World Ages and the End of Civilization – Ragnarok, Kali Yuga, the Hopi, End Times

World Ages and the End of Civilization – Ragnarok, Kali Yuga, the Hopi, End Times

Everything in nature moves in cycles. From the cycling of the Еarth around the Sun to the life cycle of a plant, an animal, and human being. Everything rotates on nature’s wheel. Even civilizations rise and fall. But many ancient peoples spoke of even greater cycles than these. They recorded how entire epochs of humanity go through periods of light and darkness and are periodically destroyed by global catastrophes, so that they disappear almost without a trace, and the cycle begins again. (music) Many ancient sources preserve memories, passed down over generations, that describe different ages of human civilization. They state that these ages were each brought to an end by global cataclysms which forced people to start civilization over again. And there is evidence in the archaeological record, in artifacts, oral histories and in ruins of immense antiquity across the world that supports this. Legends of the Maya of Central America state that there have been three previous world ages and similarly the Aztecs say there have been four which they call “suns”, each having been destroyed by a catastrophe. According to their traditions which were inherited from even earlier civilizations the last age was destroyed by a great flood and we are now living in the age of the fifth and final Sun. Like the Maya, the oral histories of the Hopi people of North America record a series of three world ages, that were each destroyed by global cataclysms. They state: the first world was destroyed by fire, the second by ice, which may correspond to the onset of the period known as the Younger Dryas around 10,800 BC when possible comet impacts caused global temperatures to plummet for over a thousand years The third world is described as having been occupied by a global, seafaring civilization in possession of advanced technology that even included flying machines. However, Hopi legend state that this civilization became morally corrupt and was wiped out by global flood as a result. Remarkably, this description shares many similarities with the account of the lost civilization of Atlantis, as retold by the famous Greek philosopher Plato. His account also states that Atlantis had degenerated and was destroyed by flood as a form of divine retribution; giving the date of its destruction as 9600 BC. Similar stories of a global deluge are attested in hundreds of legends around the world and may correspond to the sudden rise in sea levels around 9600 BC. Many state that only those who had a high enough spiritual level were forewarned and thus survived to later repopulate the following world Ancient Greek poets also repeated legends of a series of world ages, which they had inherited from the Thracians. These were assigned to metals, starting with gold to indicate greater spiritual purity, descending to our current age of iron which was predicted would experience times of great evil and suffering before being destroyed. The ancient legends of the Norse of Northern Europe also view human ages are cyclical and predict a coming catastrophe called Ragnarok, when humanity will perish by flood and flames, rectifying evil and making way for the start of a Golden Age when the gods, righteous rulers and the knowledge of the runes will return to Earth. The histories preserved in the ancient Vedic and Hindu texts of India also describe cyclical ages of human civilization that span tens to hundreds of thousands of years. Throughout these ages earth is periodically cleansed of evil and is spiritually renewed. Not only are these ages cyclical, but within them they state there are periods of light, or greater spirituality, and of darkness, or greater degeneration. These periods of light and darkness are likened to the light and dark halves of the year as the Sun and Earth cycle from autumn to spring equinox and back again. Ages of human life are said to begin in a Golden Age in which people and their rulers are virtuous and dedicated to the practice of the eternal religion, and erect temples to it. In ancient Egypt this Golden Age was called Zep Tepi, meaning “when the gods manifested as humans at the first time”. In one of their most ancient texts it says that at this time the first temple, the temple of the Sun, was built in homage to the divine creative Sun. Echoes of this golden age can be found across the world when the ancient religion of the Sun was established and practiced throughout it. Hundreds, if not thousands, of similarly designed megalithic sacred sites were built to align to the cosmos, particularly to the Sun at the solstices and equinoxes. And a now lost civilization of the Sun arose, which spread over the earth even aligning sites to one another over continents and oceans. The ancient remnants of this once great global religion of the Sun that have survived in the most ancient texts in the world such as the Vedas, the texts of ancient Egypt and in the oral histories of people such as the Hopi, record a time when many people had a greater sense of the spiritual, were more principled and far less materialistic. Vedic, Egyptian and Sumerian king lists stretch back to its possible beginnings tens of thousands of years ago. However, Egyptian oral traditions state that people began to lose their spiritual senses and ancient texts record how they departed from spiritual principles. Many ancient sites were decimated, practitioners of the Religion of the Sun were persecuted and much of their knowledge was lost,. A process that continues even to this day. According to some Vedic timelines the world entered what they call the Kali Yuga or the Dark Age around 3000 BC In this age it is said that virtue diminishes greatly and that practitioners of true spirituality are driven out into remote places. That gurus are harmed by their own students while pretenders charge money to teach and are lauded. Describing it as a time of great difficulty for those with principles and values. The ancient Norse texts describe it as a time of harshness in the world when whoredom is rife and is, I quote: “An axe age, a sword age, shields are riven, a wind age, a wolf age, before the world goes headlong. No man will have mercy on another.” Hindu, Norse and Hopi accounts all state in some form that global catastrophes have come and will come again, not as random events, but as the only way to cleanse the Earth of evil when humanity degenerates to an extremely destructive level and doesn’t wish to correct itself. Each predict that another catastrophe is approaching due to the level of humanity today. A precise date is not usually given. Instead what are listed are the many signs said to precede it, all of which share remarkable similarities. The prophecy rock of the Hopi predicts the coming of a great catastrophe they call “Purification Day” which will destroy what they see as a fourth and current age. The rock is aligned to the summer solstice sunrise and shows two paths: One leading to complete destruction and the other to sunrise and continued life. It’s said that this path can only be followed by those who adhere to the creator’s plan right to the end of humanity when it will be judged. And that these people will be met by a Savior who will lead them away from destruction to the next level or world. Like the ancient Egyptians and Hindus, the Hopi saw their creator as the divine Sun whom they called Tawa, the great Sun spirit They say that it is because humanity has failed to live by His laws that its time will inevitably come to an end. The prophecy is said to have been given to them by their ancient wisdom bringer Masaw, who shares many similarities with the descriptions of other wisdom bringers such as Osiris of Egypt, Svarog of the Slavs, Odin of the Norse and Kukulcan, Quetzalcoatl and Viracocha of Central and South America. Some of these saviors and wisdom bringers are recorded as leading those worthy from the previous world age into our current one, many thousands of years ago and traveling the world with the Religion of the Sun to reseed spiritual knowledge among the survivors of the last global catastrophe that ended Atlantis. Jesus, who essentially also taught the Religion of the Sun, likewise predicted the coming end of this age. As in Hindu texts, he predicts that spiritual practitioners will be persecuted, many false prophets will appear and people will turn away from the true religion, And like the Hopi, the Norse and Hindus, that vice will increase greatly. As in Norse texts he says the Sun will darken and the stars will appear to fall from the sky in a devastating global disaster, far worse than those that have come before. My husband Mark has also seen the coming end of this age in out-of-body experiences he’s had. And many ancient prophecies about coming catastrophes have likewise been informed by premonitions of the future in dreams and out-of-body experiences. These traditions also state that a great spiritual figure, the spiritual Son, will return at the end. The Hindus predict the return of the god Vishnu, Jesus – the return of the Son of Man, the Norse – the return of the summer sun god Balder and Hopi – the return of Pahana with the sign of the swastika and the Sun and the red Templar cross, both symbols of the Religion of the Sun. For example, Hindu texts predict the birth of Kalki, the final incarnation of the god Vishnu at the end of the Dark Age of Kali Yuga. It is written, “he will ride across the sky on a white horse slaying the masses of people who have given themselves over to evil in order to reestablish Dharma, or universal truth, on Earth.” Kalki is described as a destroyer, a term also used in the ancient texts of Egypt and Britain called the Kolbrin. These texts, that preserve stories many thousands and possibly even tens of thousands of years old, describe how an interplanetary body they refer to as the destroyer comes to Earth on a reoccurring cycle causing mass devastation when it does. Each of these sources retains the knowledge of the cycle of ages, as they were either influenced by, or descended from the Religion of the Sun, which had been the religion of the Golden Age, and thus whose spiritual knowledge survived in some of the oldest traditions on earth. They preserve accounts of what happens to people and civilizations, when they failed to abide by the underlying principles of the cosmos. Ancient teachings say that earthly life is a school and testing ground and not a place to be used up and abused for the selfish pursuit of material and sensory pleasure at the cost of the suffering of fellow beings and the future generations we share this planet with. While all life moves through cycles and seasons ancient teachings state that so too does consciousness. On the Earth’s journey through the light and dark halves of the year, is said to rotate through realms of light and darkness through its various lifetimes upon the wheel of life found depicted in the Himalayan region of Tibet. This ancient illustration shows the cyclical nature of existence and the different regions consciousness travels through over its many lives. All of nature’s seasons come to an end. Summer doesn’t last forever. Ancient prophecies and teaching state that those who fail to use life for its purpose, will face cataclysm and judgement after death. Cycling down into the dark phase of the Wheel of Life. While those with a high enough spiritual level will be led away from danger and after death to the next higher world to be reborn, once earth has been renewed and is again given over to those who will use it for its purpose in a new golden age. Today our capacity for destruction has increased to such an enormous degree that we are now capable of destroying much of life on Earth; and yet our capacity to live together in harmony with each other and with our environment has not. Those who survived the last cataclysm and whose warnings have been so carefully preserved over so many thousands of years, tell us that humanity has arrived to this point before. Everything in nature has its season. Crops are sown in the earth and are harvested in preparation for the next. Likewise ancient keepers of wisdom understood that there exist greater seasons and cycles throughout the universe that incorporate all forms of life. And so these cycles repeat, as they have so many times, allowing new generations of life to use the opportunities Earth provides as those who haven’t make way. Given the great antiquity, seriousness and experience behind them it seems prudent to heed the warnings of our ancient forebears to understand our place in the greater cycles of nature, to make use of what opportunities we have, to use life as they say was intended when we were sown here on Earth as a seed of spiritual potential, while our time still remains in the Sun.

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  1. I can see it coming. It's up to us to learn how to live correctly. If we don't we destroy ourselves and we have to start all over again. It's happened many times already. God is trying to get us to learn. He's tired of having to start over again. He wonders "Why can't we learn".

  2. I've had the ideals and principles to save society since the 60's but we have been slow to catch on. And society has been stuck in their own box of ideas and have been slow to change.

  3. Civilization came through following mode mean period as per mythology.
    1. Satyug mean naked age.
    2. Tratayug mean structure age mean buildings structure mean home living age.
    3. Dwaperyug mean dwarper mean gate age mean wood were used for doors of gateway furniture etc.
    4. Kalyug mean machine age.

    So all age shown development of humanity . Spieces care forest care etc.
    All living on Earth so it is earth living age up todate.

  4. This video is testimony to the evil of the LEFT… starting with their arrogance that you are stupid if you believe in God.

  5. Egypt
    When the gods (Terra Saurians) manifested themselves as humans. The Saurians have been here before us. Have been trying to help us evolve and coexist with us. They are shape shifters. And they are 10% of the entire population of the planet. Descendent hybrids have RH negative. Red hair. And sometimes vertical pupils that can also be round. Yes some of them were pharos.

    The Earth is a realm that spreads on all densities from 1D to 12D. The universe has infinite density realities. We are souls. Energy. Source. God. We incarnate in 3D when we want to expand. We r coming our of 3D now and moving into 4/5D. A lot of rapid changes and cataclysm. Only some will survive. There is guidance for those searching. Just manifest it. Say to yourself "universe, I want to know about…" then u will get your download.

    The 3D cycles last 4.000 years here on Earth. We have been here for millions of years. The soul comes and goes incarnation wherever it pleases across the entire universe. The Earth is an amazing place. Everyone wants to be here manifesting.

  6. Didn’t know about you on the tube ..I am definitely subscribing …My comments are Censored by YouTube only the channel uploader can see my comments …I’ve warned to many people about the evil Rothschild family that owns the media ,world governments , and the dogma of the academia science community …your like a very spiritual Graham Hancock and Edgar Cayce …thanks for the uploads 👍

  7. It must happen in nature because of certain species dominate to long and need to die to start a fresh one. The next catastrophe could be a sun nova.

  8. Ok so you claim that there are hundreds of legends that qre associated with the great flood and the colapse of Atlantis, I dare you list just 10 examples about the great flood beyond Midle East, and legends about Atlantis from antiquity, if there are hundreds for sure then you must know at least 10 examples right? RIGHT?

    I heard all these but nobody could evident a thing so far, especially when they talk about UFOs

  9. This is pure nonsense………. if you have a negative mindset darkness is all you will see even if your eyes are open.Cheer up and enjoy your life!

  10. Love this presentation. Be careful about your shirt though because most people don't know where those symbols came from or really mean. You fit a "description" and might be accused of being a Nazi by unhinged and uninformed nutbags.

  11. The CIA recently declassified 57 pages of 240 or so of an investigation into the author and a few scientist of a book called the Adam and eve story which theorizes the magnetic pole reversal to be a cataclysmic event that erases civilization every 12000 years or so. The theory lines up with all these aincient tales and is also backed by alot of earths geological features. It all basicly shifts continents and sinks mountains to the bottom of oceans the oceans flood lands earthquakes swallow whole cities and volcanoes you name it happens over about a 6 hour period and settles after about 6 days. Erasing any civilization and technology putting man back into the stone age to start over. The CIA took it serious enough to classify it in 1966 only to release it in 2016. The channel suspicious observers has some videos on it along with alot of videos explaining how or sun has the mega majority to do with earths climate change and weather. Check it out if you want actual science to back up things she is speaking about in the videos if you cant handle or buy the spiritual side of it. Makes alot more sense than cow farts and anything being pushed by greedy politician fear mongers spewing lies and half truths.

  12. Very nice, though you should distinguish the egoistic behaviour of mankind with the astrofysic event of a global returning catastrophe each 12,888 years. Both have nothing to do with each other.

  13. Sadly, there are no way to change the recalcitrant for the better, but to allow them to be diverted onto the dark path that will only led to eventual fall in consciousness.


    It's not about "The Year 2012 and The Mayan Calendar" and it's not about "Cern" neither is it about "Planet X Nibiru" nor is it about "Climate Change", but rather it's about THE RETURN OF JESUS CHRIST!

    The world "as we know it" is coming to an end, Jesus Christ is about to return  (Matthew 24:1-8). The Rapture is very near (Luke 21:28, 36; Rev. 3:10).

    Now would be the time to give your life to Jesus Christ so that you can escape the coming cataclysm which The Bible describes as The Tribulation by being taken in The Rapture (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18), you might pray the following prayer:

    Heavenly Father I confess that I am a sinner and need Jesus as my Savior. I repent of my sins and ask Jesus into my heart.

    Father your word says if you will confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

    Father I confess with my mouth that Jesus is Lord and I believe in my heart that you raised him from the dead.

    Father I receive your salvation by faith and I pray you baptize me with your Holy Spirit in the name of your son Jesus Christ. Amen.

    If you sincerely prayed this prayer of Salvation then you are Saved (Romans 10:9) and have been baptized with The Holy Spirit (Luke 11: 9-13) and you are now Rapture-Ready. Welcome to the family of God!
    Surviving Things To Come – Part 1 and 2 YouTube.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

  15. You are 100% right… In Islamic Traditions, it is stated that there were many civilizations before which have been wiped out. With the Noah's Flood being the last one….

  16. I have always felt from a "Young Age" that I was not "cut out" for this world, I hope there will be a path for those whom choose not to follow " The Ways of the Wicked" because I am ready for my "Great Escape" 😉 now. Whos with me?

  17. Read "Cataclysm!" by Allan & Delair.
    And Graham Hancock's…
    "Fingerprints of the Gods"
    "Magician's of the Gods"
    "America Before"
    Atlantis is written of in Plato's Dialogs. (Fyi)

    There are many more. These will get you started.

    (Not "decimated". The destruction of Antediluvian Artifacts & Sites is to "desecrate" them.)

    I would also recommend the Tao Te Ching as a source of "old" Wisdom, in addition to the words of Christ & Buddha. The similarities in these are eye opening!
    While I haven't studied the Vedic Texts (YET!) I do intend to.
    I am beginning to think these are all creek's from the same spring.

  18. Satan’s and his fallen angels deceived the world by introducing false religions and false prophets. This is one of those deception

  19. Very interesting concept of cycles of mass destruction that I don't doubt are valid. However, be careful of using the word "divine". It has been a long consensus the divine is referencing God, yet in truth the vine is God. What is divine is the seed or grape coming from God the vine & that is metaphorically mortal man who is the divine. When the vine is divined the seed falls away from the vine making the seed or mankind the divine.

    As for Jesus coming back to save those who basically refuse to save themselves is likewise a misinterpretation of the biblical texts or false much like the interpretation of the word divine. In truth, it is not the prophet Jesus or any other false god returning but instead the Sprint of Christ/God that shall return to the individual soul revealing all (Christ =Truth).

    Believe me Christ has already returned & this is why I know what I know. Here is a clue. The "Word of God" the prophet Jesus spoke about is not a book written by man, nor God for that matter, but something entirely different. Knowing & therefore upholding the true "Word of God" is what allows you to see what others can't without the need of dreaming /outa body experiences that can be often subject to uncertainty or lack of clarity. There is a way for mankind to be reborn without the past trauma cycles of mass destruction. This is simply a choice by mankind at the end of the day. It always has.

    If I may leave you with a quote from a wise prophet.

    The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I [Christ Spirit] am come that they "might"
    have life, and that they "might" have it more abundantly.

  20. So do we get to come back and retry a different epoch or is epoc we're in now the epoch of lying cheating baby rapers murdering is this our Epoch in this is all we get this is all we got to see is this crappy dead Dying World

  21. A very nice and well done compendium of the world's collective prophecies concerning the end times, also known as the "end of days", the end of the Kali Yuga, the appearance of the Blue Kachina followed then by the Red Kachina, and so the end of the 5th world !

    The Egyptians have similar traditions as written in "The Book of the Coming Forth By Day" we travel in the "Boat of Millions of Years" (our planet earth ! Earth is but a way station, a place to learn and master spiritual lessons as race of beings).

    Many of this worlds sacred traditions have stories, memories, legends, myths, oral traditions, passed down via the elders, shamans, witches, the guru to disciple, the master to student (initiate) that preserve in coded form the material presented in this video.

    Sakro Sawel does not usurp the material for her own ego or for material gain. Refreshing and humble given what is often encountered. We of this world, in this bardo, ought take heed and learn ! Only those spiritually prepared will survive the transition to the next world, an ascension to higher orders of being and existence. God bless and thank you.

  22. this is, you are, incredible. I will subscribe to your channel. I want to hear more of what you have to say. Even your outfit says something to me I've never heard. L

  23. LOL! 😂 For a moment I thought I was looking at the host/correspondent ‘Emma Vigeland’ from The Young Turks & Rebel HQ! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  24. I suppose there is no scientific process behind this… peer reviews consisted of her bff saying "yay"… but the girl is cute 😁

  25. Thien dinh hang trieu nam lam viec
    Dem nhung vat chat nho nhat co trong chuyen dong cua vu tru ?
    De dung no dung sinh cho nhung hanh tinh hay don gian chi la 1 trai dat ?
    Nhung chuyen dong cua sinh linh song tren do lai dien bien khong hieu duoc dieu do ?
    Hon nua chinh con nguoi lai chua biet giao duc cho nhau nhung chuyen dong do ?
    Ma tap hop lam chuyen dong theo nao bo cua minh ?
    Va su da dang cua cac dan toc
    Cung nhu da dang cua vat luoi cay trong
    No chinh la thanh qua cua thien dinh tao ra ?
    Chu khong phai de con nguoi dung no vao viec tranh doat vat chat
    Va phat the bai sinh tu cho nhau ?
    Pham vao dieu nay thi se dan den canh cua noi thien dinh dang tinh duong phai di den quyet dinh ?

  26. Will they know who he is? If not will they not die? If they envy the man they will never know him. So the judgement of man lies on his ability to check his ego? But with Neanderthal like minds controlling our world are we not already doomed? A man pig headed enough to kill himself in spite of scientific facts? Not one man but various manifestations of this man in every hue known to man do exist. How can you convince a pig not to eat becomes the question that can save humanity.

  27. These are non negotiable times were ALL Clones synthetic Humans Androids robotoids organic robotoids soulless artificial Soul beings die and cease to exist

    These are non negotiable times were all beings not created not incarnated from the spiritual realms die and cease to exist

    These are non negotiable times were ALL demons from hell will be thrown into the lake of fire to cease to exist at the second death

    Good riddance to bad rubbish

  28. Many are doing their best to return to LOGOS. There is an awakening…a quickening, and I'm seeing that it has little to do with 'new age'. It is rather a return to family, community, simplicity, common sense, honest work, humility, honor, seeking sustenance from mother earth, and seeking wisdom and understanding from mother nature.
    A simple example can always be found when looking to the ways of peaceful indigenous peoples…and also those who by their very constitutions, reject modern culture, such as the Amish or the Mennonites.
    I believe in looking to these people for inspiration and motivation if whenever you might feel yourself drifting away, or in need of solid footing….grounding.

    These people "get it".

    We all have a feeling and an inner-knowing that if everything were to turn to shit tomorrow, those who have adopted these lifestyles will still be quite alright……quite alright.

    Just fine, in fact.

    What is the 'it' that these folks have?
    …..theres a Greek word for it, that does not perfectly or simply translate over to any one particular English word.
    …'s called "Logos"

    …and Logos is rising.

  29. Notice your time reference is BC and that is????? Perhaps you should be learning aout theology rather than this jiberish.

  30. Sakro Sawel
    : " Blessings " At the core of all thought is " Frequency " at the core of all DNA reproduction

    is Frequency – The Earth has a frequency of 7.8 Hz But this was not always So . The Earth

    at one time in the past was at 19.7 Hz. When the Brain is enveloped by the frequency

    of 19.7 Hz. It creates a higher cognitive ability . And flawless DNA reproduction . In contrast –

    7.8 is a frequency of Anxiety ,Fear, Keeping one in a constant state of " Fight or Flight "

    Thus the reasoning of the world today . But this frequency is about to change .

    The Caretakers { & that's what I call them – } Designed this part of space – { Specifically } – This soler system – Collecting all the living DNA samples in this galaxy & combining them together in to a water,oxygen,environment { Earth } – Not unlike a Zoo – & putting man in charge As " Caretakers " –

    . The monoliths & subterranean caverns Placed around your world are –

    { Electromagnetic harmonic resonators } In order to regulate Weather patterns Magnetic fields, & DNA replication – { From the start } Humans where not to have gone in to monoliths- After they did – Their minds became corrupted –

    { Thinking they had discovered grate knowledge } They Fell – No longer being the Caretakers of this world – But now wanting to control it The Great Machine { Earth } identified the new vibration of corrupted thinking & the earth shifted 30^ So as to minimize the new influence causing what you call the flood.

    { Now to restart } -Or – To correct the frequency application of the function of the monoliths & subterranean caverns – Designed hear from the beginning to regulate frequency – Your planet is being repositioned to it's original orientation, In relation to your sun . To preserve All life on this planet –

    " Blessings " We are the Caretakers We are Not God or gods We where created to spread God's life seeds What you know as {DNA} throughout the galaxies.. We are the parents of all in this region.

    The internal frequency of the planet will begin to rise . This Has & will continue –
    to disrupt – weather events -volcanic events – animals Dye off's – & – Humans – & – All living systems , on Earth .
    No extinction event ! – So Fear Not ! – Move away from large bodies of water.

    The planet will continue it's alignment to return to it's original state . & – Then –

    " May their be – Peace On Earth – once more ! " " Blessings "

  31. Global? No solid evidence of a curve or that we our moving. We our being lied to on a massive scale. Live broadcast from the moon in 1969(lol) yet they lost all of the original footage, the telemetry data, and the design that supposedly got us there. Have you seen a picture of our flat Earth with Antarctica surrounding us? It's also the UN flag if you can't find a good one like Gleason's. Liked the video other than NASA'S made up composite blue marble. Peace

  32. The last age appeared to have been composed by a planet wide pyramid civilization. Egypt. China. Peru. Bosnia. Mexico India…etc…Natural energy pyramid capacitors.

    Made, it seems, with geopolymers🤔
    Stone acid liquification and stone massification (Among other technologies and wisdoms.)

    Also, its possible to remote view the "Future". Still, not all is predictable. 100%. Many variables🤔 Not my speciality that. I just sieve through various ppls data who appear to remote view target locations etc.

    The Sun is a living being. Self Organising Entity.
    With various cycles. Solar minimum one🤔

    Fractals of Self Organisation THE most self evident truth of all🤔

    More so upon cellular Biology. Humans being a prime example(among maaaany others) of Symbiogenesis.

    These "bodys" called so by the indewling life, are SELF organising innatly inteligent multi tiered and multi leveled cellular confluence of inteligences, responsible for automating trilllllllllions of processes. Fact.

    From hair growth, down to the many follicles, to immune system response, to bone growth, blood cell production, neural network functionality, digestive system, intestinal flora village absortion, bacterial dynamics symbiosis and viral dynamics, aging dynamics, nail growth rate and patterns, enamel maintenance, cellular regeneration, tissue growth, sperm and egg production, sperm and egg inception cellular Self organising/Self building dynamics (i.e pregnancies), hormonal convergence and maintenance, liver and kidneys processing……Prrgnancies. Think you that its the mother who builds the calcification of her baby? The neural network….?????? Far from it.
    The list…of cellular automation is Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong indeed……..

    As such, an Inbound group of cellular inteligences, in confluence, potentialy manifests, dictated by biological "restraints" (neural network conception etc etc etc confluence of diverse cellular inteligences) an outbound emergent sapiance.

    "" us ""

    For ALL is already known within the complex aspects of Self Organising Biologies….but….does the highly compartamentalised indewling life know? 🤔🤔

    Hence the deepest Koan being…

    The Symbiosis between Self organising ASPECTS of the fractals of the Multiverse and …..""us"". Emergent awhareness.

    The cycle, that ""ails us""…is that of the Sun.
    Allways was.

    Yet, to be honest, its the retarded Nero desdecendents, those 1% of humanity that are the issue🤔
    Social engeriering 101 etc

    Manipulation of massive sways of morpho genetic field composotion via linguistic programming🤔

  33. I have read about this 30 years ago and began my spiritual path. So great that you can share with many on YouTube

  34. If you believe in Jesus by accepting his doctrine you will be free of it! We People becomes the reality of now because we know nothing about Him..and if had little so that it was not the real Jesus we Knew for he said, “ What is the Tree, is The Fruit”.Take a look of yourself and asses as well to your other colleagues…If you cannot see truth and purity then search for the Right. For God has House, there he keep his people under HIS “name” called Church of “God”.I Timothy 3:15

  35. I wonder what would happen if we stopped always envisioning the fall or the end of civilization and instead started envisioning a prosperous future or betterment of civilization.. or perhaps even the initial stages of civilization as I don't believe we've even gotten there yet..

  36. I like this channel as well. But do they consider the sheer brutality of human and animal sacrifice that was common amongst ancient peoples? I suppose the point is, we have (or should have) evolved beyond that.

  37. These are all great videos but I have a big problem it’s being taught in a euro centric way not giving credit to the native Indians of South America who where dark skin people so are the ancient Egyptians and older civilizations of antiquity who mostly African or of Afro Asiatic decent not Europeans or Arabic. The more the European dig in the earth the darker the findings are and Archaeologically gets. I don’t wanna sound like a racist but history is written by the winners and colonizers. It’s a fact that when these civilizations where built Europeans lived in caves in Europe and not civilized. Give people of color there history and culture.

  38. Death Cults all of them … and you all manifest and agree with this… i love the way it tells you : Oh THOSE that cannot be spiritual (INSERT YOUR PERSONAL ENEMY !) will perish…. and of course everyone who is in support of this insanity will EXCLUDE themselves in their minds.. Can you not see how EVIL this is !

  39. This is the best video I have ever seen in my life. So many broken scattered thoughts of mine fell in one single place, thank you.

  40. Human will end. Human become evil than real demon. Demon fight for nothing because brainless but human got 6 sense also same . Human fight for religion ,goods & ego. Deforestation causes extinction of animals. Telecommunications technology causes extinction of birds. Climate change causes global Warming .trade war , religion war end up human civilization.

  41. Neutron, Electron & proton from earth = 3
    Zero=0 5th Elements of panchabutas.
    30= OM.
    Agni/fire inside humans body. Human body anytime can become ash or soil.

  42. 31km diameter impact site under grennland glacier. Seems we were hit around 12000bc. Look up bright insight channel.

  43. I don't know why, but I'm honestly scared of you. I saw your video on Odin (Wodan, Wotan, etc) and it took me about a month for me to get the courage to watch this one.
    I'm still scared, specially because I'm not sure what exactly you are trying to say

  44. If these cycles have been repeating for some time, and we humans/equivalent life form of the age always degenerate the same way, why should we respect any Creator which continues to create such faulty beings? and then makes us suffer and live through horrors because we are no better than we were created to be?

  45. Ancient Slavic symbol – Ruky Boha and 4 svastikas is on your tunic, but you dont seem to be particulary interested in Slavic religion – except of mentioning Svarog. Did you taken it out from some other source than Rodnoverny? Can you confirm if you have taken symbol from Slavic source or is it from other sources?

  46. Who gives a damn about sun its just material … even the whole planet is destroyed I don't see any problem we are Soul we can just fly to other galaxies

  47. Like always no mention of that barbaric religion "Muslim" xD
    don't forget our first Astronut "prophet" muhammad, dude he was such a legend who cut moon into half and raped a 6yrs old child in his 50's, lmao

    Edit: from that bitch's birth year Kali Yuga has started

  48. Thanks for sharing this great video my friend. Very interesting ! I really appreciate you doing this and hope that we can stay connected

  49. I also have had multiple premonitions throughout the years about the end of the world and all the catastrophes that are yet to come. I enjoy having them but they can also be pretty scary :/

  50. I think you'd love
    "The Yugas: Keys to Understanding Man's Hidden Past, Emerging Present and Future Enlightenment"
    Book by David Steinmetz and Joseph Selbie

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