Woodworkers Fighting Cancer Results

Woodworkers Fighting Cancer Results

Marc: So what can a group of internet wood workers accomplish in 30 days? A lot. The Wood Whisperer Guild and partnership with Woodworkers Fighting Cancer is proud to announce the results of our March Guild Build. We had over 150 individual donations as well as corporate matching from numerous companies. I personally pledged
$5 per completed table, as did a number of
individual contributors. The final tally was 67 shaker tables. That gives us a grand total of just over $8,000 donated to the American Cancer Society. Our guild members worked
their butts off in March to get these tables done and I thought they deserved a little recognition. I hope you enjoy. (inspirational music)

14 thoughts on “Woodworkers Fighting Cancer Results

  1. Great to see that people still care about important things.

    Thats nice music, it would work well for a project im doing? what is it?

  2. @TheWoodWhisperer Ah I knew it was some stock music alright, Sony Vegas man myself so wouldnt know about final cut.

    Thanks though man.

  3. @TCurrin27 This is actually a classic design. Just about any place that sells plans will have one for a Shaker End Table. Do enough digging and you might even find one for free.

  4. @GamingDrummer89 He had some good news from his last checkup. But its too early to say at this point.

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