Workers Have Lost A Third Of Their Wealth While The Rich Saw Theirs Double

Workers Have Lost A Third Of Their Wealth While The Rich Saw Theirs Double

Well, Labor Day 2019 is officially behind
us and I think it’s important after just coming off this holiday that is meant to celebrate
American workers. I think it’s important that we understand
that American workers today are earning less, they’re doing more but earning less than they
were even just 15 years ago. And at the same time, the folks at the very
top, the top 1% have seen their income in the last 15 years, double. Their assets. The assets they hold, the money they have
on hand. The homes that they own have doubled since
the year 2003 which means they came out of that recession just fine. You know, they weren’t hurting. They may have heard a little bit during the
recession, but they’re all okay now. They were okay. Within a year or two after the recession ended,
bank profits were back up to, you know, uh, historic levels. They’re even higher today. They’re getting those wonderful tax breaks. They can write off the cost of an entire new
private jet as long as they make enough money to pay for it in cash. Hell yeah, they got that done. Meanwhile, American workers since the year,
I believe 1964 uh, have actually seen their real wages increased by little under $3 an
hour when adjusted for inflation. I have said repeatedly, especially as we continue
to march towards a recession, that this economy was designed to fail and this is what I’m
talking about here, folks. We are now seeing the American worker lose
so much value at such an expedited pace, right? One third of their value gone in 15 years. While the top 1% has seen, there’s double
that gap between the haves and the have nots is growing by the month and that isn’t sustainable. That is going to cause a massive crash with
our US economy because you know what? It’s fantastic that rich people can go out
there and buy new jets and buy new yachts and buy new homes and do whatever the hell
they want with their money. We can’t even afford our prescriptions each
month. I mean, we have people in this country who
have to cross the border to go buy insulin. We have a huge percentage of the population
that can afford even a $400 emergency. So if they blow a tire, they’re kind of screwed
because they make so little, and that’s by design. Something is wrong with this country and we
need politicians. We need elected officials who understand that
something is wrong and there’s a handful of them running right now for president, and
those are the people that we need to be paying attention to. Those are the people we need to be supporting
because the people who came from the 1%, or have been a member of the 1% for far too long,
they don’t understand the suffering that people in this country are going through. They don’t understand the importance. When we talk about a story like this, saying
that, oh yeah, the, the bottom, uh, 50% of the country’s lost a third of their wealth
in 15 years. They don’t understand what that means anymore. They don’t know what it’s like to not have
enough money left over two days before you get paid again. They don’t know what it’s like to struggle
to pay for their prescriptions. They don’t know what it’s like because they
haven’t been there in so long. Most of them have never been there, but we have and we are, and people like Bernie Sanders are out there
talking about this schism, this gap between the haves and the have nots every day and
he has been since what the 80s I think. At least. At least publicly. He gets it, he understands it and yeah, he’s
made some money since then folks. That doesn’t mean he’s not still out there
fighting for the working class. He is the one who’s been going to picket lines. He is the one who has been standing with unions
on strike. He’s the one fighting to make sure that people
are getting paid for the jobs that they’re doing and they’re getting paid enough to support
themselves and their family. You can’t say that really about any of the
other candidates running right now. None of them, none of them have done what
Bernie Sanders says and that is one of the biggest reasons why Bernie is my preferred
candidate right now. The middle class is dying and most of the
people running for president on the democratic side don’t seem to care any more than the
Republicans do.

100 thoughts on “Workers Have Lost A Third Of Their Wealth While The Rich Saw Theirs Double

  1. Burning the 💰
    Thousands and thousands of dollars.
    Burning the money in the pit.
    Don't care for gold and silver..
    Agonized the richest people.
    Common man and woman United!!
    Rise of Robin Hood in America!!
    "Irish phantom is coming!!"

  2. Hip hip hooray for the rich, the poor continue to get poorer. Thanks to the CHOOSEN one and the voters who said MAKE AMERICA great again and he being a business man will salvage the economy. But what has he done to improve the quality of life for the masses, but bring about fear and division. And to return White Rule for the back wood Hate groups in the states that he has as his main base. Tax cuts was once again for the rich. so today there's no longer a middle class, even though they pretending to be doing fine, but eating oddles and noodles while paying a car note for $ 579 a month once again enriching the corporations. Nothing has changed under this ……. for better. ✌ ☝

  3. I understand that politicians talk a good game when they're running for any seat or office talk a real good game once they get in it's a whole different Ball Game you know it and I know it. I always said it's a Pile Of Tricks…

  4. Middle class is and always has been a myth…you are either a have or a have not… there are different levels in both groups… do you have access to or control resources is the question

  5. HAHAHA – FUNNY – Celebrating the American Worker – OHHHH YEAH , is that AFTER the US Unions stabbed the AMERICAN WORKER in the back !!! WHERE , or even better , what happend to the US Union HELPING THE AMERICAN WORKERS OF AMERICA , what ?? NOTHING HAPPEND = THEY FUCKED THE AMERICAN WORKERS A LOOOOONG TIME AGO when the AMERICAN JOBS WERE SHIPPED OVERSEAS and the REST OF THE AMERICAN WORKERS AND THEIR FAMILIES LIVED ON THE AMERICAN STREETS after looooosing their Jobs . Now we have a DUMBED DOWN GENERATION who doesnt remember those Days when it happend . FUCK THE US UNIONS AND ANYBODY OUT THERE TELLING YOU ABOUT – MAGA – !! American Workers , American Farmers VOTED FOR TRUMP and now you are crying = FUCK YOU ALL !!!! YOU deserve EVERYTHING that happens now for believing in a NYC CON MAN who decleared 6x BANKRUPTY and couldnt keep the Doors open on the largest NJ Casino . SCHMUCKS 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. I find it confusing why some people call it socialist government if everyone gets health care. As a senior I have raised a kids and lived on low wages back then but I was careful with my wages. My son is university grad who is Vice President of an international company. My daughter is a registered massage therapist put herself through school. When my mom died of lung cancer my bill for all her care from hospital care oxygen etc. Cost me $150.00 and that was for her transportation by patient to a hospice. Well folks if that is socialism I will take it. Oh yes my medication for my heart is $4.00 a prescription.

  7. The fear of this "wave of immigrants running against our borders" was bigger than the fear of loosing all your money (not the 1%, Trump was very good at filling their pockets). If you are not that wealthy, never vote for a Republican. I hope you learn your lesson. The Republicans are the Tycoons and rich people that want the econemy to score big numbers at the stock markets and get huge profits, whereas the Democrats are the social party that are fighting for the other 99% to live a better life, get health-care (Obama) and other help so that you can pay for the needs of your family. Look at that what the Republicans have achieved: Higher taxes for the poor, lower taxes for companies and the rich, the USA is now a laughingstock in the rest of the world and instead of helping the people, your stupid ass President is golfing 24/7. People are in concentration camps (yes they are similar in late germany, just without the gas showers and labour) in cages, just because you had the fear that they will "steal your jobs". They were put in there by your President without any chance of a asylum procedure. Your President promised to build a wall. As he didn't got the money, he put the government to a "shut down". After that he took the money out of programms, where this money is very much needed. And you still have not even 1 mile of the "WALL". All he does is lying. Not one of his electoral promises is fulfilled! And that AFTER 3 YEARS AS PRESIDENT!!! If you vote for that moron and you are not one of his wealthy friends, then god help your poor soul, nothing can help you then. If you dont see that he is the worst that had happened to the USA, im very sorry for you. He is a traitor, a thief, a money launderer, a poor business man (6 times bankrupt, soon when the USA is in a recession it will be number 7) and most of all, a demented narcistic lunatic! HAVE A NICE DAY!!

  8. Sorry Ring of Fire, no candidate can save you even if they could so find a way to save self. Damn no Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump. Socialism is Communism or Nationalism is fascism.

  9. We bought our house in '99 for $100,000. By 2003 the price of that house had almost tripled, & house payments went from $ 700 a month to $1,200 a month. Gas almost tripled under Bush too & unemployment doubled!

  10. and consider this
    while Workers Have Lost A Third Of Their Wealth While The Rich Saw Theirs Double
    happened because those rich fucked the workers
    i see yellow vests on the horizon ,,,, lots and lots of yellow vests

  11. This is very typical Repugs trickle – down BS in action once again. It was the same crap during Ronnie Raygun, Dumbya Bushit, and now Putin's clueless orange chump. His tax cut was a huge scam and he has done nothing for 99% of America. Most people are being hammered by the new hidden Trump tax – 45's totally needless trade war tariffs being passed on to consumers as HIGHER PRICES – HELLO NEEDLESS INFLATION!

  12. Catch 22 — if only the poor have millions of dollars to legally bribe politicians to work for them (like they’re supposed to in the first place).

  13. This is the issue with the technological revolution. If it had been done right, the result would have been the workers getting more money or the same as they were for less hours. Instead, all that extra productivity has gone right into the pockets of those already with too much wealth who were the only people able to purchase it and the few workers they had left are expected to go twice as hard for half the pay. What a world we live in.


  15. With corporate media becoming more and more the gatekeepers of information it is also increasingly becoming a population

    “Of know nots”.

  16. It will keep happening until people pull their heads out of their asses and STOP LISTENING TO THE FUCKING FEARMONGERING BULLSHIT!!

  17. People unite and vote Progressives that represent you into Congress and the White House.

    We can fight the 1% billionaire establishment’s Supreme Court judges like Brett Kavanaugh together.

  18. For over 30 years the people have settled reelecting incumbents. Nothing will change until people wake up or quit being lazy asses and do what's right

  19. That's just the way Trump wants it. Him and his rich buddies despise the poor and do everything in their power to keep them in their place.

  20. Well some of them might build a homeless shelter or something along that line… Not.
    What I find gross is this couple had bought a house in an area south of San Francisco. Close to Stanford. They paid $10 million for the property and the house was about 12000 square feet. They bought the property as it was going to be a tear down project for them. They plan to build an even larger house. Obviously the couple has money. But you would think that they would be more self confident about themselves since they are multimillionaires at a minimum.
    But thinking about it more, I guess they really like the area and they wanted the perfect house. No matter what the cost. It's their money. At least they are spreading the wealth around to workers instead of hoarding the money. This type of buying and building happens fairly often in the SF Bay Area.

  21. "Let them eat cake… then, declare bankruptcy, buy their way into a prestigious law school, bribe a few law officials, announce a merger+buyback, then exercise their stock options on the uptick." Easy, right? That's how the economy works… anyone could make it (though, it's a given that only a fraction of a percent can, let alone will). Lazy-unfair capitalism at it's finest.
    I wonder how long until Trump and Putin realize there can only be one "most powerful man in the world." 'Cos there's only room at the top for one (Who'm I kidding; Putin probably had it figured out long before the first handshake).

  22. Love how so many folks admit the truth to the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, yet for some reason, so many individuals have trouble putting in for changing that

    Seriously, just the one thing about folks having to ration their insulin when they are in terminally need of more, and DYING, is enough to throw any argument to keep the current status quo through a brick wall

  23. Tulsi also cares, like Bernie. SO…..If you're not wealthy, you must be dim to stay with the GOP, and Trump. If you believe Trump to be smart/good at anything, I'm afraid you're the village idiot.

  24. Rothschild : "Madam, would you sleep with me for five trillion dollars?" America: "My goodness, Mr. Rothschild … Well, I suppose… We would have to discuss terms, of course… " Rothschild : "Would you sleep with me for five dollars?" America: "Mr. Rothschild , what kind of woman do you think I am?!" Rothschild : "Madam, we've already established that. Now we are haggling about the price…”

  25. The Middle class was destroyed by wars like Vietnam and Iraq. The Median Class are those with 50 to 100 million dollars.

  26. The US tax system is insanely complicated. How many tax rate bands do you really need? How many tax deductions are economically sensible?

    My suggestion would 3 bands: 0% upto $20,000, 20% for income of $20,000-100,000 & 40% on anything above that. Essentially you need very few tax deductions: genuine business expenses for sole traders (eg farmers depreciating farm equipment), pension contributions, some special savings exemptions (limited so say $5000) and charitable donations. Every other tax deduction is a bribe to some interest group or another.

    But please do not suggest the wealth tax, the evidence from other countries which have tried wealth taxes is that not only do they not work but they can seriously damage the overall economy

  27. i have to wonder, what if all the lower,the middle and the upper mid left or just disappeared? who pays taxes then? the rich? they pretty much pay 0 at this point and without the ones under them paying the taxes they'll be forced to pay taxes or watch everything fall apart faster then it is now

  28. but why would anyone who supports the haves be able to understand th have nots, even if it's the have nots themselves? in other words: let them eat what they cooked for themselves.

  29. Convince the slightly less poor that the poor poor are to blame then blame immigrants and Democrats. More and more are starting to learn the grift. The young generation I hope is learning empathy I taught my kids empathy. Common vote this year for regular people to take over.

  30. Yang gets it too ! I want my $1,000 a month and my family too! We the people deserve a piece of the pie because technology is taking place of human jobs and corporations don’t want to pay humans a livable wage.let the robots serve us and make our products and we the consumers buy and take care of people with our UBI.

  31. What wealth? Working two or three shifts to make a living, having no time to rest, being too tired to sleep? Selling your food coupons to pay your rent, because your p/t job doesn't pay enough for decent, affordable housing? Getting insufficient medical coverage, if any at all? Having your children with special needs being denied special education or being thrown into barracks that pretend to be classrooms? Being unable to pay your children, of university age, a career? The list goes on and on, and so the hopelessness and despair…

  32. It is poor peoples' fault that they weren't born to Fred Trump. If their last name was Trump, then they couldn't fail no matter how hard they tried.

  33. Yes but who do you tell off, the elected reverse-Robinhood who takes from the poor and gives to the rich or the peeps who voted tRump to the Oval Office?

  34. I read the book "The American Jubilee" couple years ago and it explains (predicts) exactly what youre saying. Esp about the rising disparity in income between the upper eschalon and the working class. And here we are.

  35. First the #trumpshutdown, now the #trumpdepression! He has failed playing president just as he failed as a businessman. Sad.

  36. There's a difference between those born wealthy and those who earned their wealth. People born into wealth often cannot and do not try to empathize with people who struggle. But the people not born into wealth have been there and those are the ones who often reinvest their wealth into charity and different programs to help people like Bill Gates or Richard Branson.

  37. I become less and less interested in hearing about what’s happened and more and more interested in what we intend to do about it. Unfortunately it seems we intend to do nothing as usual.

  38. The thing is is that yes thing whole thing is by design. Even if the economy crashes it all goes back to normal and repeats itself. The issue is the people that have control over the whole thing don't care because when they get blamed or caught, they just get a hand slap and get told "just don't do it again". Just look at the movie The Big Short. The people that were found guilty of the crisis in 08 got away without facing any consequences for what they did. BP got almost all of their fines back in tax breaks for the oil spill. While the fishing communities in the coastlines got screwed. What has changed since the banks and car companies got bailout? Nothing. Meanwhile we are the ones that suffer and help bail these companies out while getting peanuts while they get hand slaps and billions for bailout after bailout.

  39. We the PEOPLE have the right to fire this MOBSTER POTUS. Hes working for PUTIN . and thats TREASON. We the people say your FIRED potus go to jail.WE THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN.

  40. Shut the fuck up and know your roll you self replicating atm sheeple!
    Keep feeding them money like the good peasants you are !

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