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  1. I'm still a bit pissed off that you put Khmer in there. Seriously, we know a lot more about them then you suggest

  2. I just mı̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨ade you wipe youı̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨r screen, twice!

  3. A lot of the unanswered questions are actually answered in the bible. For instance the bible mentioned giants, so based on this video I can imply that giants assisted the saudeleur people.

  4. So much lost history in this world. I believe we have been here far longer than we are taught. Who knows? We may have walked with the dinosaurs. Great civilizations could have been erased by the flow of Glaciers over land during the last ice age. Ground into dust never to be seen again. Great technology and architecture that we will never know. Brian Forester has a great channel investigating all these ruins. He finds countless evidence of machining tool makes in the stone. I think a much older civilization made the pyramids before the pharaohs. The Pharaohs just claimed it as theirs, but Egyptians did not posses the technical prowess to build the pyramid. They supposedly didn't even have the use of the Pythagorean therum.

  5. I actually think the term BCE makes more sense than BC. That way I don't have to say the seemingly-contradictory "Christ was born roughly 4 years before Christ."
    Just my two cents on the topic.

  6. I'm pretty sure we can pin a lot of these disappearances on climate change.

  7. This has always bothered me:
      Ancient Rome built amazing cities, had architecture and building techniques that rival modern technology, had medicines and surgical knowledge, and lived pretty much the way we do today, but thousands of years ago. And nobody questions how they did it nor does anyone think they possessed magic.
      On the other hand…People on Easter Island built colossal statues and in Micronesia built huge temples 1,500 years later and people think that they must have used magic, or that aliens built the monuments for them.  Nobody considers the possibility that these people were intelligent, industrious, ambitious…why is that?

  8. The Harappans date back to the bronze age and stone age. The empire had 2 million inhabitants (in a time where a city of 35k was extremely rare), plumbing for great baths and unknown language. The entire civilization disappeared 4,500 years ago. Archeologists think this is due to a disease, but no bodies have been found even after excavating the city of Mohenjo-Daro "The Mound of Death".

  9. All these places had some form of worship which would make sense in the Bible, it says that the Devil is misleading the entire inhabited earth. Revelation 12:9

  10. Back when I was studying anthropology in college, I often wondered about the sudden rise of agriculture and civilization and thought of how much was lost by the rising sea following the end of the ice age. Throughout human history and today, 90% of people live on the coasts. Now I'm off to wikipedia.

  11. I would bet that almost all, if not all, of these ancient civilizations were created by fallen angels & their off spring of giants that manifested on the Earth when the fallen angels mated with human women..The Book of Enoch tells it all…. 

  12. Regarding Dwarka: It makes perfectly sense that it have disappeared 9000 BC, since until the same period, you could walk from Britain across the North Sea to Scandinavia. It was at the end of the last Ice Age.
    Sort puts a few wholes in the mythology of the universe being 6000 years old, doesn't it?

    Good uploads. Always fitting musical themes to your videos. This makes me REALLY want to go and visit India once again, and retire there….As a guru on a beach in Goa, corrupting western MILFs and their hot daughters 🙂

  13. Yeah, that last one is pretty bogus. They claim the island resided in a delta, their evidence is random debris. Carbon dating random debris in a delta? Forget it.

  14. I was expecting to see the Sumerian civilization since it's beginnings were unknown, a full blown advanced civilization that just "appeared" out of nowhere in Mesopotamia. Of course they left thousands of writings attesting to where they came from but all that is considered "mythology" by "scientists". Who seem to change their theories a lot anyway.

  15. i would love to know were they went  and why  i wonder if we will ever find out what really happend to them all and there stone work was and other works were wonderful  pity they are not around to carry it on shared this

  16. Your video lacks in facts and historical evidence.Your own uinsubstantiated statemenls run into mythology.Mythology is oral stories passed down from ancient times,they are not facts or histoty but mere conjecture.You are mlixing history  with mythology and oral traditions.They are false not true.

  17. Request to the Indian Govt : Kindly share more info on this once lost city of Dwaraka please ! Can't understand the secrecy behind it

  18. do something about thr artifacts relating to man met with aliens and its represening its structures around the world

  19. Large stone heads…hmmm…I wonder where on Earth I can find large stone heads…certainly not Easter Island….

  20. I've been to Petra in Jordan but they didn't disappear, they are the Bedouins of Jordan today. I saw the Olmec artifacts in the Museum of Anthropology of Xalapa in Mexico. However, they didn't disappear, they are the Zapatecas of today.

    Regarding Peru, the mother of Pre-Columbian civilizations would be much older than from 900 BC, as they have the ruins of a city North of Lima that's 6000 years old while the Olmec civilization is also much older. The oldest ruins I saw in Peru were the 2000 year old Pyramids of the Lima culture. 

    Note that Gobekli is only about 6000 years older than Egyptian civilization, not 10,000, given the upper and lower Kingdoms and city states in Egypt (Kemet) in pre-dynastic times. I've traveled thru  Egypt but have not been to that part of Turkey. 

    I live in the Southwest and have done hiking trips to a lot of the ruins there, including the largest cliff dwellings in North America, which are in Arizona and Colorado, such as Keet Seal and Cliff Palace (in video). Note that Chaco Canyon is in New Mexico, not close to Cliff Palace. 

    I'm not sure what to say about #1. Science currently recognizes the oldest civilization/cities as Gobekli in Turkey and Jericho in Palestine, each about 11,000-12,000 years old. There is no recognition of an ancient city in India that's from 32,000 BC. So, that one will have to be on hold until there is scientific investigation of it. I looked up a few sites. Unverified blogs list it as about 12,000 years old while mainstream sites put it at about 1500 years old. There is also a modern small city by that name. 

    Anyway, I did enjoy this video and gave it an upvote. My fact checking was not intended to offend. 

  21. What if an unidentified Astral Parasite (Entity) is playing both sides? What if this Astral Parasite has been grooming us from birth to obey? The motive for this heinous crime, is to intercept and trick your soul to incarnate back to this world. It's because it feeds off negative energy, such as fear and sorrow, hate and anger, discord and violence.
    Whether this is Satan/Lucifer nobody knows, we need to unite with the Divine Creator, that we are already part of, to find out.
    Remember God doesn't need our permission and God is the only one with authority over us. Deny all imposters consent, especially after death. Best to be safe, than sorry, right?

  22. #2 while getting rid of native americans in the 1700's, US troops stumbled upon a settlement and annihilated the local population. (just a possibility)

  23. Just for more information human settlement at Erbil can be dated back to possibly 5000 BC, and it is one of the oldest continuously inhabited areas in the world. I will give you an idea "worlds 10 oldest citadel" but please check Erbil citadel, I hope it will be include.

  24. Im 100% sure that there are many underwater cities. Don't forget about the lost continents of Lemuria and Mu.

  25. Ancient city of Sri-Lanka was considered much older than Dwaraka.

    According to Hinduism myths, it was told that Sri-Lanka was full of gold and half of gold today India have is from Sri-Lanka.

    Check out 'Ramayana'.

  26. You should have made one about the Nuragic civilization, the most ancient civilization in western Europe (1800 bc). It left 8000 ancient fortressess ans stone towers called the nuraghi, hundreds of water well temples which were astronomically very advanced, megaron temples, giant graves, etc. They were the first ones to make statues in Europe and produced the biggest collection ever of little bronze sculptures called bronzetti. They seemed to know a lot about navigations, in fact more than 157 bronze ship models have been found, depicting between other animals, also exotic animals like chimpanzees,gnus and antilopes found only in sub saharian Africa. They were the first to produce wine in Europe and the first ones to bring Melons to Europe and to cultivate them, but no one knows how. They also have left many nuragic bronze age pottery in different regions of the mediterranean, like Spain, Lipari, Crete, Cyprus and mycenean sites in Greece. They are identified by some archeologists to be the Sherden, the most quoted between the sea people who invaded Egypt in the late bronze age, and who were so respected and feared that they became the pharaoh's royal guard. Much of this civilization is shrouded in mystery despite the enormous remains that it left, the nuraghi, their main buildings were monumental, and some could reach the height of 30 meters, like nuraghe arrubbiu, making them the tallest structure in bronze age Europe, no one is sure what their exact function was, some see them as fortresses, others as astronomical observatories and temples, they probably absolved both functions since there are more than 8000 of them.

  27. The lost city of Dwarka doesn't exist lol.
    Omg everybody should know by now it's only propaganda.
    Also Göbekli Tepe isn't as old as it is said to be. It isn't 12000 years old, that is only propaganda spread by religious fanatics. the oldest artifacts found in Göbekli tepe is 9000 years old and is only unidentifiable wood pieces, the stone work and scripture is even younger.

  28. You didn't mention the Maya. Who happen to be who inhabited Chaco Canyon and the Southwest of America. When the Plumed Serpent came to Central America, those who did not want to live under Satan, moved North. The people that remained in their cozy homes and cities were then the Inca, the people of Enki aka Cain.
       To protect the Maya that moved North the Maya had look-outs posted in the Southwest to watch for the Inca invading the North,. Then, for the Aztecs that came later.
       That there is an enormous complex of buildings is because they would have Gatherings probably each year, to bring food to the look-out posts. And to get together to trade and see how everyone else is doing. Update the news, and to find mates. And to keep connected.
       For the past 3,500 years there has been a Battle on Earth between the King of Hell, Anubis, and his Father, Enki, against the rest of the world. Something they don't want anyone to know – that Heaven and Hell changed addresses 3,500 years ago. And that's who Jehovah is, Enki and Anubis.  
        The Heroes for the Rest of the World, were Humans too, in Egypt they were Isis, Horus and Hathor. In Sumeria, Inanna, Noah, and Sud, In every peaceful civilization, they were there, to build and to protect and to enlighten. They were the King and Queens that Krishna loved. They were the Maya, too, and then the Native Americans, the Pacific Islanders, and in the Aboriginals in Australia.
       Since Enki was related to them, he always found a way into their Palace, and then the Kingdom would fall. Like the Khmer Empire, and the Egyptian, and the Mayan. Either that, or be invaded by him and his Son Anubis, with their boats and invading armies. So that's why Civilizations fell.
       They fell too, before that, when nuclear weapons were used in Harappa, India and Sodom and Gomorrah, etc. I believe this was due to the King of Heaven not wanting to move to the interior of the planet, and was throwing a fit with his weaponry in the few centuries before the big move.
       Gobeckli Tepe was the Biological Labs and Nursery near where the Ark took off, and landed. It was covered up for the past 3,500 years so it wouldn't be used by those ruling Earth currently. Same with Stone Henge, an electrical facility, dismantled so it couldn't be used either.   
       Hope this helps those who wonder.

  29. – Nabateans were white supreme Nordic people who were ruling brownies of the middle east. Poof: Jordanians were Christians first!
    – The Khmer empire was ruled by few Germanic tribes descendants. Proof: few Thais have red cheeks and pale skin!
    – Olmec were few vikings who educated the retarded natives of the Americas.
    burrrrrrrrrrrrps…. I need some beer.

    Stormfrontian dedicated user

  30. I've actually toured Chaco Canyon and many pueblo villages. The structures are all brick and stone, and some of the villages are in the Cliffside. It's really cool to see the rubble of the buildings and even explore some of the preserved ones.

  31. The Picts in Eastern Scotland deserve an honourable mention in that little is known about them though it can be argued they just became Sott's at some stage.

  32. C'est vrai tu es Français ??? Et bien félicitations pour tes vidéos. J'ai découvert a peine ta chaîne et elle est extrêmement intéressante. Bravo !

  33. The most mysterious civilization is the Palestinians, otherwise known as the Fakestinians.
    Some say they come from the even more mysterious Never Never Land.
    Many say they don't even exist.

  34. 95 percent of the sea we have not discovered yet, I wonder how many more underwater cities still remain to be uncovered.

  35. ancient humans have been building and doing things much longer that most people think or give them credit for. only idiots think humans only recently got to building. only idiots think the world is 6,000 years old.

  36. I do not want to criticise this on the whole fine presentation, but would just like to make a comment on the Nabateans in respect of their buildings and eventual fate.
    I have traveled to their capital Petra on two occasions and have been shown around by two Jordanian tour guides.
    Being curious about this civilisation, I also purchased a book on these ancient peoples.
    According to the Jordanian tour guides and my book, they were not as suggested here as fine builders.
    The carvings from the rock in Petra that are in Greco-Roman style buildings, where undertaken by Greek craftsmen, who the Nabateans drafted in.
    This was apparently paid for from the wealth they accumulated from the control of the trade routes.
    As far as what happened to the Nabateans, the Romans took control of them and in fact built Roman buildings and an Amphitheatre in Pertra.
    They were eventually converted to Christianity and possibly left Petra when the Romans also left with the decline of Rome.

  37. I was thinking about NO 3 in Turkey: Gobekli Tepe, without any research, could it be that it was covered in modern times? because they thought we weren't ready before to know about it? I know that the story is that a Farmer och land owner found it on his land. But im just asking, anybody?

  38. Those dates are a little off. Gobekli Tepe is the oldest human city ever found and it dates back to 11500 BC. No city has been found that is 30K or so years old.

  39. SORRY BRO THE NABATHEANS were dicovered more than 1500 years ago proven by the qura'an you guys should try nd learn about islam please for the sake of your right to know

  40. angorwat temple is not built by khemar people . its built by RAJENDRA CHOLAN
    "Tamilian king" at chola empire its a lord vishnu temple

  41. Wut. The Nabateans are known as a common fact as ancient Arabs. They spoke the first form of modern Arabic, they worshipped pagan Arab deities, the had Arab names, and most importantly called themselves Arabs…

  42. #2 and 1 are very mysterious. #2 makes you wonder because it was in the American southwest, which means the natives must have been more clever than we thought. #1 is very coincidental because Plato believed Atlantis sunk 9,000 years before his time, and this lost city near Dwarka seems to have vanished around 9,000 BC, so what does that tell you?

  43. I am from India, I have heard about Dwaraka, If you have read Hindu Epic – Mahabharata (written sometime around 1500 ~ 800 BC) and If the texts are to believed, It speaks of a Comet in the skies and the Sun shining faintly. The air smelled of Brimstone and ash and rocks began to hurl towards the Earth and Dirt rained down from the skies and oceans receded only to come back again 3 days later, Consuming the whole city, eventually submerging Dwaraka.

    Its a clear sign of a series of Asteroid Impacts recorded in Ancient texts, which ended Dwaraka. This Asteroid Impact could also have led to the Great Flood Myths across the Planet..

  44. No mention of Monument Valley, Colorado USA?
    I swear those massive rocks don't look like naturally formed mountains, but perhaps the remnants of city skyscraper buildings left behind from one of the most ancient civilizations, if not THE most ancient civilization on Earth that nobody's ever heard of.

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