You can make a difference – Lanta Animal Welfare animal shelter | Koh Lanta – Vlog #37

You can make a difference – Lanta Animal Welfare animal shelter | Koh Lanta – Vlog #37

We’ve made our way to the Lanta Animal Welfare
home today and we’re gonna pay them a visit and yeah, take care of their dogs
and cats Yeah, awesome
So here, there is the number of dogs and cats they have here and you see the maximum limit
here, so actually at the moment they are exceeding the maximum, but it is not a big trouble at
the moment, but… The little brown and white dog is Mustard,
this little girl here is Lily. So what we like to do is leave you down here
for a few minutes to get to know the dogs, let them get to know you just before they
go out, so they’re not going out with a complete stranger, yeah? And then we’ll come down and start harnessing
them up and we’ll take them for a walk, ok? Sounds good. They’re adorable, Fridtjov
I know they are amazing I love them
Yeah, I completely get this So here they have a booklet of, like a overview
of all the dogs that they have, at least in this area
And there’s five dogs here, and you can read a little bit about them, like for example
Sally here, she loves food Who doesn’t? There’s a little information and you can see
that she has already been adopted to Canada, so someone has already taken her, maybe they’re
just waiting for a flight volunteer now. And this one has been adopted to Finland as
well. No! I love this one, I want Mustard. See that spot on my back, three quarters down?If
you scratch me there, you got me, and we’re not far off becoming best friends
I’m gonna try this, where is he? Are you hiding in there? This is adorable
Ok, we try later So the first activity of the day is to go
for a walk with the dogs and there are several dogs that need walking, but right now we’re
a group of five people and five dog so we all got one each. Which one did you get? I got Samson, I’m so happy
And I got Lily, which is a cutiepie The walking of the dos have to take place
before 11 o’clock or after 5, cause in the midday the heat is so intense that, yeah,
I think it’s not really good for them. They are not happy dogs then One round was enough for him, for a lot of them
Are we all going back? Yeah. Ok. So they were explaining why most of the cats
have quite short tails. It’s not because they’ve been chopped off,
luckily, and not because they’ve been in fights, but it’s actually just because it’s quite
a small island here, so obviously over time they mate with their cousins and brothers
and sisters, and this means that there’s a natural genetic development… mutation. So at least it’s nothing dangerous. You’re playing ball together
We’re playing football or whatever you would call it
Aww, this is so nice So this is the kitty sleeping area
She’s awake at the moment Look at her
Sansa! From Game of Thrones
Also red hair! Now you’re getting a lot of attention
She’s going crazy She’s not that motivated to play
So we’re back from our visit to the Lanta Animal Welfare and it was actually so impressive
to see how they worked and how organized they are with everything
So the place was founded in 2005 and since then they have actually treated over 15,000
animals and they’ve been doing it completely without
government funding, so as you can see, they actually need all the help and resources they
can get. Yeah, so, how can you help? First of all, adoption. If you consider to get a cat or a dog, please,
please think about Lanta Animal Welfare, and if you look on their website they actually
have a portfolio there of every dog and cat, including pictures and descriptions of their
personality You can save lives here
The second option is donation. They obviously need a lot of money for medication,
food, toys and so on, so they’re happy about every amount of money, even if it’s just a
tiny bit. Third of all, if you consider to volunteer,
Lanta Animal Welfare is a great place to do this. With over 100 cats and dogs, they are happy
about every helping hand there. And if you don’t have that much time, but
you’re in Thailand for a holiday, please consider option number four, which would be being a
flight volunteer. If you already have booked a flight home from
Thailand, please contact them and maybe you can actually take an animal with you who’s
just waiting to get carried to your home country, where his foster parents are waiting for him,
her, whatever. So thank you so much for watching this video,
and for those of you who follow us regularly, they journey continues tomorrow.

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  1. Amazing place. We are actually considering getting a dog, so I will def check their website out! Also, great edit on this vlog! And where did you get the music from it? 😃

  2. Sorry for the late upload, it's been a busy few days for us! Here is finally the video we've been working on, hope you enjoy it! Also consider visiting their website for more info – they do outstanding work!
    Please like, comment, share and subscribe 🙂

  3. Good to see Lanta are doing something. Other places in Thailand have no provision for this so dogs are everywhere. In the Philippines too where I have been a few times. Good work guys.

  4. 196 Here to support small you tubers. If anyone wants to help support my channel, it would be greatly appreciated.

  5. I'm happy to see that they help cats in addition to dogs. Dogs are great, but cats frequently get overlooked. Happy to see that there are people who care for these beings. Like14

  6. Greetings from Pippin and Munti! Både Mustard og ballspillende katt må være i familie med Munti. Og jeg syntes jeg så en Pippin-imitasjon der. Endelig ser jeg hvorfor jeg skulle reise til Thailand! Skal sjekke donasjon.

  7. Such a massive problem all over Asia I think. We’ve encountered it everywhere from India to Vietnam etc. Becomes a greater issue when there’s an outbreak of rabies, which they seem to be reporting a lot here at the minute but would be so great if there were more people willing to be responsible and come up with a solution to the problem. Horrible when you see so many stray cats and dogs on the streets looking in a really bad way with mange etc

  8. Such a great video! all the cats and dogs were soo cute! will definitely be volunteering here when we make our way down to South East Asia.

  9. This is amazing!! I immediately looked at Jimmy and said "We are doing this!" I have a rescue baby at home, so I know first hand the difference that can be made by adopting a pet. I would have cried leaving. Awesome video guys!!

  10. Just catching up from being gone on our trip to Arizona! Love this video guys, what a great way to spend a day and help out! Way to spread the word!! We rescued both Ace and Mill from the humane society!

  11. Wow those dogs are well behaved for rescue dogs…..the dog next door to us by the pool…barks loudly when ever we are out…its driving us nuts….bad owner not dog

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