Workplace culture shock as an Indian in Norway || एक भारतीय के रूप में कार्यस्थल की संस्कृति का झटका

Workplace culture shock as an Indian in Norway || एक भारतीय के रूप में कार्यस्थल की संस्कृति का झटका

Namaste from Norway, I am Arvind and welcome back to my channel. Today we will talk about six work culture shocks which you can face when you come to Norway. I will also show you my office campus in Norway. If you want to know about the salaries and work culture of this place then watch this video till the end. Since I am shooting outdoors and it’s cold so I will wear my pullover. So I am ready. See you Five words which define Norwegian way of working are TRUST FLAT STRUCTURE WORK-LIFE BALANCE GENDER EQUALITY. So now I will explain these points. Before I start with the topic lemme share two things with you. Firstly, this is my personal experience. Secondly, I have total experience of 12 years. I have worked in India for 5 years and in Norway for 7 years. So the comparison which I will share with you is based on my observations. It can be different for different people. First work cultural shock which I got was about working hours. In India just like Norway we have flexible working hours. But the difference is in India my working hours were numbered after swiping my card. Like if I come to the company at 10 am and leave at 6 pm this all will be counted after I swipe my card. It’s not same here. This card is only used to enter and exist the company premises. You have to enter your timing yourself, it’s based on trust. Your company and your manager has faith in you. So if you have entered your timing once no one will question you because they trust you. Trust is essential in work culture and it was a shock for me. The second one was a surprise more than a shock. We have flat hierarchy here, which means Your manager is not your boss. He’s a care taker. In India you would do anything to impress your boss. You fear your boss. It’s not same here.You have friendly relationship. Your manager is only there to take care of you. If your manager wants to talk to you, he will come to your desk and ask if you have time? You can tell him that no sorry, I am busy. So he will just go away without getting offended and won’t have any grudges against you while writing your appraisal. I like it that the relationship with you manager is friendly here. Since you are friends so you connect professionally very well. That is second surprise that I got. Before starting the third point lemme show you my office building. The company I work for is 150 years old and it’s almost a government organization. Let’s talk about the third shock which is work-life balance. In the whole Nordic countries there is a saying Work to love rather than live to work. In countries like Japan, USA, India working hours are very stringent. But in Norway a lot of preference is given to the family life. Work culture here is focused on family, outdoor activity and sports. Norwegians leave early on friday’s. Around 2 pm chocolates are distributed to the employees of my company. After the chocolate ceremony if you ask a Norwegian for a meeting he would react like this… Point number 4 Friendly colleague and social meet ups. Norwegians like to have a friendly work environment, To foster this (in my company) they have pay day beer. Pay day beer means, on the day of the salary we get free beer and food. We share food and talk. Other than this we have a lot of parties like summer party, christmas dinner and aunt more. In september we had a party where we stayed in a hotel for a night. So the point is they try to make the whole work environment friendly. It’s has been studied that in a friendly environment there are more collaborations than competitiveness. That’s why companies tend to grow faster. Even in India where I worked it was quite same but here I found it was followed more often. 5th shocking point was gender equality. Gender equality in not only followed in Norway but it is applied in the whole Nordic countries. Like for example paternity leave. In Norway if your child is born and if your spouse is working then it is mandatory for father to take a leave. Which is for 49 weeks. It’s a paid leave. This was quite strange for me. Gender equality is not just for women, it’s also applied for kids. If your child is sick then you get extra leaves.Which is paid by the government not by the company. This was an alien concept for me. There are many other small things for which you get benefit. Like if you have to pick your kid from a kindergarten then you can leave early. When your child starts going to the kindergarten even then you can take a leave for 1-3 days. So these are few benefits which you get here to maintain gender equality. Now let’s talk about benefits and leaves. In my company we get a leave for 30 days which is called PL in India paid leave. Other than that sick leave for 10 days without any medical certificate. If it’s more than that then you have to provide a certificate from a doctor. 10 sick leave for kids. In total you get 50-60 leaves. Now let’s talk about salaries. If you join as a new engineer than you can expect around Rs. 40 lakh. Besides this you get an iPhone and a mobile subscription. But don’t call to India with that you might have to pay a lot of money like me. It’s only for local call’s within Europe. Some benefits which I get in my company are these kayaks behind me and a membership of a gym. In my office we have a lawn tennis court. So that’s it for today. How did you like the video and my office campus please comment below. If you liked the video then please like, share and subscribe to my channel. Please lemme know should I make my videos in hind, english or both. That’s it for today I leave you with this beautiful landscape. Thanks for watching.

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  4. Indian working culture is like :
    -family life???whats that???
    -office parties….??half of d time khud hi contribute karke jaao😅
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    It’s fun watching ur videos, I’m sure u both will motivated enough not to come back..I’m a good motivator I suppose😅

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