39 thoughts on “Zuckerberg: It’s Not Right ‘For Private Companies To Censor Politicians’ | NBC News

  1. Requiring Ads be truthful is not censorship. Changing company policy, for 1.4 million a week in trump ads that lie to Americans is CORRUPT. It's time to stop supporting the very platform that's sold America's 2016 election to hackers/propagandists funded by America's wealthy and the Russians.

  2. Yep,
    suppprting propaganda is the only way billionaires are going to hang on to their
    "unearned income" in the age of information.

    Cant hide the truth anymore, gotta muddy the water.

    "Unearned income"
    stolen labor.

    The rich require slave labor to be rich.
    So strange, still
    fighting a cold civil war.

    Houscats in the middle complicit for scraps.

    Left to right,middle to top,
    Rich for rich.

  3. ZuckYou, and FaceTube are despicable thugs, who bolster WhiteSupremacistPoliticians and broadcast WhiteSupremacistH8Propaganda INTENTIONALLY.
    (What they want to suppress, they suppress with ease.)
    This "politician" double-standard is just more zuckwitted bs.

  4. I'm not violent but I' enjoy punching this hypocritical twit square in the throat. He and his company are a scourge to humanity and free speech. Facebook is fascist.

  5. ZuckFace knows that thugs take advantage of the opportunity to lie, and decent politicians don't, which gives thugs yet another advantage.
    People are LIED TO BY HIS PLATFORM because that's what he wants.

  6. There is a very big misunderstanding in the US on freedom of speech. you are not entitled to do hate speech. You are not entitled to slander.

    If you are a media and widespread Hate Speech or Slander … it is your OBLIGATION TO STOP IT WHEN YOU GET AWARE OF IT AS THERE ARE VICTIMS OF YOUR ACTIONS / BUSINESSMODEL.

    So stop f*** defend your money with bulls***ing about freedom of speech.

  7. Mr. Z. I’m not a very politically educated … but I feel that face book is a great platform for all not just people with the means to voice there. Opinion. I’m not sure who will hear 👂 you but at least you can understand your not alone with these thoughts and concerns. As you stated it’s a new powerful thing and people with power fear it and they tell us to fear it. I for one ☝️ if I don’t like or disagree with people views I respect it. I might not agree but that’s what democracy means individualism. And self governing. You nor any other person should have the right to make me agree with views that are not mine. Basically keep rocking the free world. Your platform just make all of us understand we don’t need 20 people to change a light 💡. I hope a made Sense. Ty

  8. The Winklevoss twins still say you stole facester from them. Also, you're not a news organization so you can actually not accept any political ads at all if you choose and can actually ban hate speech and lies on your platform.

  9. Oh you don't care about the truth just money ,if they pay you that is all it matter you lost the right to even try to look decent or fare

  10. but its ok to weaponize fake propaganda towards voters after you compile and sort their entire online lives to easily target them to try and manipulate political outcomes through those same "private" companies though…right fuckerberg?

  11. He is such a hypocrite. I mean in facebook, you can no longer even use such innocent terms as sinner or pervert, without your FB pages getting locked immediately. FB only has free speech for you if youre socialist or liberal. Conservatives are hunted to extinction by Zuckerberg and his facist, anti-Christian mod squad.

  12. Wow, an honest opinion. What Mark is really understanding is that people generally live their lives holding incorrect assumptions, knowledge, and beliefs yet somehow manage to keep the spinning plates in the air. Do we strip them off their rights to free speech just because they're wrong, or we don't like what they're saying, or if we just consider them stupid? Regarding our tendencies to limit other people, "these violent delights have violent ends"…"love moderately"

  13. …And yet this guy routinely censors people who are regular users of his platform Facebook.
    As the old saying goes, "If Leftists didn't have double-standards, they would have no standards at all."

  14. But it's okay for private companies to sensor individuals speech about the corrupt politicians running for government

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