1. I got the r70 and malice on my triple play 😢😢😢 grinded for nothing😢 BUT the for max gl outa the ten supply drops so i also got a free weapon out of it I guess…..

  2. Can you please go to my friend Terry 1K YouTube channel And subscribe can you get him to 100 subscribers please

  3. I finished the latest weapon bribe opened it and got the l4 siege i had a thousand cryptokeys and only got the rsa interdiction i am soooooo sad treyarch r bitches

  4. YO ProHenis!!!!! this live stream was dope Last night bro glad I subbed to your channel you are legend bro, Dont mean to troll your for someone els but wanted to know the next time you do a RAID hit ItzPerka he needs the love man his subbs are low but he is a fellow gamer pretty good check it out I will leave it up to you ProHenis Much love Bro!!!!

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