World youth forum in Egypt  Where Civilizations Meet!

World youth forum in Egypt Where Civilizations Meet!

Where are you from? What’s your gender? What’s the meaning of your name? We’re all searching for what makes us similar Truth is… We’re all different in the same way You like rap I like rock We like music I play a tune You sing We create You help people I help animals We help the world You have beliefs I have mine We want peace We come from different places Travel through different roads To find a common ground That’s where we meet At the World Youth Forum in Egypt Be part of a community from all over the world that cares about reviving humanity and build a network of friends that share the same interests and exchange cultures to make the world a better place Join the World Youth Forum in Egypt Where Civilizations Meet The world awaits.

28 thoughts on “World youth forum in Egypt Where Civilizations Meet!

  1. You're coming to egypt the country of puplic and political speach prisoners humanitarian right prisoners you're sitting over with the president of the genocide and mass murderer the lord of decisions and stupid dictator if anyone of you saw this please take a deeper look in our country am 28 i earn less than 100$ amonth working 60 hours aweek do you think it can afford a human way of life for me we are living way under the poverty line i have a college degree in accounting what do you think others do who didn't complete theire education god help us…

  2. انا من المغرب دخلت للفيديو لاني رايت دولة مصر واخوتي الافارقة … 👌👌

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