The morning of machine civilization The shadow of the red shield is wandering I am clad in a gray suit The rhythm imprisons the morning Every second is same as usual The assembly lines have never stopped But I feel something has been lost In the twilight of machinery Where’s the world going? Won’t somebody tell me? Are these thoughts illusion? Are we all one? I wonder if this world can change If my feeling would be illusion People find the work to be done They are working and birds are singing Dreams are falling in sleep Wake up! He is crying out Every second is same as usual Even so I live for the moment Expecting a revolution to happen someday In the twilight of machinery Where’s the world going? Won’t somebody tell me? Are these thoughts illusion? Are we all one? I wish my feeling would be changing Trying not to lose a smile for my dream I wish my feeling would be changing Trying not to lose a smile for my dream Break Thoughts Paradigm In Your Mind Revolution Desire Science Ascension Thirteen White Shirt White Shirt White Shirt Black Shirt Black Shirt Singularity We Are All One ARE WE ALL ONE?


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  3. Adoro suas músicas, especialmente os clipes, são muito criativos e extremamente bem trabalhados e detalhados. Espero que continuem a fazer sucesso a cada novo post!

  4. Police officer: "What in the world are these people doi– oh crap, a camera!" tries to subtly get out of the shot but fails.

  5. くるりっぽくて曲は好き




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  7. 警察官の人が避けたり、通り過ぎる人が不思議そうに見ていくのがとっても人間味があっていいなーと思った

  8. Yo welcome . You bring me light . 🤗😉👍👌👆📡⚖️🈸🔂🚸♻️🆙🆗🆕🆓🌠🌍🌎🌏🐵

  9. 東北日本大震災で停電復帰でこの動画を見れた時の感動は今も忘れることができません。


  10. 成田空港っぽいなって思ったらやっぱり成田だった

  11. Nice 9/11 and 11:11 reference at 1:27. The video even opens with an airplane. lol. And "red shields" are a reference to Rothschilds. This song is clearly about the NWO's transhumanist singularity agenda.

  12. At 1:44 you can see gematria for 9/11; the license plate adds up to 9, the Airport Terminal is 1, and parking section A is the other 1 (A=1). They very intentionally covered up everything else to create this subliminal message. Those of you familiar with predictive programming will know what I'm saying is true. Look up the channel LXXXVIII finis temporis to learn the methodology; it's in every major film, show, and music video. It is NOT mere chance or schizophrenia.

  13. The segment at 3:09 is a nazi reference. They start off goosestepping in unison, then pantomime swastikas with their arms.

  14. ロボット技術は、トルコの人々を育てる必要性よりも優れています。私たちはあなたを愛してくれて感謝しています。

  15. robot teknolojisi iyidir dahada gelişmesi gerekir türk halkı size minnettar sizi seviyoruz daha iyi robot modelleri görmek isteriz yaşasın robotlar robot kardeşlerimizi bekliyoruz

  16. who would have thought that this video is shot without any notice from the airport official and also with the flight crews to make it more realistic,

  17. 이생각도환상일까? 세계는 어디로가고있나. 일본친구들 많은걸 알고있는듯하다. 혼돈의 세계 그저 웃을뿐

  18. 결코 가볍게 만들어진 영상이 아니다.
    일본은 답을 절대 찾을수없음. 내생각은 틀린적이없다.

  19. 이영상을 지금 보게 된것은 무엇을 의미할까 ㅋㅋ 이건 나의 ㅇ의지가 아니었을텐데 말이다.

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  21. 表面的には人間性のない機械が人間に扮して地球視察旅行してるって感じだけど、

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