Work & Happiness: The Human Cost of Welfare – Trailer

Work & Happiness: The Human Cost of Welfare – Trailer

Human beings thrive on work. Independent of money, work brings us satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness. It’s indisputable. Work and happiness are deeply linked. But for these Americans, finding sustainable work is a daily challenge. There are 47 million Americans who live in poverty, and survive only with the aid of a complex system of public assistance. But this well-meaning system can have devastating consequences. There’s so many good people that- who are just in an unfortunate circumstance who just get left behind. Welfare was like last option for me. People would look at me in disgust, I want to explain to them, I’m going through something right now; this isn’t me. You know, understand. None of us likes the idea of supporting people who can’t support themselves; and the poor- most of all- don’t like the idea of being on the dole. Once you’re poor, there’s no getting out of it! I don’t care! There’s no getting out of it! You know a lot better welfare system would be one that allowed people to try to get out without penalizing them. The real cost of welfare is the human cost of welfare. It’s not the dollar cost. Each year the financial cost mounts- as does the human cost of welfare.

10 thoughts on “Work & Happiness: The Human Cost of Welfare – Trailer

  1. Sounds interesting. I look forward to the full episode.

    1. While I agree that work brings out a sort of caged-happiness in many people, there are those who practice this by making work out of scamming the system that was intended to be a bridge from a lost job to a new one.

    2. The system was not "set one up to fail," as implied here. It has, however, been set up to entice certain people such as lower-class minorities and immigrants to stay on the system. Why go to work when what you need is handed to you? Come to Minnesota to see a shining example of this.

  2. I dont have a problem helping people who cant help themselves. I have a problem helping people who wont help themselves.

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