“Will You DIE a DREAMER?” – Bishop T.D. Jakes (@BishopJakes) – Top 10 Rules

“Will You DIE a DREAMER?” – Bishop T.D. Jakes (@BishopJakes) – Top 10 Rules

– It takes courage to win! People don’t talk about
people that don’t win! If you win, they’re
going to talk about you. You’ve wasted too much of your life trying to change other
people’s mind about you. Don’t tell me that you want something if you’re not willing to throw what you got at it. – Hello Believe Nation! My name is Evan Carmichael. My one word is believe, and I believe that
entrepreneurs will solve all of the world’s major problems. So to help you on your journey today we’re going to learn from
pastor and thought leader Bishop T.D. Jakes, and my take on his top
10 rules for success, volume two. Rule number 10 is my personal favorite, and I’d love to know which one you guys like the best. And as always, as you’re watching, if you hear something that
really resonates with you, please leave it in the comments below. Put quotes around it so
other people can be inspired. You might win a prize as well. And also when you write it down, it’s much more likely to
stick for yourself as well. Enjoy. (airplane soars) (instrumental music) – Do you have the courage to act outwardly on what you see inwardly? (audience cheers) Or will you die a dreamer? Will you die on the verge and on the edge in the land of could have,
would have, and should have? The strong hand rules the roost. Do you have the courage? I’m going to drop something on you. It takes courage to be successful. It is far easier not to be successful. Misery will always have company. (audience cheer) Success breeds contempt. If you don’t want to
make waves, be mediocre. Be normal and fit in. And if you’re more concerned about people then you are God, then neutralize everything He put in you just fit in with everybody else. Dress like ’em! Walk like ’em! Act like ’em! Eat like ’em! Go where they go! Think like they think! Do what they do! And once you’ve
neutralized your uniqueness you don’t need courage. It takes courage to be different It takes courage to go where
you’ve never gone before. For some of you it took courage
to come to this conference. It takes courage to get
you outside of the bar. It takes courage to be successful! It takes courage to win! People don’t talk about
people that don’t win. If you win they’re
going to talk about you! Do you have the courage to stand there, though the storms keep raging, and the people get to talkin, and you stand there and
say, I’ve come to far to turn around! Touch your girlfriend and
say, do you have the courage? – [Audience] Do you have the courage? (applause) – I’m going to say something to you. It takes courage to be exceptional. It takes courage to be wise. It takes courage to be rich. It takes courage to be educated. It takes courage to be knowledgeable. Because the moment you do,
but you don’t talk like, Oh, you forgot where you
came from, look at you. It takes courage! (audience cheers) And I’m just wondering In this weak, watered
down, mediocre society that we live in today. In this reality TV world we live in today. I’m wondering if there’s anybody left that’s got the courage to say after all I’ve been through, and all my ancestors have been through, and all my parents have been through, I didn’t come through all of that just to fit in with normalcy, I have the courage to go after my dream! To be anxious is to have
anxiety about something that hadn’t even happened yet. Some of you are so worried
about the threat of trouble. You’re not in trouble it’s just that trouble has threatened you. And the threat of what might happen, what could happen, (audience cheering) it’s wearing you down. Half of the things that you
though were going to happen never did happen. But if you allow those
thoughts to dwell in your mind it will succeed at
robbing you of your peace, robbing you of your joy, robbing you of your life, just because you thought yourself
into a nervous breakdown. You thought yourself into depression. You thought yourself into defeatism. The mind is a battleground. The fight is in your mind. So I want to challenge you to waste no more effort wrestling with other people. (audience yells) Oh I lost you, (audience cheers) I lost you, you were doing
real good, I lost you. (audience clap and cheer) Your destiny, your
future is not predicated on the decision of someone else. (audience cheers) You wasted too much of your life trying to change other
people’s mind about you. (audience cheers) It doesn’t matter what
they think about you. God is not going to bless
you by their opinion. God is going to bless you
by how you see yourself. (audience cheers) Touch somebody and say I
believe I’m coming out. – [Audience] I believe I’m coming out – I don’t know how long it’s goin take! I don’t know what I’m going
to have to go through! I don’t know what I’m going
to lose along the way! But I still believe that I’m coming out! I’ve been broke, I’ve
been busted and disgusted but I still believe that I’m coming out! I’m locked up in prison,
they say I’ll never get out, But I still believe that I’m coming out! I’m coming out, if I don’t
have no where to stay! I’m coming out if my
husband marry somebody else! (audience cheers) I’m coming out if I don’t have no job! I’m coming out, oh, oh! The people who’ve became
the most successful in our society, are people who broke the rules. You know there was no presidents
for 24 hour news cycle until Ted Turner did it. They’re so many people
who got out of the box. Look at Apple and the birth
of the whole notion of Apple. Or Nike, I talk about in the book, and the birthing of their corporation. How they did something
with the tennis shoe that had never been done before. If you only base your
decisions on empirical data, you can only repeat what
somebody else already did. If you follow your instincts and your own God-given creativity, we can go where we have not been before. Be strong and very courageous. Be strong and very courageous. Be strong and be of good courage. Be strong and possess the land. Because God knows that for what you’re going to do It is not by outer strength. (audience cheers) You understand, you understand. Help me preach this
thing this morning, girl. It’s inner strength. So my fourth point is you
got to have inner strength, for this fight. It’s not your outer strength, it’s not by might nor by power, but by My
Spirit, saith the Lord. So you got to have that inner, that inner, that inner, that gut
strength, that belly strength, that devil-defying, come
hell or high water strength. That roll me out in front of them and I’ll preach from a chair strength. That tenacity to take a
lickin and keep on tickin. That inner strength that
when I can’t do as I would I’m gon do as I can but
I’m not gon stop doing, to the best of my
ability I’m gone stretch! Hallelujah! Be strong! (audience cheers) Strong! Strong! Strong! Strong! I am afraid that too many times we have pent so much focus on teaching you to be good seed that we haven’t taught you, the power of good soil. And so when we come to soilless issues, the seed ignores the soil. We flick the channel, that has nothing to do with me. We close our eyes because
we have been taught to be good seed. But we have not been taught
to pay attention to soil. And yet the Bible is clear, Jesus says the sower
went for a sowing seed. And some fell by the wayside. Some fell amongst rocks,
some fell amongst thorns. The whole text is about environment. (audience cheers) Look at you and look at your environment. Have you been positioned to flourish? Positioning has a lot
to do with flourishing. To be in an environment, in
a family that supports you, my sister and I were
talking the other day. I was telling her what
an amazing person she is, that all of our lives
together and all the things that God did in my life, not once in all the
years that I’ve known her and she was there when Momma had me, have I ever known her to be jealous of me. (audience claps) Not once, not ever. She has always been my
cheerleader and my greatest fan. And she said, how can I be
jealous of you, you’re my brother I said a lot of people have
siblings that hate them, that are jealous of them,
that hope they choke! And some of my development
has to be that God planted me in an environment of people that supported me. My brother, my sister,
my mother, my father, they all supported me. You can have good seed! But if you’ve been in bad soil, people who hated you, environments that denied you, education that underserved you, communities that limited you, mentalities that poisoned you. (audience cheers) Do you hear what I’m saying? If your soil wasn’t right, it doesn’t mean that you’re not right, but if your soil wasn’t right, it’s going to affect how
you root and how you grow. And you might grow a
little bit the Bible says you can grow for a while
but then the thorns will choke you out. Or the rocks will not have enough soil for your roots to grow! Are you blaming God for something you ought to
be blaming the soil for? You cannot take a peach seed and plant it in a teaspoon of dirt and expect it to grow. Though the teaspoon of
the dirt is the same size as the peach seed, it will not grow. The seed will only grow when it is planted in something bigger than itself. And I want to know where are
you planted this morning? Are you planted in
something bigger than you? Or have you always been
planted in teacups? Surrounded by little
dirt, little resources, small-minded people,
narrow, limited places that never let you stretch
to reach your capacity. Sometimes you got to go where the corn is. – [Charles Payne] You call
comfort in your book a cage. – [Bishop T.D. Jakes] Comfort is a cage. We use to be pioneers, that’s
how this country was settled. And we stop pioneering new things. We stay where it’s comfortable. We play where it’s safe. We don’t really get out into
the wild of the possibilities. We stay in the confined cage of that is tangible and touchable,
9 to 5 and that’s it. But we need more creativity and we need to follow our instincts. Now without that you may makes some money but you won’t find fulfillment. Always go to something bigger than yourself. I’m wondering if you’ve been defeated because you have been
given yourself, wholly, to something that was
too small to hold you. (audience cheers) Have you thrust yourself
into a glass of water? Have you leaped off the diving board into a cereal bowl person? Are you not guilty of immersing yourself into things that were too
small to hold your vision? Oh my God, this so good
I’m a get the CD myself. Jesus sent him to throw
himself into something that was bigger than his condition. And he had to go to get to it. He had to get out of his comfort zone. My problem is so many times
you’ve thrown big ideas at small people. You’ve given big commitment
to cereal bowl people. And you’re trying to get your sight back from a source that’s too small to support what you’re willing to put in. Is your investment bigger than the bank? You should see the way
you’re looking at me. Is the reason you keep
being disappointed by people is that you have wholly
thrown yourself into something that was too small? Jesus sends him to something
that is bigger than himself. So he can wash his eye. Are you trying to take a bath in a bowl? David was a shepherd boy, out there trying to
take care of the sheep. And didn’t have nothing to work with, and a lion came against him and he took a rag and said this is the
kind of stuff you make to fight back with when you don’t have nothing to fight with. Have you ever gotten into a fight and you didn’t have nothing to fight with. But you took what you had and you said such as I have, I’m not
going let you take my stuff my job, my opportunity, my life, my family’s legacy. You after my family’s legacy. I’m not going to let you do it. And even though I don’t have nothing fancy to fight with like a degree,
or like a million dollars, or like a bunch of friends. But I’m a roll up what I got and
I’m going to throw it at you. (audience cheer) Kill the lion, kill the bear, with this rag. This rag, old dirty rag had thrown rocks at everything that ever come against you. If you live long enough a lot
of stuff a come against you. And you got to, you got to
throw whatcha got at it. You can’t throw what you wish you had. You can’t throw what your neighbor had. You got to throw what you got at it. That’s what separates
the men from the boys, cause you got to throw what you got at it. Don’t tell me that you want something if you’re not willing to
throw what you got at it. Since we’re talking about business, we’re talking about money. You can’t be tribal and be a global thinker at the same time. The reason money is called currency is that it needs to be able to flow. And the issue is, do you
have a vision that flows beyond people who look
like you, dress like you, and vote like you? And if you’re going to
do business you can’t do segregated business and do it well. If you’ve got a product
that you believe in or message that you believe in, or a movie that you believe
in or whatever it is, you want to reach the
broadest amount of people. And most people think tribally. All of their relationships,
their contacts, their associates are tribal and you block the ability to succeed
when you block the ability to communicate beyond your tribe. Life demands that you pick up the pace. If you don’t pick up the pace,
you’re going to be left behind. I’m amazed at the people
that lack the flexibility to pick up the pace. They just get in a rut,
I stroll down here, and I’m gon stroll back,
I’m gon stroll over here, I’m gon stroll over there. One of the most amazing
thing about the disaster at Malaysia is that when
it happened everybody had to pick up the pace. All the news media had
to pick up the pace. They were booking night
flights and flying over here and flying over there. Somebody had to work overtime,
won’t be home for three days, typing in the middle of
night, research going on, because when something happens, everybody got to pick up the pace! That’s why I can’t deal with people who cannot pick up the pace. Don’t be strolling when
I got a 911 on you. I need people who can pick up the pace. (audience cheers) Flap your neighbor and
say pick up the pace! – [Audience] Pick up the pace! – Something is about to happen! Pick up the pace! Something is about to happen! Pick up the pace! Something is about to happen! Pick up the pace! Something is about to happen! Pick up the pace! Something is about to happen! Pick up the pace! Something is about to happen! (audience claps) I came to tell the young people, pick up the pace! Pick up the pace! Pick up the pace! Something is about to happen! The danger of low expectations (audience cheers) I would rather aim for
the stars and not hit them than to not aim at all! (audience cheer and clap) I would rather go after it and not get it then not go after it all! I’d rather try and fail
then not try at all! I don’t want to live with the idea, wonder what would have happened had I done more with my life! I’m going to go for it,
come hell or high water, I’m going after my destiny. Touch your neighbor and say run! – [Audience] Run! – You got to run after your destiny! You can’t stroll after your destiny! You can’t walk after your destiny! You got to run! Somebody holler run! – [Audience] Run! – You got to run! You got to run! You got to run! You can’t just wake up in the morning, let me see what goin happen today. I don’t know what I’m a do, I don’t know what I’m a wear. I don’t know what I’m a cook. I don’t know where I’m a go. I just woke up. Aww you should stay in the bed. Give the day to somebody who’s going to run after their destiny! Give the day to somebody who has a plan who has a strategy because
success is never an accident and if you don’t want
it, get out of my way. Because there are some people who want to do something with their life. Who will run! – Thank you guys so much for watching. I made this video because
Christopher asked me to. So if there’s a famous entrepreneur that you want me to profile next, check out the link in the description and you can go and cast your vote. I also love to know which clip
resonated the most with you, what lesson are you going
to take from this video and immediately apply to your
life for two bits some how leave it down the comments below. I’m really curious to find
out what you have to say. I just want to give a quick
shot out to Cyrus Webb. Cyrus, thank you so much
for picking up a copy of my book, Your One Word,
and making that video on your YouTube channel. I really, really, really appreciate it bro and I hope you enjoyed the read. – [Cyrus] Your One Word,
by Evan Carmichael. – Thank you guys so much for watching. I believe in you. I hope you continue to believe in yourself and whatever your one word is, much love. I’ll see you soon. (airplane soars) – [Bishop T.D. Jakes] When
you talk to women about birth they immediately think
about being mothers. But I didn’t come to
talk to you as mothers. I came to talk to you as babies, who have outgrown the parameters, of the womb that you live in. I came to talk to you as living creatures who have found restrictions in the place that you once found
nurture and nourishment and found yourself in prison by narrow-thinking people, and narrow-thinking circumstances, and narrow-evolving predicaments. I came to tell you that you cannot feed in one realm and stay in that realm. That if you get enough
on the inside of you, you will find a discomfort
in staying in the dimension that you once lived in. And I came to prepare
your hearts and mind. If you’re not prepared to go
through some bloody stuff, and some dirty stuff
and some stinky stuff, you don’t want to keep
feeding on this kind of word. Because if you feed on this kind of word it will open up your mind
and open up your thinking and open up your ideas
and open up your concepts until all of a sudden
you are uncomfortable in what you were once comfortable in. (audience cheer and clap) Some of you have already
begin to experience it. You’re thinking on another level and it’s causing a separation. Some of you have already
begin to experience it because what’s use to be
funny isn’t funny anymore. What you use to enjoy
you don’t enjoy anymore. And what you’re use to be satisfied with you’re not satisfied with anymore. And all of a sudden you don’t fit in the places you use to fit in. And you don’t even understand it, and they think you’re acting funny, and they think you’re acting strange, and they say things like you
forgot where you came from, I didn’t forget it, I
just can’t stay in it. I can’t! (audience applause) Tweet that, tweet that,
I got to get out of here! I got to get out of here! I got to get out of here! I got to get out of here! I got to get out of here! I got to get out of here! I’ve got to get out of here! Tell you’re old twin you can
stay in there if you want to this might be okay for you,
but I got to get out of here. Even if I have to fight my way out, like Jacob and Esau, I’ve
got to get out there. If I’ve got to pull and
tug, I’ve got to get out! I’ve got too much vision
to stay in this rut! The hardest thing to do, the
hardest thing to deal with the hardest thing to manage, the hardest thing to put up with is transition. The thing we hate the most is transition. We hate it because it takes
us out of our element, it takes us out of our comfort zone, it takes us out of the
place where we are secure and sure and we’ve learned how to manage and control everything. You cannot control everything
when you are in transition. It is what it is, it
happens like it happens! I can’t get my hair done and do it! I can’t be pretty about it! I got to come out anyway I can! I’m in transition. I can’t meet with the board
or talk to the committee or get everybody to approve it. When my water breaks get ready, here I come! If it’s under a tree,
if it’s under a bush, if it’s against a wall,
when the water breaks, that’s my sign here I come! Touch your neighbor and say move! – [Audience] Move! – Move, I’ve grown out of this spot. Move, I coming into another dimension! Move, I see a door opening for me! Move, I see divine permission to step! Move, I see the glory of God calling me! Move! I talked, you know, I
talked, you’d be surprised. I talk a lot when I’m on stage, I’m quiet when I’m at home. I’m very quiet when I’m at home. I tend to be a very quiet person. You got to balance. You can’t just be rattling all the time. (audience laugh) Just nah, nah, nah, nah, nah,
nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah. It drives me crazy when
people talk too much. It drives me crazy when they just go on and on and on and on. Because, see I pay attention, And if you’re not going
anywhere with this, it drives me crazy. One of the strengths of
preaching is outline. Because an outline gives the
listener something to follow, that has structure. When you’re all over the
place everything you’re saying maybe true but because
your message has no focus, it becomes hard to follow. It’s hard to follow somebody
who doesn’t have focus. Where are we going with this? What is the point? What are you talking about? Get to the point, what is this about? And for a while you’ll listen because you’re trying to
see if it has structure. And when you figure out
that they’re just talking, and it has no relevance, you go deaf.

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  29. This is great Evan thank you for posting it. Bishop speaks with power & truth. He is dynamic, real, & honest & we need more of that in our community. I've learned a lot from his leadership. What I'm currently focusing on is #7. Go big: I'm "disabled", it's a limiting circumstance BUT I am not defined by it, I see something bigger and better for myself and my family. Clearly defining that vision is where I'm at.

  30. I love Bishop Jakes. I've been watching him for years, and I'm ALWAYS inspired by something he says. There's clips are no different. In fact, I've been courageous enough to start my own YouTube channel to utilize my gift to motivate others. COURAGE is alive in me today. I've uploaded my introduction video a few hours ago.

  31. The sooner I get this 9 to 5, the sooner I can go get it, and I want it all. โœˆโœˆโœˆโœˆโœˆโœˆโœˆโœˆโœˆ๐Ÿš•๐Ÿš•๐Ÿš•๐Ÿš•๐Ÿš•๐ŸŒŽ๐Ÿ™ God give me the days? I will not be a talker that sings shoulda, coulda, woulda.

  32. Bishop…. Jake's I looked up the definition of reciprocity! We are watching your message here in Sacramento CA! Feed …what feeds you! God bless ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜‡โฃ๏ธ!

  33. โ€œThrow what you got at it…โ€
    Like my wallet TDJ.
    โ€œIf you win…people talk about youโ€ yep
    But if you Love Jesus people hate you…
    Another prosperity preacher….โ€™you blessing is a fat walletโ€™….his fat wallet…..PURE ENTERTAINMENT

  34. It takes courage to do all of it keep teachings is working listen to u teaching every day for years thx u Papa Jake's love u

  35. Wow this was a POWERFUL message of confirmation for me. Glory be to god, I'm sooooooo excited to step into my wonderful destiny that I dream and fantasize about all the time. I'm so excited to see it come into fruition. God is wonderful, his mercy his kindness his love is so amazing. We don't deserve it I don't deserve it but I'm sooooo beyond grateful. I LOVE GOOOOODDDD I LOVE JESUS I LOVE THE HOLY SPIRIT I LOVE MY GUARDIAN ANGELS SOOOOO MUCH. I LOVE MY FAMILY MY 300 MEN MY FUTURE HUSBAND AND KIDS AND ALL THE DETAILS OF MY BEAUTIFUL DESTINY THAT ENTAIL ALL MY HEARTS DESIRES.

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