100 thoughts on “Woman shot and killed by police officer in her own home

  1. Is that normal in usa to call the police just because your neighbour's door is opened ? What kind of society is that ?

  2. I told you Texas is TERRIBLE !!! Damm shame,,,please get this dummass convicted immediately. What's the FACTS out there in the West with the law.??

  3. Cops need to stop already I got arrested for wearing my Detroit Pistons cap at dollar general and they said that I signal gangs and I had to pay 500 bucks to bail myself out and I ain't even black.

  4. She only had a gun for self defense not for cops she made been frighten and scare that she didnt know what to do when the police said put your hands up like fukn wow police so worried about shooting somebody with a gun no wonder why justice dont never prevail or cases been solve 😑😑😑

  5. Why did this become a racially driven incident? It looks like the cop went there thinking it was a burglary. Anything to sell a story i guess

  6. America honestly makes it seem like everything is so equal, just when you thought you have seen it all,a white man shoots a woman in her own home which is pretty suspicious cause how can you not recognize your home compared to someone else’s and an African American boy violates probation and gets a 60 year sentence heck even lgbtq people are showing discrimination against blacks and other races. SMH

  7. Boy gets a 60 year sentence for violating probation but a white man gets only 10 for shooting a woman in her own home and supposedly claimed that he thought it was his own home smh.

  8. You are contributing to the racism, I haven’t watched the video yet, but stop saying BLACK woman shot Just say woman, if a white or Hispanic or Asian woman was shot you would say Asian woman shot, we are all equal. You saying black woman shot makes it sound like it was on purpose, I fell bad for the woman though god bless her, though it might have been on purpose it’s not right you would not say, Asian man shot by white female officer, I am not siding with the officer, I feel so bad for that woman, that officer is disgusting

  9. The neighbor is the one who actually started this, if he didn't call 911 cause of her fence was open, she would have been here… PEOPLE CANT MIND THEIR OWN FUCKING BUSINESS!!! RIP… Your neighbor is to blame for death 😠

  10. Have the public lynched this cop yet? You can’t just take this, people. You need to fight back or they will keep killing you. You people need to give the cops an incentive to do their job correctly. They will not name him. They will transfer him and keep him safe. You people have lost your way and your courage. You’re not going to live forever, it’s time to do something.

  11. The officer knew the correct protocol he just didn't use it by choice. He went by stereotype instead, he thought it's a bad part of town so no big deal if i killed someone, He thought the person will have a criminal record, drugs in the house, illegal weapons and no education. They won't look at me twice for taking this useless life but he got it wrong same as Botham.

  12. The man who called shouldn't feel guilty, in NO way would he have ever though he was doing anything but making sure she was safe. Calling the police should be what we should feel safe doing to protect our families and communities, not put them in even greater harm! Sad too many power hungry men and even women get jobs where our lives are in their hands.

  13. Oh my god. This happened on a welfare check. I cant even wrap my head around how her neighbor must be feeling, you ring the police thinking you're being a good, caring neighbor and the result is the complete opposite of what you would naturally expect.
    This is so heartbreaking.

  14. Why is it they always try to make the victim a bad individual just bcuz they had a gun, and they always bring up the pass on some individuals that is irrelevant. The officer should had identified himself period instead of shoot first ask questions later. Also me looking at this video why didn't one of the officers or both officers follow procedures of knocking on the door instead of moving around the perimeter of the home.

  15. They’ll blast a serial killers name for weeks yet she’s just another African American Woman. Just another statistic.

  16. CNN a tragic news lol… IT'S MURDER by a sociopath abusers prone to violence this is your average cop a violator of rights full of empowerment and ego intoxicated on his gun and uniform and with the knowledge that little consequence follows his actions and aware that HIS safety is paramount not yours for the supreme court ruled that police is not responsible for not one citizen yeah a real cancer wake up …. THE TERRORIST OF AMERICA   F U

  17. Promoting RACIST agenda CNN black and white B.S… Women shot by an Officer nothing more
    Show complete footage but STOP the racist agenda FAKE media

  18. You see how cnn just makes it about race see that bullshit the cops play can civilians claim the same in court as the police and get away with murder?

  19. Not the full story, when told to put her hands up she held up a video game controller and it was dark so the officer shot thinking a gun was being aimed at him.

  20. We as police are not supposed to open fire through a house even if we see someone inside with a gun. We are supposed to take cover and then announce ourselves as police officers

  21. I’m white and have black neighbours, I’m not racist per se but I do dislike them…
    Maybe a should call the police to report their loud music and have them wiped out.

  22. Normally in these publicized shootings I find the cop tobe lawful but he didn't follos procedure he didn't announce he was a cop at any point and he's kn a state were someone can shoot you for going over there fence I'm glad he's being charged with murder hopefully he will get 2nd degree.

  23. Meanwhile passed a human rights act on someone else 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. Tragic? This is SOP at this point!

    African? Where was she born? Oh the United States!!!

    Unless your house is on fire, do NOT call 911.

  25. While white people say they are not racist, (which the word can only apply to them because of its definition of " wanting to be superior and have control over other races") but most white racist are dumb and don't know the definition of a word they, created, they nurture, they support, they teach to their youngsters. So when they called a minority that, laugh at their ignorance but, anyway racist you should know, statistic show that 598 minorities have been killed by your racist white cops so far this year, may I ask, whats your target number?, You all must be so proud

  26. You not getting no race car. You have no one to blame but yourself. Its your fault you didn't follow rules in school, played ball and smoked crack all day. Its your fault you cant write a resume and get a job like everybody else – Asian, Indian, white, Jew. Even Arabs do better than you in Ametica, opening businesses, driving cabs. But your too cool to do that. No one owes you anything except your criminals. Not even the mighty Soviet Union could help you. If you point guns at cops and other people expect revenge. America is the most democratic, equal country in the world. Dont believe it? Then leave it. No one believes you anymore. Its up to you to prove that you are an intelligent human being.

  27. Police Unions should be abolished. They are the ones stopping the change in the police force. Why do police officer need a union anyway.

  28. Now that America is addicted to air conditioning you're a suspecious criminal and it's probable cause if you leave your door open?

  29. what a coincidence !!! African again!!!! thousands of coincidences in a row!!! The guy who shot and killed 5 cops in Texas was wrong, NOT the cops who shoot Africans….Shame…Shame shame..
    But on the other hand, Shame requires dignity…. They lack dignity that is why they got no shame.

  30. What really blows my mind is how the neighbors decided to call the police just because the doors were left open even before attempting to make a call to the house, I mean what is the fucking point? Why the need to call 911 for every little thing?

  31. this is a "TRAINED PROFESSIONAL". This was a simple "safety check". and they went full on tactical hunting procedure. This is absolutely ridiculous. this police department should be under investigation. if you have a gun and you scared, you should NOT be an officer.

  32. If Real Black Folks don't run that Uncle Ruckus cop caller out of their neighborhood they are as stupid as him and the blue liner who shot Her

  33. I can recall from my military service the rules of engagement during my 4 OIF tours. Part of our ROE was the 5 S's which was Shout (to get the person(s) attention, Shove/Signal (shove if they are too close or signal if they are approaching), Show they intent to use Deadly Force (draw your weapon towards any threat approaching), Shoot a warning/disabling shot (if the threat has caught on yet) and then last Shoot to kill. These cops need some retraining because they are going straight Shoot to kill without any warning at all. These people at at their home with loved ones, this should not be happening to anyone no matter race, gender or sexual preferences. Their are many Service Member doing hard time for their actions for what happened in the combat zone, these "COPS" should be held accountable for their actions like we were.

  34. So he told her to put her hands up in her own home ? While he’s outside through the window ??!……This cop is real stupid…. how can you live with yourself after taking a life?

  35. Why is race an issue here? Does it make it more or less tragic? Why does the media keep saying "white police officer" and "African American woman"?

  36. Jeff Basel u sound so freaking ignorant. U hope all charges are dropped on the cops behalf. The lady was murdered in her own home. What part do u not understand

  37. 1. The max sentence on a second degree murder is 20 years period. Now if he gets O.J. Simpson dream team he may actual walk with less than 10 years. If he did get 20 years he would actually only do 17 years in real prison time. The reality is cops get away with crimes where we would be buried and that is the real world we live in.

  38. Every time they kill one of us is some bullshittin ass excuse Trayvon Martin smoke weed now she has a fucking gun in her house he felt threatened the police officer that shot down the highway said he was reaching for a gun had a sucky reaching for a gun when the damn Windows was up on the damn truck and his blood all over the n t. He. window come on y'all black people we have to give them back their fake-ass Jesus and their fake-ass God understand good we are the only humans on this fucking planet we are children of the Sun they know who we are we do not know who we are that is our biggest fucking problem we believe in what they tell us to believe in there's no proof behind it that's why you must believe and when you believe something you do not know something we have to give them back their belief come together and understand we have the power ain't nobody else going to do this for us but us

  39. Ugggh, if you haven't seen me or heard from me, just say a prayer and pray I'm ok, don't send no cops for a damn welfare check, cause look what can happen. He should have contacted family first, damn..

  40. And did that fake ass neighbor call the cops old police happy calling muthafucka if he was so so concern about the door being unlock he should have walked his pitiful ass over there he is at fault as well shit

  41. It was wrong what happened but what does the race of the woman and the race of cop matter. If it was a black cop who killed a Asian man in the same way would it be viewed differently. Serious answers please.

  42. so basically, if you dont like someone, you just call on a wellfare check on them and get them killed without any peronal involvement or guilt? thats lazy as fuck, even for americans.

  43. Police officers should be better trained before has a gun, beside the police was call concerning the security of Atatiana Jefferson and she was killed by the officer that went to protect her. Is a really sad situation, it never should happened 😥😥😥

  44. Gotta make sure to mention the races of both individuals involved otherwise it wouldn't get as much attention or money, isn't that right journalist?

  45. Aaron Dean the former Ft. Worth police officer who shot and killed Atatiana Jefferson in her own home, may not get convicted and here's why: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DV5X5-kj5Fk&t=60s

  46. If you're a white person, do yourself a favor and do not join the police force- things aren't looking bright for this specific demographic

  47. While it's not good to assume the innocence of the cop it's also wrong to condemn the cop without facts. Let's wait til we actually know the situation? The cop wasn't even inside he didnt know she was black before he shot. It appeared to be a home invasion. Those are the facts. The only ones we know. Wait until we know more and THEN if he was truly in the wrong crucify him.

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