моя бледная кожа 3 месяца назад я начала постить фотографии самой себя без макияжа в соц сетях в течении этого времени более 100 тысяч людей оставили комментарии о моём внешнем виде данный фильм содержит реальные комментарии оставленные людьми под этими фотографиями “я даже не могу смотреть на неё!” “что бл*ть не так с её лицом?” “у неё такое уродливое лицо!” “оййййй, ужасно, уродина, боже мой, отвратительно, оййй, что за х**ня” “нет, правда, она вообще мыла когда-либо своё лицо?” “уродлива как сам дьявол!” “отвратительно!” “ты выглядишь мерзко!” “ты выглядишь великолепно” “такая красотка!” “ты очень милая” “выглядишь невероятно!” “мне нравится твой макияж!” “ты чертовски обворожительна!” “эта помада невероятно смотрится на тебе!” “ты идеальна!” “это потрясающе… но так отвратительно” “на тебе слишком много макияжа!” “ты выглядишь как фальшивка!” “это должно быть нелегально! ” “это неправильно” “вот почему у меня проблемы с доверием!” “ты так уродлива, что тебе приходиться делать макияж!” “представьте, какого просыпаться рядом с ней по утрам” “она всё ещё выглядит дерьмого!” “не доверяйте не одной еб*ной с*ке с макияжем!” “уважай хотя бы себя, чёртова шлюха!” “ты выглядишь мерзко” “угорь заставляет меня чувствовать себя негодным. мне 25 а я всё ещё борюсь. мне 12 и у меня угорь, помогите! мне 27 я и такой жирный… мне 41 и у меня был угорь на протяжении 18 лет. я плачу из-за этого.” “мне 17, что мне делать? надо мной издеваются из-за моей кожи! я пытаюсь научится любить себя. я хотел убить себя… Люди смеются надо мной! но я же не просто кожа! “чувствую себя чушкой! это делает меня депрессивным.. Макияж заставляет меня почувствовать радость. Я так ужасен.. Люди смотрят на меня” “Я ненавижу себя! Макияж мой спаситель! Это разрушило мою жизнь! Почему это происходит именно со мной!? “моё доверие растёт. люди не понимают. это приносит лишь чувство тревоги. наконец, я принимаю себя.” ТЫ ВЫГЛЯДИШЬ ВЕЛИКОЛЕПНО ты прекрасен, не позволяй никому утверждать обратное, даже самому себе.. комментарии взяты из соц сетей моя бледная кожа

100 thoughts on “YOU LOOK DISGUSTING

  1. Dont listen to other People to what they say about your physical appearance be yourself and contineu your life

  2. Do natural popular natural acne remedy like Fopobiacne Secrets really work and if so, how effective are they? I have noticed many amazing things about this popular natural acne treatment.

  3. I feel like its better to just NOT comment on someone's appearance at all
    Even something positive can trigger someones insecurites
    for example, people always tell me, "You look hella skinny you've lost hella weight!"
    Meanwhile, I'm struggling with an eating disorder?
    Its like "Oh thank you I'm starving."

  4. This is so true.. I’m 12yr and you may think ” ugh she haven’t hit puberty why would she have acne … she doesn’t understand” I’m in year 6 and there’s tons of people in my primary school who says stuff like this “what’s that all over your face” “ You need to drink more water” “wow you got tons of mosquito bites all over you” “ ever consider washing your face” … no one at my school or any kids have pimples well, they would have one but you can barley see it.. I started to wear foundation but as I did it my pimples got worst and everyone is like “ Don’t wear foundation” “ you don’t aloud to wear make up” Ect.. these hateful comments started when I was in grade 4 .There was no kids like me.. they had clear beautiful faces. I moved schools but they kept going on.. While I was having my needle shot I asked my doctor how to fix my acne she gave me special cream to get rid of them but they didn’t work.. until I found this very good cream and it actually worked but I still had a few pimples but the hate comments started to go down.. my last hate comment was in July but from now there has been none and I’ve learnt to love myself and now I got tons of friends.

  5. What i see is a beautiful person with a great heart and personality. People take your makeup off , look in the mirror , smile and love yourself!!

  6. This video doesn't really make sense.
    You just showed that people insult you because of the way you look, but that's normal in the internet.
    And you also won't change the fact people are insulting others, because you crying is exactly what makes them satisfied and you showed in this video that such comments actually work and u feel damaged.

  7. i used to get bullied for having pale skin. people would say they couldn’t see me bc i was a ghost. i’d get in trouble for being late to class because i would force my mom to let me stay home, but i would always end up going.

  8. Really dude? She is so stunning, with or without makeup. Look at those eyes and cheeks, and her hair is so beautiful as well! Those haters need to learn how to respect themselves firstly before commenting on others’ amazing looks. They don’t show any wisdom with those words that don’t even make sense. She’s pretty, on the outside and the inside! 💜

  9. You are beautiful! That said, it doesn't make the bitter comments from some broken sad human beings hurt less. So first work on healing from it. If possible, just disable the comments section. It's not worth it. We all know the internet is full of sad trolls. Otherwise if you feel strong enough to get above the sick comments, please do. But be careful for your mental state, sometimes hurt is a subtle monster.

  10. Ik this is about positivity toward all types of beauty, and I agree, but imo little acne like she has brings out her mostly smooth skin and sculpted features

  11. People get bullied for no makeup,then get bullied with makeup. Then what’s perfect for them? I don’t get it,everyone is so damn gorgeous

  12. She is amazing at makeup. That’s a great talent.
    Her eyes are stunning
    Her lips are pretty
    Her chin is nice and pointy

    She’s pretty. I want to meet her UwU

    She makes my QwQ go uwu

  13. I think that she does’n deservers that much rude comments I think that she is beautiful with and without makeup I mean nobody is perfect everyone in this world is pretty

  14. At the first moment I saw her I thought that was a Model with acne. If she wouldn't have that she could be a Supermodel.

  15. My acne has gotten really bad and people say things at school, this really helped me it made me feel like I wasn’t alone thank you. ❤️

  16. Okey but FOR REAL THOUGH!!
    This unperfect girl would be considerd miss universe in my country, meh european beauty standards 😶🙃
    I hope u the best, YOU GO GIRL!!

  17. You don't look disgusting, you are just different . Ignore those people who don't have thoughts for people like you…they don't know the feelings that you have. They should not judge others.

  18. girl? listen to me.. you are so beautiful, don‘t let haters tell you, they are just jealous, jealous that they are not as wunderful as you are..❤️

  19. It doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside it matters what’s on the inside but people are just to judgey

  20. Some people just don't understand how problematic acne is when your a 24 yeras old woman and just judge you…this is a illness, it's not why i deserve but is what i got and i have to live with it, do you think is easy? Prove it.

  21. Those who ALLEGES urbanization and sophistication and look at women is not as a body
    sham on you
    Islam is truly the greatest religion

    Religion is not promoted by politicians and systematic media

  22. I love this video. I dealt with acne in my teens and now am dealing with it again as a 30 year old, but what I love is that I can use my years of struggles and years of tears along with my skills from working at Ulta to help others feel beautiful no matter what and to give them hope. I had the honor of helping a young man in his late teens today and told me that he was now excited to go to Homecoming! 😁🙂❤

    WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL. ALL PEOPLE ARE THE MANIFESTATION AND EMBODIMENT OF WHAT BEAUTY IS!!!!! The beauty of this world would be less beautiful without the uniqueness of each and every one of us!

  23. I have bad acne myself cos I have really oily skin. I have gone through literally a hundred face products and none work. I wear foundation to school so I don't feel self conscious about my skin and then one day I ran out of makeup and had to go to school without foundation and I broke down in tears and refused to go to school unless I had makeup. I was forced to go to school by my parents and my friends commented on my skin and a few boys stared and I legit walked out of school because of that.

  24. Never care about who likes u or not.. Appreciate yourself.. While Trying to impress others u will forget ur own self.. I know it's easy to say but really hard to do.. No matter how much u change urself for others they won't appreciate it instead you'll forget ur own self.. So just leave it.. YOU R BEAUTIFUL THE WAY U R.. we all r trying to love ourselves and we will💜

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