40 thoughts on “Will the December 15 tariffs actually come into effect?

  1. MOST ECONOMISTS are IDIOT'S if they were so smart they would all be rich. Most ECONOMISTS get it wrong so why should we listen to these fools.

  2. No Deals with China, find a new trade partner that doesn’t have a 25 year plan to take over America and our roll in the world.

  3. Oh right so Fox allows us to comment on videos about Trump's trade war but not about the failure to protect US servicemen from Saudi terrorists on their own soil. Pathetic.

  4. China, Japan and other countries have been taking advantage of our tariffssince slick Willy so this country down the tubes. Obama just escalated the hosing we have been taking from our Democratic and some of our Republican. It's about time we had a leader with some brains and balls like Trump to reverse this.

  5. Fox fake numbers. Fake economy if it wasn't for the FED dumping all this money into the economy to support it we would be into a world recession I mean depression Fox News what a bunch of presstitute get payed to put out fake news

  6. Do you think African-American Ain’t watching this? I say no deal with China is the best deal keep the Tariffs going get back all the money they stole from us and find another trading partner

  7. I wouldn't call the Obama years a recovery much more like a slow collapse. With a slow loss of Manufacturing and a stagnant GPA that wasn't keeping up with inflation rate. There was no major recession due to the fact that there was no where to fall from. Just a slow stagnant tick up and down barely on life support.

  8. Trump runs nothing like all the world's politicians left/right/center. WATCH the most forbidden documentary in history: "Europa The Last Battle" at archive-dot-org. The victors write the history.

  9. You can thank the Clinton's and the Dems for China being built on US corporations and manufacturing. When they entered into the GATT/WTO treaties I knew we would be building our enemy, the Clinton's knew it too!

  10. The Job Growth numbers have more to do with the Fed than anything else. Trump and the bootlickers in his administration keep criticizing the Fed Chairman for keeping the interest rate low but low-interest rates are what corporations thrive on so they can take out loans, reinvest in their corporations, and create more JOBS! This is Econ 101. If idiots in the Trump administration had their way the interest rate would be double what it is now.

  11. The Chinese economy is hurting, and its showing. Low manufacturing numbers, bank bailouts, companies and supply chains leaving, and civil unrest in Hong Kong and Guandong. I say…. ramp up the tariffs until the CCP signs a full and complete trade deal….on US Terms and Conditions. China needs the US far more than the US needs China.

  12. So Xi brother is Moon365 the South Korean and that's how KEPCO was sitting in UNGA General Secretary and IAEA, and Japan manufactures robot's and Iran IRGC uses Germany-Seimens centrifues from CERN666 hydron collisions production.
    So cumulatively working brothers in arms and FISA functioning.

  13. What stops 15December2019 phase1 trade to China to bow to USA after NATO meeting and filed up lawsuit's on average of 3 per week.

  14. The world survived before they had cheap products from China. Trade with China will continue with tariff. USA will survive. China will survive. The Chinese people are not stupid like some other countries despite a flawed government. (It is flawed, not 100% corrupt right now but very possible next self-appointed “president” will be corrupt as hell. Socialism is communism and power corrupts absolutely).

  15. I hope so. Or Trump has no credibility. Decouple from China whom asserts ITSELF as an admitted enemy. China is NOT an ancient civilization. China did NOT rise on their own. That's FRAUD.

    Murderous communists ERASED all old China. It no longer exists, EXCEPT, in Taiwan. China is a young country with erased great past and abusive present.

    China rose with American technology, American markets and American sea route protection of Freedom of the Seas. it did NONE of that on its own.

    China is an imposter- parasite of America which CHOSE, fully, to be our enemy. its reality. Deal with THAT. wishful thinking is irrelevant.

  16. A deal will not be in the american people`s interest. Its in China`s interest and the american business leaders that will collect bonus. There is no point in cheap products if the jobs left for China! You got nothing to pay for it in the future.
    Dont let them take the rest of the industry.
    Get the EU and Japan on board and end China trade.

  17. Put double tariff on China, China needs U.S. , we do not need China, we do not want to buy or eat anything from China, Chinese goods are toxic. standard of living and quality of life are going down because of Chinese junck are all over the place and big profit are going to the rich merchants.

  18. It's time for America and the rest of the Western world to reduce, if not stop, trading with a repressive and totalitarian communist regime of China which has not been playing fair on trade (even after becoming a member of the WTO), has a terrible record on human rights and environment protection, incarcerates minorities like the Muslim Uighurs and Tibetans for brainwashing into communist beliefs, forcibly harvests human organs from prisoners, steals intellectual properties, forces technology transfers, cyber-hacks servers of government agencies and businesses of other countries, spies on governments, belligerently bullies its smaller neighbors in South East Asia, and illegally claims sovereignty over 90% of the South China Sea building artificial islands in the Spratly archipelago and militarizing the same with impunity, and now threatening to do a “Tiananmen Square 2.0” in Hong Kong and threatening Taiwan with military invasion. Western countries can always source their consumer products from friendly ASEAN countries, Bangladesh, India,Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan. Countries who believe in independence, freedom, democracy, and protection of human rights and religious liberties should band together and CENSURE China at the United Nations for the above abuses and lawlessness.

  19. And 50,000 of those jobs were GM auto workers returning to work! What kind of idiots are Americans not to see this fraud?

  20. People please, remember what President Trump said himself. The US consumer will feel the pinch- initially!- but in the long run we'll benefit. He knows business and I do not know why the cannot remember this. We have to do this.

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