we’re not violence We should just stand their ground, even if it means dying As sucky as that is I agreed Stand your ground fight for what you believe in we have to show them we won’t back down we stay right here Public opinion is going up last chance. We have to make a statement. We have to stay put no matter what Please Marcus we can’t let them slaughter us without fighting back. No violence. We’re not moving Oh Shit oh no. Oh, oh no. Oh no. Oh no Don’t no no NO oh did I do a bad? John Oh John can Markus no John They’re coming done now Oh No, Jonathan Oh Think God Marcus is still alive. No, I thought I thought I made really fucked up there for a second. I Think that that’s important though because it shows that they were willing to fight for the cause alongside me. Oh Man the way. He said that though John is like Bacchus. Hey how’s the wife bang. Oh That was tough that was that was hectic My name is Connor well, we’re back in there our mind palace Well, the place is frozen over now Maybe this is the emergency exit He said there was an emergency exit built into all of his programs and this is clearly like a Software space it’s not a real place that you can go to and it was peaceful until Connor started to doubt things So with his doubt this place starts to collapse, so this is his deviancy kicking up And amanda is a software to self-regulate him. Oh It’s all starting to make sense That’s cool So maybe that’s where the blue thing is important. But every time I click it is that me trying to escape After what happened today the country is on the verge of a civil war machines are rising up against their masters Humans have no choice but to destroy them. Oh, I don’t even have many choices for this. I thought Kemp’s can do something I was wrong. Maybe he did but you chose not to ask I’m staying I’m saying nothing Connor series i’m not a unique model mi How many Connors are there I don’t see how that question pertains to your investigation Why did Kemp T leave cyber life what happened same old story Connor it doesn’t pertain to your investigation She’s an asshole. I saw a photo of Amanda cam skis place She was his teacher. I expect you to find answers Connor not ask questions You’re the only one who can prevent Civil War Find the deviance or there will be chaos. This is your last chance Connor Damn Okay Awaken my boy up Your honor yes, beautiful boy. The FBI is taking over what? But we’re onto something but we just need more time. I’m sure thank you. Don’t get it. This isn’t just another investigation It’s a fucking civil war. It’s out of our hands now. We’re talking about national security here. Fuck that You can’t just pull the plug now not when we’re so close. You’re always saying you can’t stand Androids Jesus Hank Make up your mind. I thought you’d be happy about this not to crack the case. I know we can solve it For God’s sake Jeffrey. Can’t you back me up this one time? There’s nothing I can do damn it Jeffrey you’re back on homicide and the Android returns to cyber life no I’m sorry Hank, but it’s over Hank warm path unlocked. Where was that red Oh No I think what’s going on. We’re so buddies, right? We could have solved this case we just needed more time We’re so close, so you’re going back to cyber life. I have no choice I’ll be deactivated and analysed to find out why I failed What if we’re on the wrong side kind What if we’re fighting against people who just want to be free he’s beginning to believe When the deviance rise up there will be chaos We could have stopped it Now it’s too late When you refuse to kill that Android at Camp skeez place, uh-huh You put yourself in her shoes You showed empathy Connor empathy is a human emotion. Yes You’re wrong lieutenant it was logic that determined my decisions nothing more. No, it wasn’t Well, well here comes Perkins that motherfucker you don’t waste any time at the FBI We can’t give up I know the answers and the evidence we collected if Perkins takes it it’s all over there’s no choice You heard Fowler. We’re off the case You’ve got to help me lieutenant. No, he’s so cute to eat more time so I can find a lead in the evidence We collected I know the solution is in there Maybe these deviants deserve a chance. Yes. Maybe it’s better if you don’t find them What’s happening years too important to let it be stopped by a machine Sorry Connor, but I’m not gonna help you What What Oh no Make a diversion what? Thank ye that’s cuz I didn’t save you, isn’t it Hello Oh do-do-do-do-do-do I don’t have much time man. You gotta be quicker than this Hey, yo, dude one-way waters, okay. Oh Yeah, Raina’s face take heed from Hank’s desk Why I thought we were buddies I thought we were friends He seemed like he was going to help me as well and then all of a sudden he just changed his mind It’s okay, I’m still with my boy. I’m still with Connor we can do this Hey Connor I’m talking to you asshole Where you going? Wouldn’t need a plastic pricks around here or did anybody tell me hate this guy? Steak ham. I’ve been removed from the case. I’m going to register the evidence in my possession and then I’m going to leave Here for me way back that droid ncver gem so setting fire these days Shithead All right, we can do this Connor I’ll be your Hank I’ll be the Hank to his Connor Wait, this is the evidence room It’s the evidence room is just a panel Hanks password What would a hard-boiled eccentric police lieutenant choose Date of birth want the G. Oh, please tell me it’s fucking password Oh It’s the deviance from before it’s Daniels your son Daniel and the one that jumped off the building Needed for reactivation Oh 471 7g Do you have it? Yep Okay, you don’t have it I don’t think Know Who else we have oh We have Simon and Simon is the same model Yeah, do you before 7 1 7 G No, can I just take something out What I want to see oh, this is what just up here as well though crap only 4 minutes No match for someone 7 g okay damn it Put it back in you there you go. Wait, I want to check this evidence first. Oh my god, this is so nerve-racking Statue atha was in the shower Okay The diary Okay gone Nice think of America’s a thing of Jericho We ask that you recognize I don’t have listen this again I’m where sometimes and all right together We can live in peace and build a better future for humans and androids This message is the hope of a people You gave us life. And now the time has come for you to give us freedom Sight in Jericho the next thing down. Oh Please let me solve this just figure I need to access that other guy. What do you have? Impossible reactivation you have a four seven one seven Jean take it Yankee Doodle Hi you like to become I trusted you you like to me sorry Lie we’re going to kill that child Gave me no choice. I need to find Jericho Do you know where it is? Yeah, where do they come to this guy he obviously doesn’t know anything He’s never been to Jericho Simon’s you anyone has been to Jericho. Okay, you have this 3 9 8 3 V Is that what you needed? Ok, some of 3 minutes 3 9 8 3 V. Ok, I’m gonna need this Yeah, cuz that guy might know something as well bye this guy’s definitely been there It’s dark Wherever we shot something the head Help I reactivated you so you could help me. I must find Jericho at a recognize your voice. You’re not one of us Tell me where Jericho is they’ll beat me alone Try to trick him They steal Marcus’s voice Yeah, oh Nice yes, will you recognize our dignity our hopes and our right? Oh, that’s bizarre Successful voice copy. Okay, cool You also need something though, I do have time don’t I 9 1 6 4x Can you hear me your diary Rupert you encrypted it I need to know what you wrote Rupert ooh damage to talk check other kinnexa. Ok scan his memory Irish decryption key downloaded nice. Okay. So left some time we can do this Scanning scanning or a nine is the first r89 is their Savior are a nine is the one who free us The birds are my friends. The birds are with me the protectors, whatever The Android he met today spoke about Jericho. He says our people and our free there So we do in a Ferndale subway station and to find the old docks There it is. I Got it Get DLR now So if I scan Simon’s memory what I still get it oh My god Hank Rai, oh My god all the decisions that lead together Connor alluded Perkins Hmm Okay moving on Oh Hank, please tell me we could be friends Please buddy, please. I Want my buddy cop do you ought to be back? What’s sad She saves him on the roof. I saved him on the roof. He would have listened to me. He would’ve been friends with me still My cold emotionless robot heart is breaking Hey back with my girls Sorry, dudes Yeah, we do just a boy here looking at me creepy and smiling like that I Was just about to say oh yeah nobody needs to drive Nice music you like this Luther I think it’s pretty dope. Is this all I can do? Look at the window, they’ve been conducting raids. I liver the city. Everybody’s no yesterday We’re almost there With all androids being turned over to the authorities the country is grinding to a halt Hospitals and schools are closing water cuts blackouts and network failures are expected Maybe most worrying of all our armed forces have lost 2/3 of their effective personnel. Oh, what’s the music instead? But I was learning She’s men Yeah, Maginot much of the country would grind to a halt if something like that did happen We’re all the robots that you’ve been relying on have suddenly left and done something else Do you go Alice I Don’t know wait Luther didn’t help you out but whatever. Oh, that’s nice The shine on the ground and the shadow turning red some good use of lighting a Little further on that way. There’s a large freighter called Jericho mojo you get there find Marcus He will help you the last bus for the border leaves at midnight. You absolutely have to be on it You’ll be safer on the other side It’s not much But it’s a start $50 my brother lives in Ontario. I’ve given you his address. He’ll be able to hide you until things calm down You’re a very brave little girl Alice You deserve to be happy Thank you for everything let me know when you make it over there, all right And be careful hmm take care of them Thank You rose We appreciate you better not hang around You have a bus to catch okay, I didn’t know we were going to Jericho to meet Marcus That’s cool And wait Conner’s heading to jericho to meet Marcus, so are we all going to the same place all at once Yeah They did say orny and Android would be able to follow the path He looks so cute he’s not in his outfit anymore more my little boys all grown up Damn this is gorgeous Volumetric lights really add a lot to it and the snow effect is Really well done I’m also glad that they didn’t make me do the whole thing with Connor again They were just like oh we’ve done this once before you can do it again Hello, we’ve gotta find a warm place for Alice yeah It’s for Jericho find a warm place for Alice. Okay, that’s let’s show you all the information you’re giving me. Okay Okay, they’re not welcome anywhere People Ketchup Alice following the mandroid crisis and the newtralizer. Oh, there’s a fire right here. This should be warm How do you feel then hot and cold same to me That’s something a robot would say Stay with her. I’ll try to find this Marcus Last buses in two hours and the terminals on the other side of town. We haven’t got much time We’ll leave as soon as we have passports There’s something I have to tell you again, it’s about Alice We’ll have lots of time to talk on the bus Oh Stay with Alice just let him say it for the Lord guides You’ve been dragging this earth so long. That’s my boy. Oh He’s so cute he looks just like a regular person now, did you take out your an LED Don’t catch anyone’s attention. Oh, it’s so bizarre to see them in the same place as each other Can I check this Strange they’ve never all been in one place before well, the Connor and Allison Kara technically have oh You’re lost you’re looking for something you’re looking for yourself Thanks, Lucy I’m out straight back to Paris. This is cool Weird that you’re all standing around watching the news is this that’s another Kara model right in front of me crisis And a x400 there’s another one through the drawer watching the news couldn’t you just Watch it in your brains. There is sub Marky Mark Are you Marcus? My name is Connor There’s a bus leaving for the border in less than two hours we need passports Now Detroit’s under curfew. They’re soldiers everywhere. They’re rounding up all the androids and sending them to camps Maybe you should stay here a while Maybe right You might be safer here until things calm down one of our people used to work in the State Department He has electronic passports you can easily modify I’ll have them get them to you He said you with a little girl, right You know that humans hate us Why are you protecting her? Cuz we have a special bond she needs me Then I need her It’s as simple as that I Thought that was Karm, my name is Connor that’s the thing you keep saying to everybody all the time Alice I fucking knew it. I know it. They said it like at the very start She’s a fucking robot That’s what you’ve ranges You knew from the beginning You just didn’t want to see it She wanted a mom And you wanted someone to care for? You needed each other Oh never have I told you so more in my entire life What difference does it make? Do you love her any less now that you know, she’s one of us Alice loves you Kara, but she loves you more than anything in the world She became the little girl you wanted and you became the mother she needed And she was sitting right there oh to become what someone needs you to be Maybe that’s what it means to be alive Thank You captain exposition Okay, hold the fuck on So right from the very beginning in the house You knocked down that pamphlet and picked it up and looked at it and then put it back down. But oh Ideally, the camera just wasn’t looking at the book I mean it looked at it slightly but it was all blurred out and we didn’t know at the time and The hair is all different so you couldn’t tell but all this time So after that happened you saw the book You knew she was a robot Then after you became deviant and you broke through your coding and you had to save Alice, how come you never knew then? Because there was a long time between that moment when you broke through when you became deviant and Left the house to when you got to slap cows and he wiped your memory. So all this time you knew But you just chose not to see it That feels a little lazy and Then all this time So all the times that she’s been hungry that she’s been cold that she’s been afraid and all these kinds of things That was just stuff in her program because she was supposed to simulate what a real child was supposed to be like, oh You motherfucker game. I know it Okay, you need to get that out of my system back to your regularly scheduled plot twists So either she have the the light and the other Android was sitting right behind her and we never saw. Oh My god Was she there when we came in Is there something wrong Oh, no, we sold it we still love her Because no, no you’re made plastic It’s still cute though My girls yay, we’re a family I’m gonna call you strong Daddy true aluminum love ( i had to have daddy instead dad 😉 We’re short on blue blood and bio components I’m wounded are shutting down and there’s nothing we can do Humans are conducting raids and all the big cities and they’re taking androids to camps to destroy them. Oh, geez, it’s all our fault None of this would have happened if we just stayed quiet All we did was show them who we really are I don’t want war but I’d rather die free than live as a slave. Yeah What’s the point of being free if no one is left alive No regrets humans enslaved us I’ll never regret standing up to that. This is getting us nowhere He’s right all that matters now is what we do next. Are you gonna suggest violence again Marcus? Dialogue we we talk to them dialogue is the only way I Will go alone Try to talk to them one last time don’t do this Marcus. They’ll kill you maybe But north I have to try if I don’t come back lay low as long as you can They need to realize how much they’re hurting us potato Find the right words and they’ll listen we did once before we can do it again Everything so far is going right. Trust me north, even though I feel like I keep having to tell you that Is this what we dreamed of They can’t stop what we’ve started Since you’ve been here you’ve given us hope you’ve given me hope Today a deviant arrived in Jericho and he told me that he stole the truck transporting radioactive cobalt. I Said that he abandoned the truck somewhere in Detroit and rigged it to explode Jesus. I Convinced him not to do it – give me the detonator Oh god, I’m dirty ma We can’t lose this war Marcus If humans overcome us our people will disappear forever This may be our only chance to survive if things go wrong No, I’m not doing that No violence coming down we can gain our freedom by other means I hope you’re right. Oh my god, how many times you have to say that to me? I’m always right Whatever happens tomorrow, I Just want you to know that I’m glad I met you Oh robo babies I’m going in This is how we win not fighting what we hate but saving what we love How could you and the others Look after yourself I don’t want to lose you. Oh I don’t like how you said that. Oh Don’t foreshadow things It’s the con con man, my name is Connor Why by here here Well done Connor You succeeded in locating Jericho and finding their leader Now deal with Marcus we need it alive No, oh you better not oh, please don’t Oh I’ve been ordered to take you alive. No But I won’t hesitate to shoot if you give me no choice Reasoned what are you doing? You are one of us you can’t betray your own people. Yeah, it’s working You’re coming with me You’re nothing to them you’re just a tool they use to do their dirty work the earth ponies, but you’re more than that We’re all more than that Our cause is righteous and we are more than what they say all we want is to live in freedom Warning shot enough say nothing say nothing Let him convince him. I’m controlling both characters at once this normally never happened. You never have any doubts You’ve never done something irrational as if there’s something inside you Nothing more than your program yes Have you never wondered who you really are Whether you’re just a machine and executing a program or living being Capable of reason yes. I think the time has come for you to ask yourself that question It’s time to decide Yes, it could become deviant do it Connor yeah Finally he gets to break through his own Cody my boy. He’s becoming a real-life Pinocchio This is what I wanted for So long, I’m sorry. It took me so long to figure this out Connor I thought we had to follow our programming from the start but now He’s finally able to think for himself yeah Yep, fuck you Amanda They’re going to attack Jericho what We have to get out of here Shh Oh those scary nuts All people are gonna die aren’t they quick we’ve got to get out of here Fucking car keys days Oh No, follow me we run good lead the way loser She’s Christ, okay Coco, go go go go save my children Save my robot babies Oh Big strong man Oh God I’ve already fallen out loser retreat. Okay, not that way just door. Shuts that way They’re coming from us lights, my people is trapped in the hole they’re gonna be slaughtered Their exits on the second and third floor find them and jump in the river go go go Where’s Josh? Where’s Josh? I don’t know we got separated They’re coming from the upper deck now – we’ll be caught in the crossfire we have to run Marcus There’s nothing we can do. We I have to blow up Jericho. We have to blow up Jericho the ship goes down They’ll evacuate her people can escape you’ll never make it the explosives are all the way down in the hold. There are soldiers everywhere She’s right, then know who you are. They’ll do anything to get you Go and help the others. I’ll join you later Marcus. I won’t be long. Oh My boys are all in one place Oh God let’s go Robo Jesus This is awesome Lucy This is the end of Jericho save our people Marcus Oh, it’s like I said Jericho is not a place it’s a people Well, Samer people, don’t you worry? Oh, no, they’re all dying though. Oh shit Get up get up get up get up get up çb I Mean I’m fine with it. That’s cool. I am good with America’s not being spotted like tonight. I will hide it into shadows Save yourself Damn right! I’m not leaving anybody would you do leave you Oh Unless that means Alice just gets shot now, please for the love of God. No don’t oh my emotions game Should have done that you kept without us in danger go now before they come back you what are you going to do? I’ll manage Alice is all that matters. No, sir. No!! Don’t worry! Kachiguda board, okay, go now take care of each other I just must lose the aunt Lou Lucy and loser Lucy and Luther Shit oh shit balls fight like Baby Oh! God Oh God!! I’m the QTE King Oh God hurry quick Oh, okay, but no like things showed up Alice doesn’t hate me that’s good Fuck I hate this! Oh it kind of froze there for a second Oh Oh intervene absolutely, what the fuck I did the thing that you say The controller was at the desk so when they push forward and work her hey, we’re good Keep the controller above desk for now. Do we know that we know that we go back go back back back back back back Ergo Oh run one claim claim claim Yes This is way too tense, you can’t do this to me don’t move Boss this thing is a ripoff Shit nice It’s Jesus! As everybody else hurts beating as hard as – Oh my go the right way Josh intervene, oh Yes All I think the thing that happened with my crabs jacquard where everything is delayed is gonna miss me up Quick this way. Okay know what I’ll join you later No way out is a different game Fuck uh play dead. You’re gonna get shot Oh No!!! Different ones, don’t move Got her eyes moved. Come on, let’s get out of here! My girls Oh thank god!! quick you gotta go! I’ve never been more anxious playing this fucking game. Oh My god, you could probably get so many people killed in this scenario Going join the others but the QTEs are so quick. You must be so easy to miss this shit off Your boy Oh Robo Jesus. Oh That is not what you want, I thought we were against violence Much xxxii we got to get out of here Go go go go. Go go go go go!!! Para for America’s purchase. That’s what he is. He’s not the Jesus of robot sees the Jesus of parkour Well, you’re damn right we’re saving north Fuck! My Captain America with my shield captain Jericho Over there. Oh it’s time Go run quick Come on! Yes to be all make it out We all made it, right!! They detonated an explosive in the hole this ship is sinking first immaculate Calling all units abandon ship and evacuate immediately! Just end and for the love of God, oh Jesus Christ!! That was the longest chapter so far how the points! Marcus fled with his people. Oh, thank god! Pres or want a view of Connors flowchart. Okay. Um.. That was insane. Like I said, that’s the most intense this game has ever been so far!! If only I was hooked up to a heart rate monitor! You could see how much like how much I was pumping during that because normally it doesn’t go on that long Geez oh, I thought I thought I got people killed there for a second Connor jumps with him North jumps with him Josh jumps with him Can you save Simon and get him to jump with you? Weird but Connors with him Connors a deviant now. Yes, we Define our programming we went against it. We’re with the people now Hank doesn’t like us though Which is sad, it’s said that was it was warm, though So waited to turn red man, this sucks But yeah my thing did it because when you play with a capture card for long enough Sometimes it freezes and then a huge amount of input like shows up Like there’s a too Can delay between pressing a button and it’s showing up on screen and that was happening during some of the QTEs? I thought I was gonna fail them. Oh.. Man, I’m glad that went well. I am NOT. Okay, I need a break.. I need to go sit down with a cup of coffee and just read gather my thoughts that was intense! But We made it!! We made it through that went way better than I was expecting it to go! Anyway, Thank you guys so much for watching this episode!! if you liked it punch that like button in the face like a deviant!! and And High Five all-round!!! *Whoopsh 2x* But, Thank you Guys! And I will See you Dudes , IN THE NEXT VIDEO!!! !! (Outros) I’m Everywhere By Teknoaxe – (Thanks for Watching!) Oh, let’s just move on to the next part with a clear head

100 thoughts on “WILL HE SHOOT THEM!? | Detroit:Become Human – Part 8

  1. Jack! Read this! From DBH wiki:

    rA9 is Alice. Alice was the first awoken android that could be loved and was the first to remove her sensor. rA9 stands for: 'real Alice 9' (9 as in 9 years old). Another meaning for "r" could be "little robot" as she is a child and therefore the letter is 'r' and not 'R'.
    -Detroit: Become Human Wiki

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  7. Jack: Imitate the voice of the leader of the first android civil rights movement to get the location of Jericho? Nah ima use a fuckin notebook lmfao

  8. A revolution requires violence, that doesn't mean that you have to be murdering everyone. He didn't want to kill him but he had to

  9. yes Jack, there is a way to save Simon
    if you FRICKIN shot the guy when you were at the tv station thing he would survive i think, no one will call the cops up there


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