#YouthInAction: Mississippi Votes (MS Votes) • BRAVE NEW FILMS

#YouthInAction: Mississippi Votes (MS Votes) • BRAVE NEW FILMS

– My name is Arekia Bennett. I’m the
executive director of Mississippi Votes. We are a youth-centered civic engagement
organization dedicated to trying to get young people integrated into the electoral process. – Voting’s important because it’s
your voice. And for you not to use your voice,
that’s terrible. – We have an all-star cast of young folks
doing amazingly dope work. – I am a young black woman,
born and raised in Mississippi who voted today, hence the sticker. – I’m Joshua Evans and I
approve this message. – The challenges to voting in
Mississippi are many. The voter rolls are riddled
with inaccuracies, there’s an immense lack
of voter education, and a complete disinvestment in
the most vulnerable communites. Mississippi’s antiquated voting
laws have lead to the disenfranchisement of swaths
of potential voters. We are in high time of the
Up2Us campaign right now. It’s an eight-week intensive grassroots
mobilization campaign. This week, the week after, on up
until election day there are folks in several different
counties knocking on doors, making phone calls, text banking. – We are on almost all of the
campuses in the state of Mississippi all the colleges and universities and they’re
also a major part of the Up2Us campaign. we’re hosting this a booth to provide
students with information on who’s running for what it provides them an
opportunity to sign loading platforms as well as I’m playing
her so that we know that they’re gonna be at the polls on November 5th we just been kind of like grabbing
students as I’ve been walking past we’ve also offered them the opportunity to
make a boomerang with one of our sons social media is very important to us
because we deal with mostly young people -Fix It America! -For the November 5th
elections have 25 volunteers that I’m organizing my canvases are out there to
let people know that it’s the election the election is very important and just
get out there and vote. -When I see young people out here, we’re trying to get people registered to vote, that make them more you know excited to do it and we are the
future so… -The Up2Us campaign is going digital we’re hitting people’s phones with ads
and campaigns… it’s up to us we’re all on Instagram and Twitter
we’re doing everything that we can to reach everybody in every corner of this state. folks voted in record numbers in 2018
during a midterm election, black women got. elected to these local judicial seats.
2019 to 2021 I want people to pay attention to who we elect to the
legislature, to who we elect in the DA races because those people inevitably
shape our everyday life. -did you vote yet? for the first time in my whole lifetime– a
generation of new voters have this incredible opportunity to define the
next decade of our lives Go Vote, November… Mississippi have always risen to the
occasion particularly young people of color. -We honestly know what’s at stake,
I know Mississippi can change. hold up your window

7 thoughts on “#YouthInAction: Mississippi Votes (MS Votes) • BRAVE NEW FILMS

  1. Are black people still on the that “voting” shit? What is this the 50’s?? Voting locally may change something but voting at large changes nothing.

    No wonder black people can’t progress we are still using 1950 tactics in 2020 situations. You people didn’t learn anything from Huey, Malcom or Garvey!

    Well these are kids from Mississippi and Mississippi has never been known as a beacon of intellect, innovation or progress in any capacity.

  2. Do you have any difficulty registering to vote, if so what boundaries do you have? If not you can go to vote.gov and get started. #FightToVote #Up2Us

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