Woman Claims To Turn Down Guys On Social Media (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Woman Claims To Turn Down Guys On Social Media (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

JUDGE LAKE: You may be seated. JEROME: Hello, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Hello JEROME: This is the case of
Bell v. Clemons.
JUDGE LAKE: Thank you Jerome.
Good day everyone. AUDIENCE:Good day.Mr. Bell, you say,
you’ve spent approximately $7,000, caring for a child. You are positive
is not your son. And you know,
who the father is. You say, your ex-girlfriend
Ms. Clemons duped you into believing her
eight month old son
Mayjur, is yours. But you were certain
today’s DNA test will prove you are not
the father, is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Ms. Clemons, you say,
Mr. Bells accusations
are false. And you’re certain
the test will prove Mayjur, is his son. Is this correct? Yes, Your Honor. So, Mr. Bell, what
have you done for
Ms. Clemons and her son? I’ve done everything
Your Honor… I moved from California
to go be out there
with her, with the baby. Uh, diapers, car notes, strollers, boxes. Everything, I’ve
done everything. But of course… That I feel like
a father should do. Of course he should do.
He’s the father. He’s the father. Why shouldn’t
you do it. Why shouldn’t you? Why shouldn’t you.
And so far as the car note. That was. He did
that on his own. You know, I didn’t ask him
to pay my car note. He did
it on his own, you know. Cause she can’t
work, Your Honor. She was going… What
is it called, maternity leave. So, she couldn’t work. So, I’m doing everything
that I feel I should do
as a father. JUDGE LAKE: So, why do you
feel she duped you? You
said she duped you. Because, look…look
what the baby look like. The baby looks white,
Your Honor. The baby… I’m expecting a
chocolate baby and this baby
came out white, Your Honor. Come on now… DEQUANTAY: I’ve never. I’ve never… My son, look this is
my son’s life. ABRIANNA: My son’s life is not
a game. It’s not a game. Every baby comes out light. You know, every baby
comes out light. No, they don’t. Every baby comes out light. No, they don’t. ABRIANNA: They do. JUDGE LAKE:
No, wait a minute, Mr. Bell, let me be clear. You’re saying, the only reason
you believe Ms. Clemons duped you is because
the child didn’t come out the shade you
thought it should? Yeah, and there is
a white guy involved. That’s why. (CROWD EXCLAIMS) Oh… ABRIANNA: Okay, now, so far… So far as the white guy.
We had no physical… Nothing physical, nothing.
He’d text me. We actually met…
The day that he seen the… The day that he seen
the message. We actually met
the day before that. And he wanted me
to do his hair. It wasn’t ever nothing
physical, nothing. So… Wait, the white guy wanted
you to do his hair? Yes. DEQUANTAY:
The white guy want braids. ABRIANNA: He has braids
in his hair. Okay, I actually have
seen that before. So, he want to get
his hair braided. I’m from Compton… So,
it’s not too, you know… Fair, you’re saying
you’ve never heard of such. Jerome, have you
ever had braids? Only when I was
a teenager. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Jerome had them
as a teenager. So, see, we’ve
heard of it. So, listen, you’re saying,
there was this relationship with a gentleman
that was white. And you said,
you’ve witnessed him
texting Ms. Clemons. She said, it’s because
he want to get
his hair braided. Are you asserting
in this courtroom today that you believe
he’s the father of this child? Yes, Your Honor. It’s just so much.
I was like… And I’m not
a jealous dude. She’s telling me
dudes are turning her down. Like she…we get upset.
We argue. ABRIANNA: No, no, no,
not turning me down. She turns down dude
on Facebook all the time. I’m always turning
down dude. Is something
wrong with you? Been two, three guys
calling her phone. I’m not the type of dude,
let me see your phone. Okay, listen, guys who
call on my phone. But she tells it to my face
so, it’s like… So, that means you talk
to the dude. And we’re already
having trust issues
so it’s like… Man… I do hair, listen. On the side, on the side… Every time she gets hitch
she lets me know. On the side,
I do hair for a living.
I do hair for a living. People call my phone.
People text my phone.
I’m honest with Mr. Bell. I’m very honest with him. That’s a lie, Your Honor. We don’t have no lies. She does what she does. He’s been on the show
right now, but whatever… We don’t have,
we don’t have any lies. So, this shouldn’t
be a problem. Dudes are texting
my phone calling
my phone, he’s right there. Sitting right next to me. If he believe that
he’s the father. Why come to me
kissing my stomach. Why tell my family members,
tell his family members
that I’m pregnant. He’s excited. You know,
I don’t… I don’t get it.
I don’t understand. Because there is a chance
that I was the father. You know what I am saying.
We weren’t messing around. But we weren’t in no…
We weren’t in no relationship. It don’t make sense. Actually, when I conceived… JUDGE LAKE: So, wait a minute. Are we saying here today
and I want to be clear
about your testimony. That your doubt didn’t start
until the baby was born. Yeah, once I’ve
seen the baby… So, during the pregnancy. JUDGE LAKE: You were thinking
you’re having a baby. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: So, tell me
what happened the day
Mayjur was born? Okay, the day Mayjur was born. I’m excited, you know,
me and her at the hospital. And she’s there, she’s… Going into birthing… The doctors are…
She’s squeezing my hand. The doctors are like,
push, push, push. You know what I’m saying.
I see a little… Afro come out, I’m all
like, oh, man… Here he come, I’m
getting excited. I’m like
push baby push. You know what I’m saying.
She’s pushing. He come out like this… You know what I’m saying.
And I’m just like… (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) I don’t know how
he’s looking. JUDGE LAKE: What do you mean,
he comes out like this? He come out white like I seen Afro. So, I’m thinking
a little chocolate drop
gonna come out. You know what I’m saying. Okay, let’s not be funny. And…and…uh… And I guess I must have
a crazy look on my face
or something. She’s like, what’s wrong
with the baby. What’s wrong? Is he okay?
And I’m like, man
this baby white. And I just… I just sat down.
All the doctors in there look
at me all crazy, like… “All babies come out white.”
To me it seems they were
trying to convince me. So, in that moment, you’re thinking this baby
is white and you’re thinking
about this gentleman that’s white, that’s
always texting her. Yeah. You put two and
two together in the hospital room.
In the delivery room? Yes. And that’s what
you’re thinking. Yeah, like he’s just
so much like… Well, let’s be honest. Like the baby…
She want to get the baby. Three different last names
at the birth certificate. Let’s go ahead.
So far as the three
different last names. My family…it was
my family last name. My family has
two last names. They have two last names
and I was gonna
give him his last name. My family…my last name.
Listen my last name. My family’s name
and then his name
I was going to give him. That’s it.
All the boy, all the boys. All the boys in our family… All the boys in my family
has the same last name.
Two last names. Which is my last name
and then you know
the family’s last name. So, that’s why.
It wasn’t the other
man’s last name. It wasn’t the white
guys last name. It was mine… I don’t know
none of that. I don’t know
none of that. Okay, I mean going back,
going back. My son…my name is
going to be on the birth
certificate. Nobody else’s. Ms. Clemons, does
Mr. Bell have any
reason to doubt paternity? He have no reasons
to doubt. He have no reasons
to doubt. He says this because of what he
went through. Which is fine. But he have no other
reasons to doubt. He knows that I was in a
relationship with another
guy. He knows that. We were together,
we’re actually… She was talk…
She’s been like I said. There’s been dudes
calling from the beginning. For hair. You keep
repeating the same thing.
It was for hair. Before we even got
in a relationship. She would have
dudes calling her. Hitting her up on Facebook. And then like,
the only way I end up
finding out about it… It’s because she gets upset
and then tells me. “I’m turning down dudes.
For this and this and this.” But it’s just,
it’s so much. Just show you, the…the… What did you bring to show me? Can I go through the book. JUDGE LAKE: Absolutely,
you can step to the exhibit. Okay, Your Honor, this is me
as you can see. I’m dark skinned.
Not super dark. But I’m a dark skin.
You know what
I’m saying, fellow. And this is Ms. Clemons
and you see. She’s like
a cinnamon brown. You know what I’m saying?
So, I did a baby morph. You know, to see,
you know, put these
together to see what the baby would look like,
with it being us. This is what I got. Seriously. This is what I got. Okay, now… My son’s life is not a joke.
It’s not a joke. And he’s tryin’ to be funny. And this is what I got.
You know what I’m saying. As far as with the
complexion being,
you know what I’m saying. And then this is… This is my son and
this is what come out.
This is… How he come out.
A white boy with afro. ABRIANNA: He looks exactly… That’s exactly what
came out. DEQUANTAY: And…from
doing my morph, I feel… The baby should have
more color than that. And he’s still…
He’s eight months, and he still
hasn’t got that… ABRIANNA: My family… My family is light. You know color
shouldn’t have nothing
to do with anything. He has all,
Mr. Bell’s features. So, his lips, his nose,
his eyes. He looks
just like him. JUDGE LAKE: But Mr. Bell. You do have to know that… Children come in all shapes
and sizes and colors. Shades… It’s just a reality. They don’t always
reflect the complexion
of both parents. You do know that, right? Yeah, but when you’re
talking to dudes on Facebook. And you got dudes
calling your phone, like. She does hair.
Which is fine. But when she goes
to do hair. She lets me know.
You know what
I’m saying. And she ain’t never
tell me, “Oh, I’m going
to braid the white boy hair.” But yet, he’s still calling. You know what I’m
saying? It’s other
people that’re still calling. But they’re not
getting their hair done. So what are they still
calling for? Like is that some type
of code for you to go like. You know what
I mean like. What do you mean.
I have no reasons to lie. Mr. Bell knows everything. We don’t have any lies. I don’t know why
he’s in here putting
on a show. I don’t know why. Go ahead and be funny.
Go ahead and be funny.
That’s fine. But I do hair for a living.
You know that’s what I do.
That’s how I make my money. Okay, I remember… I just know, I just know… I actually remember
the day that I conceived. You know,
that he was conceived. It was my birthday. We were at a family
member’s house. Um, you know, drinking,
having fun. And he was conceived,
I know, so, him… It just… How do you know… You’re pregnant already
from that night? No, I didn’t,
I didn’t know that night. That night… It was actually.
It was actually… It was four weeks after. DEQUANTAY: And look,
Your Honor,
when she told me… ABRIANNA: And when
I told him, he was happy. So happy.
He was overjoyed. He was overjoyed.
He kissed my stomach. JUDGE LAKE: One at a time. He was kissing my stomach.
Calling his family members. Telling his family members,
“Oh, she’s pregnant.” You know,
he was happy. He don’t have any kids
he was very happy, excited. If he’s mine. Let’s be
a family. I wanna be
here. I’ve been here. But if he’s not mine.
I’ll walk back
to California, man. Can I present you
with this? Absolutely, Jerome, will you
hand me that evidence. What is that Ms. Clemons? It’s his birth certificate. Mr. Bell, actually
sign the birth certificate. You know, if you’re
not the father… If you’re not the father.
If you’re not the father. I left California to fly
to Kansas City. Believing I was the father. After he’s seen that my son was supposedly
white, you know. He still signed
the birth certificate. He actually…we actually
argued in the hospital. Because he told me
if I didn’t give my son
his last name, that he wasn’t
gonna sign it. Yeah, I was gonna sign. I
thought I could remove my name
from the birth certificate. You know what I’m saying. But still.
I’m… I’m upset. Because he’s still
denying my son. Well, listen, I mean,
yeah, in some states you do have a period
of time when you can
change your mind. If you acknowledge
paternity and you feel
like that was an error. You have a small window
of time. And we even argued
about it. You know what I’m saying?
We near got to the point
where I was like… Okay, well, I’m
not signing it. You know what I’m saying.
My baby, if this is my son, he’s gonna have
my last name. In fact, he still has
his last name. He still has his lat name. He has my last name
because I signed it. If I wouldn’t have sign it.
He wouldn’t have my name. I’m… I’m… JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Bell. How close are you
to the child? Do you hold him,
do you play with him.
Do you help raise him? Yeah. Do you change diapers? Yes, Your Honor.
I do all that. It’s like… Like I said,
I don’t treat him like… Like he’s not mine,
like… I’m 32, I had
no Mom or Dad. At all, like… I’m a system baby.
I grew up in the system. Group homes and
a few foster homes. I got released from
the system when I was 18. And been… Since, you know
what I’m saying, so… I was always looking
out for me. You know,
what I’m saying? I didn’t mind if I died in
trouble or whatever. I was
always looking out for me. And I always
told myself, I would change my life. When I have somebody
else to care about. Which would be a child. And when he came.
As she told me
she was pregnant. I’m done, running the streets. Doing fast money.
I’m done. And I left. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) I flew out there.
You know what I’m saying? I’ll send her…
When she found out
she was pregnant. She wanted to go
back home. I send her back home. And once the baby came.
I left everything and
went out there. Left everything.
I haven’t been home in
almost a year, Your Honor. Seen none of my family
members or friends. I’ve been in this
child’s life. Okay, just…actually
just a couple of days… Just a couple of days ago.
He actually told my son,
you don’t have a father. He told my son,
you don’t have a father. Listen, my…my… Hold on, hold on. My son is eight months,
seven months, I’m sorry. He was saying Dada,
his first words were Daddy. Dada, you know,
and still to this date.
That’s the only word he says. That’s how much
I’m around him. Exactly. So, he’s the real father. You’re the father, so… When my son kept
saying, Daddy, Dada,
Daddy, Dada. He would ignore him.
He would ignore him. What I say, what I say
is when he was
ignoring my child I said, okay, you know,
I just try and quiet him down.
Like don’t say it. He said, you know, he said,
“You don’t have a father.” That hurt me.
I was in tears. Your Honor, I said that.
Your Honor, I said that… JUDGE LAKE: Okay,
listen, listen, listen. I was hurt. This is my child.
This is the whole life
we’re talking about. This is the whole life.
Why…why do that
to him? It hurts. It really hurts. And you just said to your
child just stop saying it. ABRIANNA: I did. And I can see that,
that really hurt you. Is it bothering you
that he doubts you. Or is it bothering you
that you feel like
your child is suffering… Because of this. It’s definitely both. I never… I never see
myself going through this. You know, you see it on TV.
You hear it. But I never see myself
going through this. You know, this is
supposed to be, a man that I am
in love with. You know, the father
of my child. You’re supposed to be there,
you know, comfort me
and everything. I don’t get that
from Mr. Bell. I don’t. And just like
hearing him say that
to my child. It… All the feelings,
everything it just… Cut off, you know,
relationship everything.
You don’t say that to a child. That hurt me.
It really hurt. You’re trying
to play victim… He said… Playing victim? How’s it playing.
How’s it playing victim. Telling him to stop
calling me Dad, ’cause
she was mad at me. She’s trying to say
cold things to me. Oh, don’t call him Daddy.
Don’t call him Daddy. Oh, you don’t want him
to call me Daddy. Fine, he don’t got
no Dad then. (SCOFFS) What’s wrong with that.
You trying to be cold to me. I’m shock to be even cold. But why are you
all doing this
in front of the child? This is what he does.
Argue in front of the child… Everything, this is
what he does. JUDGE LAKE: So, Mr. Bell,
let me ask you this. You’ve spoken
so passionately
about this child. I could really see
how much you care
about this child. Are you saying,
that if this is not
your biological child, you’re even gonna
continue a relationship? You’re gonna be able
to walk away from Mayjur? DEQUANTAY: If he’s not mine? JUDGE LAKE: Yes. Yes, I love him. You know, I’m saying,
I just don’t think he’s mine. If he’s not mine,
I’m not gonna be
there for him. I’m not gonna raise
nobody else’s child. I want my own family.
I don’t have a family. I want my own. You know what I’m saying
and I deserve to have my own. You know what I’m
saying. I deserve
to have my own child. All right, I think
we need to figure out
how to move forward and… In order to do that
we need the results. Jerome. JEROME: There you go.
You’re welcome. JUDGE LAKE: Thank you. These results
were prepared by
DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. In the case of
Bell v. Clemons.
When it comes to
Mayjur Bell. It has been determined
by this court… Yeah, and there was
a white guy involved. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Bell. You… Are the father. Thank you.
Thank you.
It took all of this. It took all of this
just to show.
It doesn’t make sense. It took all of this.
It took all of this, right. (SCOFFS) Well… Well… I’m sorry, Ms. Clemons. Um. I have to know. It hurts. Sorry! (SOBBING) (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) So, where are you all
in this then? I’m gonna be able
to be a family now. I honestly do.
I want my son to have
both parents in this life. How about you,
Mr. Bell? I want a family. Of course, I
never have one. No Mom, Dad,
aunties, grandma. This is such an incredible
opportunity for you,
young man. And I don’t want you
to miss it. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) You have an opportunity
to break a cycle. For this baby.
Do you understand? Yes, Your Honor. Can you explain
to Ms. Clemons. What that means to you.
To break this cycle. For your little boy, together. I didn’t want Mayjur
to go through… What I went through. And as long as you’re
here, he won’t. You know, we can just
move forward from here. JUDGE LAKE: Right. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) That’s what I’m talking about. And if you want to build
that family, you can. All right, and we have… Tools, resources, counseling, right here for you
to help you make
that start, all right. ‘Cause I want you to do it. I see in both of your eyes
how much you want it. How much you love
that little boy. And howw much you love
one another, all right. I wish you all
the very best of luck. Court is adjourned. ABRIANNA: Thank you.

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