Work & Happiness –  Welfare and Marriage

Work & Happiness – Welfare and Marriage

I got married because- to live as God expected me to. And I try to be honest with public assistance and let them know that we live together and we’re married. And we thought that adding him onto the case would benefit us. But we lost out. The short-term incentive is you’re probably better off if you don’t get married. Terrible long-term incentive- but a perfectly understandable short-term incentive. I know it’s hard to find a job now-a-days. Yeah it is. How do you think your West International interview went? It went alright. It went alright? Yeah. I hope you get it, too. Keith used to get like almost $300 in food stamps and I was getting almost like $600 in food stamps. Well, us together now, we’re getting like $400 and something odd dollars in food stamps. It looked like it was better when I had my own case and you had your own food stamp case because we had more money coming in. More help. The way the system is set up is- you’re better off single than you are married on public assistance.

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  1. When it's easier to choose welfare over marriage, it takes someone with great morals and a pure conscience to make the right decision

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